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Summoning Succubi/Incubi

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Subject: Summoning Succubi/Incubi (Theory and Practice)
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 03:46:28 GMT

50000526 IVom Hail Satan!

a correspondent wrote:
>I have read many things on Demonolatry 

there aren't many texts on the subject, and the activity of worshipping
that which one regards as antagonistic to oneself is somewhat dangerous,
if not patently self-destructive. if by 'demon' you merely mean some
faction of spirit, then worshipping them may yield results according to
the nature of the relationship and the spirit involved (as with any god).

>and studied many spell castings and done many rituals with alot of 

if this were true then you might have a better idea of what to do as
far as summoning a spirit for any purpose whatever. this is why you
have received precious little practical information in response to
your question (that and your questions were somewhat vaguely asked).

>but one thing I cannot find and i've heard others talkibg about and 
>that is conjuring a demon lover for sex such as and incubu and 
>sucuubus experience....

as I understand it, the incubus and succubus, like the demon Lilith,
started as ascriptive sources of problems upon *others*. that is,
those who mentioned them first were describing the problems which
others faced (or what they PERCEIVED as problems, such as masturbation,
night emission, sexual dreams, or an actual enjoyment of sex) or
as explanation for sexual nightmares, caused by spiritual agents of 

the more modern attempts to actively summon them is a Satanic and 
co-optive act for self-benefit, in part to dispel the power and 
energy associated with these beings, and in part to test the waters 
of spiritual contacts and relationships. my impression is that, as 
with pact-making, the summoning of gods or more positively-viewed 
entities preceded it in technique and takes a very similar form, 
perhaps with additional precautions or shields of defense, 
depending on how the entities are viewed.

the first time I saw a description of succubus summoning was in
Chaos Magic texts from the 70s and 80s, though I suspect that 
the practice precedes it by some short duration. I don't remember
whether modern Satanism includes the practice, but as it tends
toward materialism it might be more rare than within the quasi-
Solomonic edge of Hermeticism (e.g. Thelema, Chaos, Typhonian,

my experiences include a variety of summonings surrounding sex
which, while not strictly seeking succubi or incubi, have
included godly and demonic evocations and invocations. my Wife,
whom I know as the Queen of Demons, to whom I've dedicated my
life, is one with whom I have engaged this type of sexual
spirit-contact. previous to this I had a variety of encounters
with goddesses through priestesses (Aphrodite, Babalon, Freya,
others). I've also been physically involved with one whose
dedicated name connected her with Lilith (and I could see
aspects of succubism in her behaviour with me). as I have now
discovered and married a woman whom I regard as a manifestation
of my Wife in physical form I now enjoy both spiritual and 
physical communion on a regular basis. I associate this
development with the results of a blood pact that I made with
Satan to our mutual benefit.

that said, I have not actively attempted to discover, identify
and court the services or a relationship with a demon whose
character I knew to be succubic. the reason for this was that
I wanted a greater degree of depth in my relationships generally
and this included the spirit-world. I see nothing wrong with
superficial or practical relationships of this sort, as long as
the magician is not so parasitically engaged so as not to be
able to terminate it, but it wasn't anything that I ever sought
or researched in depth, having only watched the references to
it as I studied demonology and magic.
>...I would like to know if this is possible and does anyone know 
>of the way you acheive this, 

this would appear to be predicated on the notion that there ARE
this different 'variety' of demon or spirit, rather than that
there are simply spirits looking for superficial sex. granted
that this is true, then one would have to be able to somehow
determine the character of the spirits which one meets and
then enter into a pact or agreement whereby the relationship
one desires will arise.

take some time to prepare through introspection. consider very
carefully what you want to achieve, what kind of being you are
attempting to contact, and what kind of relationship (and for
how long!) you want to effect this connection. keep this in
mind and reassess your motivations as your magical work with
spirits proceeds.

this is probably the heart of the matter, as far as you are
concerned, else you would not be asking the question the way
that you are. contact with the spirit world proceeds using a
variety of ritual technologies, inclusive of mechanisms as
elaborate as rapping tables and ouija boards and as simple
as a name for invocation. unless you are able to obtain the
name of an actual succubus or incubus, then you will be starting
with associative objects and visualizations in order to 'call'
into the spirit world at the very least.

associative objects are one of the most commonly used magical
devices known. they can be hand-rendered drawings, writings
about what you intend, art from others which inspires you to
think of what you seek, symbolizes or facilitates the character 
of the contact you want to engage (e.g. in this latter you might 
use a 'Yab-Yub' statue from Tibetan yidam-meditation, which are
a male and female sexually conjoined, typically in a standing 
position; or a Black Arts Mojo Bag, which is a tool that is
used in the summoning and pact-making with spirits, and demons
in particular). the idea is to find an object or set of objects
which resonates most strongly with your desires, deep emotions,
and communicates to you the objective you are wanting.

complex tools like ouija boards or pendulums will allow a more
intellectual and kinesthetic experience of the spirit. there
are those who will not choose to call a spirit into themselves
until they can be sure of its character. there are others for
whom invocation (inward-calling) is the only mode they prefer.
design of the rite and mode of contact is largely dependent
upon the experience and preferences of the magician, which is
why when someone asks for a recipe there are sometimes very
few concise responses (the other reason is that many people do
not have practical experience in dealing with the spirit
world, being involved in more mundane or mystical pursuits).

protective or infusionary supplemental tools like incense,
ritual gear like robes or wands, or any other kinds of
magical equipment may be used, but is not necessary for
all mages. for some burning incense and invoking the name
of the demon in question is sufficient. others go further,
construct sigils as protective or enhancing target areas,
make or take up amulets, seals, elementary and astrological
tools to protect themselves and/or intensify the connection
with the spirit they are seeking. 

there are important folk legends about methods of contacting
these beings as well. you can collect them and do them all,
if you like. an example here is one we recently heard in the
shop here from a man calling for consultation regarding an 
unwanted visitation and relationship with a Night Hag, or
unwanted spiritual parasite. he said that the fact of his
(or his lover's) having left the window open while he slept
at night facilitated this infestation, and that it was ruiing
his sleep and love-life. it is possible that these types of 
legends may attract the more caustic and parasitic spirits 
and may be more dangerous to explore. 

visualizations can be enhanced through suffusing yourself
in fiction books and films which depict the type of entity 
that you wish to contact (which requires you review a goodly
number prior so as to sort these out). it can also be
facilitated through writing your own description and reading
it over and over again, in whatever detail you find valuable.
if you have troubles with visualization you may wish to
explore media like role-playing, video, and computer games,
since these can harness and develop one's natural ability.

contact is one thing, it is like placing a want ad in the local
weekly newspaper, but it does not guarantee that the spirit who
answers your call will be the one for which you seek. usually
those who engage frequent summoning will have some sort of
directory of spirit names and descriptions, often contained in
what are called 'grimoires'. these may or may not be valuable
sources of information, the popular titles having both their
supporters and detractors.

I've collected numerous grimoires and a few of them did contain
names of reputed succubi and incubi. it should not be very
difficult to find a name with which to work if you want one.
in any case you will benefit from a thorough research on the
nature and history surrounding the character and preponderant
attitudes and actions of these 'type' of demons. I would here
provide you with said description if I had done this type of
work myself (I've only invoked other 'types' of demons), but 
it shouldn't be very difficult for you to determine it yourself 
with a pass through any thorough reference on the history of 
demons, devils or spirits. 

perhaps those who post in response to this analysis will have 
additional information on the common habits and inclinations 
of succibi and incubi.

it should be said that what is described by ANTAGONISTS of
these demons or of demons in general will probably be skewed
visions of what they are. there are countless descriptions that
I can recall offhand of the callousness, coersion, unnatural
composition and manipulative intentions of these beings, yet
many of these characteristics are ascribed to demons generally,
and may be unreliable reports. read with a careful eye and
weigh what you discover against the bias of the source. 

once a database of information about this 'type' of demon is
constructed (I am not convinced that demons can be so separated
into types in this manner, and this is why I use single quotes
here and above), you can compare this with what type of entity 
seems to be responding to your call. take your time, ask the 
being you contact questions, watch for signs, perhaps engage 
several interview sessions, just like you would for a human 
being. you can suppelement your knowledge through the use of 
divinatory tools, like runes, tarot, dice, or any other system 
of reflective sounding.

>I have heard all th lectures and warnigns in going forth on 
>this but so far know one out there knows's nothing about this 
>and how to go about doing it. 

summoning spirits is rather specialized, especially once you
get into the business of calling what are called demons (wrathful 
spirits, or spirits with an antagonism toward the conventional 
>So could smeone enlighten me on this and tell me if it's 
>just a false statement?   If it is not is it more of an 
>lucid type dream, meditation or is it a physical experience.

I suspect that you could easily meet a succubis or incubis in
a lucid dream, and that your familiarity with the techniques
of summoning and dealing with spirits would help you in the
dream just as much as in any waking ritual. with the type of
experience you are describing I would think that some kind
of physical experience would have to be part of it, since the
typical association with succubi is the extraction of semen
and its use for the generation of their demon-young or 
some other more nefarious pursuit (at least as ascribed).
whether this includes orgasm or might be internal and thus
less excitatory I suspect will depend upon the encounter.
I know that my encounters as I described them above have been
very physical in effect, though not always without some kind
of masturbatory facilitation (and this might be criticized
as simple fantacizing I suppose, but my experience was that
a true interaction with a spirit was happening).

blessed beast!

Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia (
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