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Alan Watts Mailing List - General Information

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Subject: Alan Watts Mailing List - General Information
Date: 23 Sep 1995 04:08:22 -0700

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                        ALAN WATTS MAILING LIST

                          GENERAL INFORMATION


1.   Purpose of the List

2.   Who Was Alan Watts?

3.   How the List Operates

       Internet Subscriptions
       Regular Mail Subscriptions

4.   Format for Submissions

       Limitations on Submissions from Regular Mail Subscribers
       Identification Information

5.   Classified Ads

6.   Registry

7.   Quotations and Copyright Infringement

8.   Back Issues of Digests

9.   More on Alan Watts

       Sources of Recordings
       Alan Watts on the Radio
       Alan Watts on the World Wide Web

10.  Notes


The purpose of this mailing list is to provide a vehicle of
communication for persons interested in the subjects discussed in
the writings and recordings of Alan Watts.  It is a public forum
which is open not only to persons with access to Internet e-mail,
but also to anyone who wishes to participate by regular mail as


Alan Watts (1915-1973) was a philosopher, writer, and speaker.
He wrote over twenty books and numerous articles on subjects such
as personal identity, the true nature of reality, and the pursuit
of happiness, relating his experience to scientific knowledge and
the teachings of Eastern and Western religions and philosophies.
He also gave many lectures, seminars, and radio talks which are
now on audio tape, and a number of TV and film talks which are
now on videotape.  Some of us find his writings and recordings to
be an invaluable resource in our quest to understand and enjoy

More information about the writings and recordings of Alan Watts
(including current radio broadcasts) is included later in this



This is a manually-administered, semi-moderated mailing list,
submissions to which are accumulated into digests which are
distributed periodically.  The frequency of distribution depends
on the volume of submissions and the availability of the list

Semi-moderated means that all submissions will be included except
any which the list administrator thinks could present a legal
problem.  If the list administrator rejects a submission, he will
notify the submitter of his decision and the reasons for it, and
the submitter may then submit a modified version and/or initiate
a discussion on the list regarding the list administrator's

Each digest will contain a table of contents listing all subjects
discussed in the digest.  Each subject will appear as a heading
under which submissions on it will follow.


All subscribers to the list may electronically copy, print, and
photocopy this document and digests (or parts thereof as long as
notations are included where parts have been omitted) for the
purpose of sharing them, on a nonprofit basis, with anyone who
might be interested.  People without an Internet e-mail address
may subscribe to the list via regular mail, as described below.


The list operating procedures which follow may be somewhat
regimented, but they're intended to enable the list administrator
to process list communications as quickly and easily as possible.
If traffic on the list becomes heavy, this could mean the
difference between a reader-friendly digest - with a table of
contents, subject-grouped submissions, and classified ads - and
one that is machine-generated and of lower quality.

The basic rule is that all communications to the list should be
preceded by a subject line that identifies the communication as a
list command, private message to the list administrator,
submission, ad, or registry command, as described below.
(However some communications, such as the list command
UNSUBSCRIBE, will consist only of a subject line.)  All subject
lines should be in capital letters except subject lines for
submissions, which should be in upper and lower case.

All principles and procedures outlined in this document are open
to discussion and revision.  Comments and suggestions, either
posted to the list or sent privately to the list administrator,
are encouraged.


All Internet communications to the list should be e-mailed to:

If any message you send to this address is returned to you as
undeliverable, wait a day and send it again, and please notify
the list administrator.

To join the list, send a message with the following subject line:

     Subject: SUBSCRIBE

In the body of the message you must state the following:

     "I have seen the Alan Watts Mailing List General Information
     document and agree to the procedures outlined therein for
     the operation of the list."

The reason for this is that due to copyright law, your permission
is needed for other subscribers to copy and share digests which
contain submissions you have posted.  This is important so we can
be a community not just of people who have access to the
Internet, but of anyone who wants to participate.  Note that you
can post submissions anonymously, as described below.

To quit the list, use the following subject line:

     Subject: UNSUBSCRIBE

For private messages to the list administrator which should not
be included in a digest, use:

     Subject: PRIVATE

with the text of your message below.


All letters from regular mail subscribers should be sent to:

     Alan Watts Mailing List
     1608 N. Cahuenga Boulevard, #1317
     Los Angeles, CA, USA  90028

Regular mail subscribers should use the same format for
communications as Internet subscribers.  If a letter contains
more than one communication, each should be preceded by a
separate subject line.

So to join the list, send a letter that says:

     Subject: SUBSCRIBE

followed by the statement in the previous section that you have
seen this document, etc., and then indicate whether you want to
receive printed digests in the mail, or if you have access to
them from another source and only want to be able to post

If you want to receive digests, you must pay the costs which are
involved.  This means postage plus photocopies (probably three
cents per page) plus envelope (about ten cents per mailing if a
large one needed).  Digest pages will be photocopied double-sided
and all mail will be sent by regular U.S. mail, unless otherwise
is requested.

To receive digests, include a check or money order for a few
dollars made out to the list administrator (currently Jon
Schultz).  Each mailing will include a note indicating the cost
of the mailing and how much credit you have left.  When your
credit is used up, you will have to send another deposit to
continue receiving digests.  Whenever you quit the list (or
should the list cease operations) any credit you have will be
returned to you.  If you cannot afford the mailing costs, notify
the list administrator; he may be able to help.



As stated above, submissions in each digest will be grouped
according to subject (as indicated on the subject line when
submitted).  Thus, all submissions should designate a subject or
one will be assigned by the list administrator.

The subject can either be a new one or else it can indicate the
submission is a response to one or more previous submissions on a
previously stated subject.  If it's a response, the subject line
should begin with "Re:" (see examples below).

You can introduce a new subject as a sub-heading of an old one
(also see below).  This is somewhat equivalent to thread
indenting in Usenet newsgroups.

The following examples denote the format which should be used for
indicating subjects.  Please follow it so the list administrator
will not have difficulty placing your submission.  If you have
any questions, please ask.


     Subject: Music

     (This introduces a new subject - "Music".)


     Subject: Re: Music

     (This indicates a response to one or more posts under


     Subject: Re: Music

     (This introduces "Rock-and-Roll" as a sub-heading under


     Subject: Re: Music
              Re: Rock-and-Roll

     (This indicates a response to one or more posts under


     Subject: Re: Music
              Re: Rock-and-Roll
              The Beatles

     (This introduces "The Beatles" as a sub-heading under


For Internet subscribers, if the subject does not fit on the
subject header line of your e-mail program, just put "See Below"
on that line and type the subject a few lines above the text of
your submission.


Submissions from regular mail subscribers must be either
typewritten or very easily legible - in English.  In addition,
there will be a 500 word limit per digest unless the text is sent
on a 3-1/2" computer disk in DOS (ASCII) Text format.  The word
limit may be adjusted from time to time depending on the volume
of regular mail submissions.


After the text of each submission, indicate what identification
information you would like to appear following the submission in
the digest.  This can include first and last name, initials, a
fictional alias, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone
number, and date of writing - or it can simply be "Identity
Withheld by Request".  This should be done for each submission
sent in a letter or e-mail message (or you can put "same as

If no ID information is specified at the end of a submission,
then first and last name, city, and e-mail address - or however
much of that is known to the list administrator - will be used.

Note:  The list administrator may require verification of any
       information sent for inclusion in a digest which he
       suspects is deceitful.  This, obviously, is because some
       people like to play practical jokes which the recipients
       of their jokes often do not appreciate.

       Thus, if you include a phone number, you may get a collect
       call from the Alan Watts Mailing List in Los Angeles,
       California, for verification.  This will only be done if
       the nature of the post is such that deceit is strongly

       If the call is refused, the phone number will not appear
       unless the list administrator receives a follow-up e-mail
       message or letter stating the date and time (within ten
       minutes) that the call was made.


Each digest will also contain a section for classified ads.  The
subject line for ads should use the following format:

     Subject: AD/ 

with the text of the ad following below.

The list administrator, in organizing the Classified Ads section,
may decide to place your ad in a category that is not identical
to the one suggested.  If you have any concerns about that,
inform the list administrator.

If you want your ad to appear in more than one digest, indicate
how long you want it to run (i.e., until 1/1/96).  Each ad will
appear followed by an indication as to how long it is set to run.


Each digest will also contain a registry section listing
information on each subscriber who wishes to be listed.  This can
include the same information which can be listed at the end of
submissions, plus text (i.e., a quote or biographical sketch).

To be included in the registry, use the following subject line:

     Subject: REGISTRY/ LIST

indicating below how you want to be listed.

To change the way you are listed, use:

     Subject: REGISTRY/ CHANGE

To become unlisted, use:

     Subject: REGISTRY/ UNLIST

Should the registry section become large, you may not want to
receive it with every digest.  The following commands can be



It would be nice if we could share our favorite quotes, from Alan
Watts and others, without any concern with regard to copyright
infringement, but that is an issue we need to be aware of.
There is an excellent Copyright FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions
document) on the Internet, which covers the subject very well.

If you have a World Wide Web browser, point it at
If you are using an FTP program, the site is
and the directory is /pub/users/carroll/law/copyright/faq
(files part1-part6).  You can also obtain a copy via e-mail by
sending a message to with the following
lines in it:

     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part1
     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part2
     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part3
     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part4
     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part5
     send usenet/news.answers/law/copyright/faq/part6

For regular mail subscribers, note that although the relevant
portions of the FAQ are just a few pages, it states it may only
be "freely redistributed in its entirety," and thus if you want
the list administrator to mail you a copy, it will be about 35
pages and the cost will be around $1.15 plus postage for an
envelope that will weigh about four ounces (copied double-sided).

The basic principle with regard to the posting of quotes to this
list is that no posting(s) should lessen the likelihood that
someone will purchase the work quoted from.  Thus, it is not only
the length of the quote that needs to be considered, but also the
significance of the quote in the work.  Quotes from non-fictional
works are generally less problematic than quotes from fictional
ones, however, so if we keep quotes fairly short and to the
point - and don't quote too often from the same work - we
probably won't have a problem.

Any submission which the list administrator thinks could present
a copyright problem will be rejected.  If you have any comments
on the subject, or if you feel that any decision by the list
administrator in this regard is unreasonable, please bring the
topic up in a submission to the list.


Back issues of digests will be sent to subscribers on request.
Use the following subject line format:

     Subject: SEND DIGEST(S) 

indicating the number(s) of the digest(s) you want.

To receive a document listing the Table of Contents of each
digest that has been issued to date, use:



BIBLIOGRAPHY: (dates indicate first editions)

   * The Spirit of Zen (1936)
   * The Legacy of Asia and Western Man (1937)
   * The Meaning of Happiness (1940)
   * The Theologica Mystica of St. Dionysius (1944) (translation)
   * Behold the Spirit (1948)
   * Easter - Its Story and Meaning (1950)
   * The Supreme Identity (1950)
   * The Wisdom of Insecurity (1951)
   * Myth and Ritual in Christianity (1953)
   * The Way of Zen (1957)
   * Nature, Man, and Woman (1958)
   * "This Is It" and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual
       Experience (1960)
   * Psychotherapy East and West (1961)
   * The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of
       Consciousness (1962)
   * The Two Hands of God: The Myths of Polarity (1963)
   * Beyond Theology: The Art of Godmanship (1964)
   * The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (1966)
   * Nonsense (1967)
   * Does It Matter? Essays on Man's Relation to Materiality
   * Erotic Spirituality: The Vision of Konarak (1971)
   * The Art of Contemplation (1972)
   * In My Own Way: An Autobiography (1972)
   * Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal (1973)
   * Tao: The Watercourse Way (unfinished at the time of his
       death in 1973 - published in 1975)

In addition, a number of books have been published since his
death that contain transcripts of recorded lectures and/or
articles not included in the above.  Those are:

   * The Essence of Alan Watts (1974)
   * Essential Alan Watts (1976)
   * Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk: The Mystery of Life (1978)
   * Om: Creative Meditations (1979)
   * Play to Live (1982)
   * Way of Liberation: Essays and Lectures on the Transformation
       of the Self (1983)
   * Out of the Trap (1985)
   * Diamond Web (1986)
   * The Early Writings of Alan Watts (1987)
   * The Modern Mystic: A New Collection of Early Writings (1990)


Tapes of Alan Watts can be ordered from several sources,

     Electronic University
     P.O. Box 2309
     San Anselmo, CA 94979
     415-459-7670 (fax)
     e-mail address:
     World Wide Web site: coming soon

     M.E.A. (Mastering Enlightenment Arts)
     P.O. Box 303
     0lema, CA 94950
     800-75-WATTS (toll free number for placing orders)
     e-mail address:
     World Wide Web site:

     Mystic Fire
     P.O. Box 422
     New York, NY 10012-0008
     212-941-1443 (fax)
     800-921-9001 (toll free number for placing orders)
     e-mail address:
     World Wide Web site:

     Pacifica Radio Archive
     3729 Cahuenga Boulevard West
     North Hollywood, CA 91604
     800-735-0230 (toll free number for placing orders)
     e-mail address:
     World Wide Web site:
     (indicate you want a list of Alan Watts tapes)


Radio broadcasts featuring recordings of Alan Watts can be heard
in the following U.S. cities:

     Alamosa            KRZA   (719) 589-9057
     Athens, GA         WVOG   (706) 542-7100
     Austin             KAZI   (512) 836-9544
     Boston             WZBC   (617) 552-3511
     Boulder            KGNU   (303) 449-4885
     Crested Butte      KBUT   (303) 349-5225
     Detroit            WDTR   (313) 596-3507
     Duluth             KUMD   (218) 726-7181
     Honolulu           KIFO   (808) 955-8821
     Johnson City, TN   WETS   (615) 929-6440
     Los Angeles        KPFK   (818) 985-2711
     New York City      WBAI   (212) 929-0088
     Olympia            KAOS   (206) 866-6000
     Pittsburgh         WDUQ   (412) 396-6030
     Plattsburgh, NY    WCFE   (518) 563-9770
     San Francisco      KUSF   (415) 386-5873
     San Luis Obispo    KCBX   (805) 544-5229
     Scranton           WVSR   (717) 941-7648
     St. Louis          KDHX   (314) 664-3955
     Telluride          KOTO   (303) 728-3334
     Trenton            WTSR   (609) 771-2554
     Tucson             KXCI   (602) 623-1000


"The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension", located at:

contains a section on Alan Watts with somewhat abridged
transcripts of a number of his lectures, plus an article entitled
"The Cross of Cards".

10.  NOTES

This document will be updated from time to time with changes that
have first been posted to the list.  For a copy of the most
recent version use the following command:

     Subject: SEND INFO

Internet subscribers wanting a laser-printed copy with nice fonts
should include a mailing address.  Printed copies of digests are
available as explained under "Regular Mail Subscriptions" above.

This is Version 1.00 of the Alan Watts Mailing List General
Information document, dated September 4, 1995.

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