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[o] The Tiriel Working

From: "Brother MOLOCH" 
Subject: [o] The Tiriel Working
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:20:57 -0000

Here is a simple evocation I performed to learn more from the 
Merucrial Intelligence specifically in the realms of Necromancy.

Subject: The Tiriel Working 
This is a ritual that I performed about three weeks ago.

I was in need of learning some deeper aspects of Necromancy and who 
better to contact than the Intelligence of Merucry, God of Magic.

Even though this ritual is more Qabalistic in nature, it still is 
quite simple to perform.

One should look at the accompanying sigil of the Intelligence of 
Mercury after reading this short essay. The sigil is a classical 
design and is NOT based on the name/number sigils of modern Chaos 

Tiriel is the Intelligence of Mercury and suffice it to say he is 
well disposed to helping the practitioner to obtain that which he 
desires and that in particularly information regarding Magic and 
Magical rituals.

The ritual was performed in a Mercurial hour though not on a 
Wednesday which is the day of Mercury. I had only time to do it on a 
Sunday. The Moon's location was NOT a factor in this rite thus I've 
elected to not look up the delineation of the Moon for this time. 

I drew the sigil in purple ink on a 3" square piece of Orange 
construction paper which is the Queen scale of color for Hod, 
Mercury's domain, on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

I put myself into a trance state of altered consciousness and I 
recall slowly vibrating the name of Tiriel and soon I found myself in 
front of him dressed in orange silk robes with purple highlights on
it. The highlights included his sigil design as well as other 
Qabalistic correspondences and references.

Tiriel was flanked by two others dressed in robes like his. Both of 
these figures were feminine. The one looked like she was a young 
blonde female and the other was a raven haired older female.

When I explained to Tiriel that I wished to learn deeper aspects of 
Necromancy, he smiled and nodded and when he waved his right hand in 
a sweeping arc, there was a table of books. I'm not sure but they may 
have all ready been there and I didn't notice them until he
pointed them out to me.

I sat down at the chair and began to read one of the texts. Not sure 
what the name was it all appeared in readable and understandable 
English. It seemed like time, as we know it to be, did not exist in 
this realm (and perhaps it doesn't) but I know I sat there for a long 
time reading.

The one thing I remember is that one of the books said to see the 
Spirits of the Dead is to take a small amount of Graveyard Dirt and 
put a few grains on top of my head, a few in each ear, a few in each 
nostril and a few in my mouth.

I was to inhale deeply and exhale slowly while looking off into the 
distance and just let my eyes focus and unfocus and I'd soon see the 

Then I heard a gong and I was informed by Tiriel that I had to leave. 
I took off to the mortal realms and put his sigil into a box that I 
keep specifically for Spirit sigils.

Categorically, Tiriel's information was very accurate!  I performed 
the operation as he suggested and sure enough I was able to see gray 
misty shapes that the book had said would be the remnants of the 

When I was finished with this type of phenomena, I was merely to 
sprinkle a few grains of salt on my head, in each ear (outer ear 
canal ONLY), a few in each nostril and a few in my mouth to 
neutralize the effects of the Graveyard Dirt.


After I related this operation to Brujo Negro, he assured me that 
there was merit to this! As he himself had been instructed by his 
Brujeria Spirits to rub Graveyard Dirt on his arms and the like to 
magnetize himself to the Dead which would also aid him in their


This is the kind of positive informationt that this list is supposed 
to represent. If you have ANY kind of experiences of any sort that 
may help another, then please, I ask you as a fellow practitioner, to 
SHARE it with the rest of the List.

Thank You.
Brother MOLOCH 969

Peace! Power! Prosperity!
Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:
"Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from 
mediocre minds" - Albert Einstein
"Do.... or do not; there is NO try!" - Yoda

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