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To: alt.magick,alt.magick.chaos
From: "M.K." 
Subject: Re: TOPY-warning
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 13:03:13 +0200

> TOPY has often publicly advocated extreme methods of shock or trauma in 
> effecting a paradigm shift as a major part of their philosophy, attitude, and 
> literature.  Surprise, surprise...they also practice what they preach.  If you 
> prefer a more 'reasonable', 'sane', and or 'soft' path which conforms to your 
> expectations then perhaps TOPY is not for you or your friend. 

Hmmm... Its strange how TOPY has changed (or so it seems) in the years
the main weight of the org became American-based... Used to be, TOPY
wasnt any
one thing but a bunch of stations with their own distinct flavours, used
be, TOPY was a knowing structure of selfaware Workers, using
to tear down fences of I & Eye and Love/Trust/Togetherness to build up
and Self-Confidence. Used to be, Word of TOPY was Action, manifestation
Self on the background of tribe. Used to be, TOPY considered itself
a tribe of tribes of magicians, not a magiCKal group. Oh well, verily,
IS hard to kick against thee pricks... Just another IOToS group now, it
designed to pick up the industrialists who do not feel comfy with Abra
They even got a paragraph declaring the will of the org, now.

For those interested, we up here in Scandinavia is running a small scale
culturalterrorist station under the name of TOPY T.R.A.S.S.
wich is basically a actiongroup performing positive streetsigilizations,
usually in coordiantyion with other actions performed by various
of Origami RepubliKa. We realize that this is in no way a legal action,
and we find the fact that someone in TOPY may be taking the fact of
own organization seriously enough to consider counteraction hysterically
funny. These people need their nose twitched, before it fills up the
field of their vision."Hello Yes Hello" "No Poets Own Words No Words Own 
Poets Own Poets No Words Words Own Poets No".

And that IS a fact. 

> their founder Genesis who no longer associates himself with them. 

We sortta always thought he phreaked out on a superstar trip, too many
caddilacs and American nights. Its a shame he did not retain cohesion.
>It is better to build upon the shifting sands than the rock 
>which will confound you on the day it shatters. - P. Carroll 
>It sounds as if your friend has been much confounded. 

She shouldda had the head to expect something along the lines of what
she got,
if it was the end of her 23month initiatory cycle. I wouldda liked to
some recording of the ritual, to be able to judge the NRG wich was
If its young people performing violent sex-acts, I can easily imagine
situation turning from katharsis-situation to downright rape.

FoFo #49

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