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Sexual Boundaries in Tibetan Buddhism.

To: alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan,alt.magick.tantra
From: seetoh - deja singapore 
Subject: Re: Sexual Boundaries in Tibetan Buddhism.
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 01:34:46 GMT

In article ,
  Mary Finnigan  wrote:
>  catherine yronwode writes
> >>
> >
> > This is interesting. I am 52 years old and my parents owned an
> >antiquarian bookstore. Thus, my first exposure to Tibetan Buddhism
> >through books that were translated prior to the diaspora, and through
> >travel journals from the early 20th century. It seemed clear to me
> >these accounts -- distorted and "exoticized" as they may have been --
> >that sexual practices WERE part of wehat was then called "Tibetan
> >Lamaism." When the teachers of the diaspora came to the USA and
> >provclaimed that sexual teachings were NIOT part of Tibetan
Buddhism, i
> >was quite surprised, but i simply assumed that the older accounts
> >wrong.
> I think being ultra-cautious about the physical sexual content of TB
> one of the things the Tibetans got right when they started teaching in
> the west. If they had proclaimed this, TB would not have been so
> accepted in our society. Back in the 1960's there were still strong
> taboos around sex in general. Sex as part of a religious movement
> have caused a big furore -- as it did with the Children of God for
> example.
> > Now i begin to wonder if they were not actaully somewhat correct
> >after all. I say this having recently purchased Hopkins' translation
> >Gedun Chopel's 19938 "Treatise on Passion" (published in English
> >the title "Tantric Arts of Ecstasy." Chopel was a Tulku in the
> >school; his book was an amplification on -- and a BUIDDHIST
> >on -- the Hindu "marriage manual," the "Kamasutra" of Vatsayana.
> Gedun Chopal is an interesting character, not least because he lived
> into the 20th century -- and also because he was a Gelugpa. The poor
> chap had a sad life as a result of being a maverick in the Crazy Yogi
> tradition. From what I have heard about the sexual prowess of Tibetan
> lamas, it seems a pity his colleagues did not take more interest in
> version of the Kamasutra.
> >
> >So you see the sexual contacts as merely or mostly exploitations of
> >female students for lascivious purposes?
> That's the way it seems. However, I know of one lama who has been
> teaching in the west for many years who has taught karmamudra. There
> have been no complaints from his consorts.
> >
> >Are the accusations and documentations being
> >archived somewhere on a web site (as was done with the Hindu guru
> >Muktananda? If not, i recommend this, as dejanews only archives
> >materials for two years.
> This is an excellent suggestion. During the early stages of this
> there was a movement in favour of setting up a web site in order to
> collect evidence for a petition to the Dalai Lama. It fell by the
> wayside because no-one with the necessary technical skill
> volunteered to set it up and maintain it.

You have one now. :-)

Actually, little skill is required to set up a web site,
apart from knowing MS Word and ftp to upload your files.
Free ftp can be downloaded from the Web, and how to use
ftp can be learnt in about 10 minutes.

I can help to set up such a web site, if you would send
me the files, evidence, petition, etc. Free hosting service
is also available on the Web.



> >My information about his possible misconduct comes from the
> >autobiography of Bhagavan Das, an American man who studied under him
> >a time and believed him to be a degenerate alcoholic. I don't own
> >book, or i would dig out the references; perhaps someone else might
> >so.
> Yes please.
> >
> >My object here is not to tear down Tibetan Buddhism or Hindu tantrism
> >per se, but to educate those who are looking to teachers for
> >leadership to understand that such abuses can occur and they can harm
> >the spiritual practices and even destroy the religious belief of
> >followers who have been so abused.
> This is the aim of most of the people who have contributed to this
> thread. Thanks for adding your voice to it.
> Mary

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