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Taxonomizing Magic

To: alt.religion.wicca,alt.magick
From: Ren 
Subject: Re: Taxonomizing Magic (was 1st Question )
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 16:24:46 -0800

O.k. Tyagi, and..

>          WITCH: uses potions, charms, spells to heal or harm

witch - a specialist of natural and herbal magick, practical medicine and

>          SORCERER: uses spells with forbidden substances/activities

sorcerer - a specialist in the art of storing magickal energy, spirits, forces
into objects, potions, and powders.

>          MAGE: uses rituals, spells, amulets to obtain desires

mage - from the religion of the magi, wise scholars who travel about teaching
and learning metaphysics, magick, and religion.

>          WIZARD: uses books, staves, and Words to change reality

wizard - a specialist of ceremonial magick, abstract mathematics, and the
conjuration and subjugation of spirits.

>          NECROMANCER: uses the dead as a divinatory agent

necromancer - a wizard who specializes in magick that deals with the energies,
spirits, and forces of both life and death, to heal, to hurt, and to divine the

>          DRUID: uses trees and mistletoe in ecological rituals

druid- A Celtic priest from the professional class or Fil who represented the
stern and stable guardians of Celtic society and ceremony. From Dru- which
means oak wood. The Druids were in contact with the Dryads, spirits of the
trees. Some worshipped the Sun God Lue among other gods. Druids were chosen
from the most promising and intelligent males of the Celtic Federation and
educated for twenty years before they set out to travel around and advise the
different families and organizations of Celts. They often specialized in
herbalism, swordsmanship, the Greek language and alphabet, religious
ceremonies, law and arbitration.

>          PRIEST: draws on gods to perform religious rites

priest/ess - Any representative of a god or goddess who has invoked a god or
goddess and evokes a god and goddess to bless or curse events.

From: Ren 
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Subject: Re: Taxonomizing Magic (was 1st Question )
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 16:44:33 -0800
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I'll play.

Taliesin of Earthstar wrote:

>   SHAMAN: Uses ecstatic trance to heal or harm, or for other purposes.

Shaman - a priest of totems or spirit animals who specializes in altered states of consciousness
to gain access to the magickal world in order to influence the real world. A shaman is an
herbalist and spiritual guide.

>         MYSTIC: Uses trance-states to achieve knowledge of/unity with Deity, and other
> informational purposes.

mystic - A popular Hindu movement which espouses the idea that the physical world of pleasure and
pain is evil. Thus the mystic uses altered states of consciousness to ascend the physical and
exclusively experience the spiritual for long periods of time.

medium - a specialist in evoking and summoning spirits, ghosts, for the purpose of communication
with the living and divination.

spiritist or spiritualist - a popular 20th century practice and organization of mediumship.

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