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Warlock/Witch Initiation

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From: lorax666 
Subject: Warlock/Witch Initiation (Huson's Satanism)
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 18:51:06 GMT

50020820 VII alt.occult.methods is for initiation descripts too!

Huson's Guide to Magic-Using, Chapter 666: Initiating the Warlock

"Impseth" :
>...I've got this book called "Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson" 

Paul Huson's a de facto Satanist. :>

subtitled: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks & Covens.

yeah, I've got that one. my sister has one in hardcover which
served as her Book of Shadows. I was recommended this book as
something I might find valuable by Gardnerian Wiccans in an
approach to the Craft. I was pleased with the recommendation.

Huson is an amusing and entertaining writer, from the Nephilim
who originate "witch powers" through to the definition of 
Warlock ("Originally term of abuse meaning 'traitor,' now used 
generally within the United States to signify wizard"!; 
he later defines this as "the male equivalent of witch": 
"one skilled in the ancient wisdom; originally used for both 
sexes, now generally only for female"!) and of course his 
lovely bibliography.

>and I'm wondering how trustworthy the information is.  

most of the Witches I've known avoided the term 'warlock' 
or had little feeling about it one way or the other. some
wanted to "reclaim" it. :> for some it seemed a matter of 
pride or principle, and for others it seemed a mark of 
innovation and genius (like those who call what they we 
do "sorcery"), descriptions of its meaning are sometimes 
quite amusing and inspiring, as they should be. I think
its association with males is not uncalled-for, as they are 
more likely to adopt iconoclastic titles and descriptors,
especially those which may imply anti-social significance.

> It's starts out by saying you need to repeat the lord's 
> prayer 3 times three nights in a row to start becoming a 
> witch/warlock should I believe this?

he says traditional initiation rites are included in a later
chapter, but that a 'token gesture" is sufficient to qualify 
for engaging them, to prepare you for your Path. ;> if you're
living in a "Christian" country, then it's the Lord's Prayer
backwards, yeah. :> I'm not sure this covers all Christians,
but the principle is opposition to organized religions.

he says

	Here and now it will be sufficient for you to make
	a symbolic gesture which will ceremonially demonstrate
	your severence from old restraints and inhibitions that
	in the past have acted as the main obstacles to the
	development of the powers within you. Basically, these
	restraints can be symbolized as the yoke imposed by
	such established systems of irrational thought as
	organized religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, or
	Buddhism. *Organized* religion, let me emphasize.
	Of course there are many other ironclad systems of
	thought without occult bases which have been imposed
	upon the public mind from time to time, such as
	Communism, Fascism, or capitalism, but these at least	
	function under the pretense of ministering to the 
	bodies of mankind rather than to the good of the soul,
	whatever that might be.

	The domain of witchcraft is the realm of the unseen
	and the point at which it impinges upon man's psyche,
	and as it is in this very same area that the various
	churches have sought to dabble their fingers, it is
	with these institutions that we witches take issue in
	principle. Ironically, you will find that all the
	innovators and founders of said religions were
	revolutionaries in their time who took issue with
	their parent religions and were usually labelled 
	heretics of one sort or another for their pains.

	So enough of all the cant -- religious, political,
	nationalist, whatever. Overboard with the lot of it.
	And this is where your little gesture comes in. No,
	we are not going to ask you to burn a draft card of
	an American flag; the time-honored tradition of
	repeating the so-called Lord's Prayer backwards is
	all you have to observe. Whether you are or were
	a practicing Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Mohammedan,
	Parsee, Hindu, whatever, it makes no difference at
	all. As long as you are living in a Christian country,
	the gesture is most effective.

	It is a defiant relic from the days of the great witch
	persecutions, and though witches used not to be
	specifically anti-Christian, many of them became so,
	not unnaturally, with the advent of that tide of
	religiously motivated opporession and bloodshed. It is
	a symbol of defiance toward the dead letter as opposed
	to the living spirit of organized religion.
	"Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches,
	 Warlocks & Covens", Paul Huson, Perigee, 1980; p. 19-20.

he describes the ritual formula for those three successive nights
in his book, if you're interesting in following it out. now,
he says, you can begin developing your Warlock Powers (by making
use of the Four Pyramidal Powers of the Warlock (my phrase, he
called it The Witches' Pyramid :>) and observing the Natural Power
and Rhythm of the Cosmos.

so determine the type of religion your country is (even if it says,
like the US, that it is multi-faceted), and then identify its prime
ritual. reverse it, recite it as described, and you're a Warlock.
then you start developing your powers. it sounds like AD&D. k00l!

thanks, Paul!

-- -- that which liberates is intentional ignorance

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