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Subject: Wizardry
Date: 16 Jun 1998 13:03:27 -0700

[in response to a request to be instructed]

0/Question                   .
the basis of liberation is in gleaning the method of Question.
the Question illuminates shadowy reaches we would never explore
and endarkens the byways which have become mere habit.  this
may start as an intellectual adventure but may be extended to
any region of living experience.  

engaging instruction, it is helpful to know the fundamental
issues resolved within a knowledge system before even tentatively
accepting any as preferential or most fitting.  the master sees 
the truth and falsity of all such inadequate yet beautiful shells.

1/Analysis (Inquire)	     - 
 RE 'knowing, firsthand, the inner reality of the Universe'
what separates its interior status from the 'outer reality'?
is the Universe all that is, or is there something more?
when a thing is 'real' in an inner sense, what does this mean?
what type of 'knowledge' does an inner reality allow?
what distinguishes firsthand from secondhand knowledge?
how can such knowledge be obtained in the most expedient fashion?

2/Synthesis (Coagulate)      +
the firsthand knowledge of an inner reality is best pursued with
the common maxim of the mage in mind:


3/Hypothesis (Learn)        /_\
begin with a mirror.  focus externally in reflection of that
which we learn we are.  examine the truth of this and its falsity.
compare the data available in such an external orientation with
that available when focussing inward.  compare these with the data
obtained regarding identity.  remember this process.

4/Elaboration		     []
all further instruction is an appendant to the first three
principles of Learning (Analysis, Synthesis, Hypothesis),
and may be assisted by sources textual (esp. with indices)
and human (reliability and trustworthiness crucial factors).

concretation of knowledge at first serves to support, later
becoming a hindrance.  use it as needed and discover means
of dissembling certainty upon discovery that models no longer
serve any goals that are accepted.

5/Postscript                  @
instruction is a curse and blessing.  acceptance of expression
in a didactic relationship may coalesce in a manner that serves
to either bolster or deteriorate orientation and independence.

"You teach best what you most need to learn."  -- RBach, _Illusions_


[in response to request for elaboration on the original instruction]

# 0/Question	.

 RE the Method of Question:

	I see her in a year or even six months from now --
	no longer wobbling on her high heels, the lies she
	has been encouraged to tell about herself now
	carefully trimmed and fashioned to last a lifetime.
	She will become "interesting," that is, a good
	liar.  She will begin to "find her identity," that
	formation which captures all her own psychic energy
	and which draws all of the attention of those who
	meet her.  Now, I can still see the light of a
	person behind her face and I know she vaguely
	senses this perception of her makes us both
	uncomfortable.  This discomfort is the last,
	natural call in man of the Question "Who am I?"
	just before it becomes completely covered over
	by the Problem of "establishing one's identity."
	_The Heart of Philosophy_, by Jacob Needleman,
	  Bantam Books, 1982; p. 94.

	Philosophy... involves both the analysis of
	meanings and the search for generic truths....
	Philosophy is an effort to give unity to human
	arts and sciences by a critical examination of
	the grounds of our meanings, values, and beliefs.
	_The Enduring Questions_, ed. Melvin Rader,
	  Introduction, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.,
	  1980; pp. 3, 5.

also cf. _Illusions_ by RBach and _Zen and the Art of
 Motorcycle Maintenance_, by RPirsig.

# 1/Analysis	-

 RE the difference between an 'inner' and an 'outer' reality:

feel inside, look at the mirror.  consider the difference. 
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