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Willow, Magic, and Satanism

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Willow, Magic, and Satanism (was Infinite Power)
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 07:17:40 GMT

Joseph Count de Money wrote:
> catherine yronwode wrote:

> > does she [Willow] have a platonic role, like Buffy does as
> > "slayer" -- or is power like hers portrayed as something 
> > existential that anyone could accomplish?
> and the costumes! espically in the comics, sex and power? marketed 
> to adolescent males.  whether dr. strange or sabrina or willow of 
> buffy or aly mc beal for what its worth i got hooked on the occult 
> through an old archie comic where jughead found the necronomicon or 
> its comix equvalent and went around turning people in to animals and 
> making them disapear and affecting the weather before he tossed the 
> book away, not having seen the effects his spells were having and 
> announced it as all nonsence.
> but when i looked for books like it, or how to do "spells" i found a 
> lot of literature.
> and while my life is not the stuff of comix books and i pride myself 
> on being grounded in the mundane, no super powers or magical 
> abilities beyond those available to any one who wants to try to find 
> them, what i have found started with an archie comix. book.
> Joseph,
> Count de Money.

I loved the old (but not the new) Dr. Strange comics -- but my real
introduction to magic came through my parents' antiquarian bookstore,
and through a book that had belonged to my grandfather, which was about
German culture and customs and contained a lengthy chapter on
folk-magic, withreproductions of German editions of grimoires like
"Albertus Magnus' Egyptian Secrets," "The 6th and 7th Books of Moses,"
and so forth, as well as samples of sigils and talismans, astrological
charts sold at country fairs, and even "the true length of Crhist," a
folded paper with prayers on it. I was fascinated and wanted to learn
more. Then we bought a library that contained all of Crowley's books and
i was set to cataloguing them ... well, that was pretty cool -- and then
Doctor Strange comics arrived on the scene. 

I too do not live a life of fantasy, like the stories in Buffy or in
comics, but i am not ashamed to say that poular culture got me started
thinking about magic, and my own bent for research and fact-finding did
the rest. I did decide on a career in comics, though, and that worked
out quite well. 

cat yronwode 

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