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Clearing the Path for more Vodou Commercialism.

To: alt.religion.orisha,alt.religion.voodoo
From: "tribble" 
Subject: Clearing the Path for more Vodou Commercialism.
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:30:04 -0600

If one accessed alt.Wicca in the early 1990's you could experience Maeve69
arguing with Alan_Acacia about the validity of the other's alleged
Gardnerian initiatory line. These types of flame (aka ego) wars erupted
constantly and were usually based wholly in commercialism. One witch was
always trying to prove to the masses that he/she was the top, best, biggest,
most powerful, most authentic Witch on the net in order to capture more
customers online. I am so happy to see that the ATR scene has finally caught

It's obvious to everyone that most of the bickering that occurs on this
group is an attempt to establish authority over a given religion from which
a profit stands to be made. It's becoming more and more senseless every day.
Some folk's motivations are blantantly transparent and soon no one will be
buying anything from anybody.  Furthermore, several Oungans and Mambos are
going to be launching their respective web presence in coming months -
offering services including initiation. In order to keep up, it will take
those who seek to gain customers by maligning the competition an entire week
to go through the list of people who need to be discredited and insulted.

In the interest of clearing the path so that everybody can get their "thing"
on and sell as much Vodou as they possibly can, I want to address a few
issues that have been bantered about lately. Since Houngan Aboudja is no
longer posting on this group, he will probably not be responding to Mambo
Racine's allegations. It's not really my place to discuss his personal
business in a public forum. However, for my sanity I am willing to write a
few things on this subject to bring it some closure (hopefully):

Houngan Aboudja and Mambo Michele did recouche. How do I know?

1. I can verify that Omo Esu Olorun Matabunde Fasi is not Aboudja, nor a
member of his house. I met him at Mambo Marie's house in NY state and can
verify that what he was told was indeed said in a room full of people.

2. Kevin Filan (on this forum) has verified that Omo Esu Olorun Matabunde
Fasi is not Houngan Aboudja nor a member of his house.

3. I provided Houngan Aboudja and Mambo Michele airport transportation for
their trip. I know what they left with and what they came back with. This
includes certain items that one would acquire only in Haiti - only for a
kanzo. I saw their plane tickets. I tracked their plane online  (a flight
from Haiti to Miami to New Orleans) and they arrived in New Orleans on that
flight. I have seen the stamps in both of their passports from the trip.
Lastly, I provided Aboudja with a list of items I wanted from Haiti and he
brought them back to me.

4. I scooped cat shit from a litter box at Mambo Michele's home every other
day for over two weeks. I came into her home and Aboudja's home every other
day over this period of time - at all hours of the day and night to feed
pets and collect mail. If they were in town they went to great lengths to
fool me.

For the recordm (beforeit is suggested), I am not Aboudja - Nor am I Mambo
Michele. I have been running a Metaphysical supply store since 1990 which
has been online over 3 years. I invite anyone to contact me via phone or
email. I also invite anyone from this list to my home in the Marigny (a few
blocks from Island of Salvation Botanica) IN New Orleans. I will make you a
cup or coffee or tea and we can  cordially discuss anything I have said
here. I will also provide these persons with evidence that the Mount Carmel
Botanica does exist - including a receipt for items I purchased there this
month. My shop number is easy enough to find on the net. If you can't figure
it out - email me!

If Mambo Racine would like to send either of her New Orleans based initiates
to me, I would be pleased to show them these items and my shop which is open
by appointment only. We can also call Mambo Marie at the Mount Carmel
Botanica from my phone (at my expense) so that this confusion does not

I anticipate that Mambo Racine will  use the "well Mambo Marie told me"
excuse to continue this discussion. I cannot speak to why one would mislead
or lie to/about the other. I can speculate but only validate what I heard,
saw and know. By the way, where are our resident fact checkers and ace
investigative reporters when we need them? I haven't heard a peep from any
of them on this issue. Maybe they exhausted themselves with OmiJuba?

Everyone must accept that two houses of Vodou currently exist in New
Orleans - Kay Aboudja and Sallie Ann Glassman's. I anticipate that Mambo
Racine would like to open one in the future through her resident initiates.
I also know that a NYC Mambo has plans to open a peristyle here soon. There
is room for everyone and no need for continued backbiting. Those who provide
the most effective services to the community will last the longest.


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