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Summoning Sprits

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Subject: Re: Summoning Sprits
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 21:39:18 GMT

50030208 VII 

roshi bobo quotes from "Pacts with the Devil" for a correspondent:
>>>apparently chapter 13:
>>>       The Ritual Of Lucifuge: Being The Art Of Demonic
>>>       Pacts, Based In Part Upon The Grand Grimoire,
>>>       Including The Sexual Sacrifice.
>>>page 143.

Joe Cosby:
>> All you need to do is say their name.
>> Summoning a spirit is one thing, seeing the spirit is another.

quite true. I guess that's why that include so many types and
grades of conjuration. if they resist, you stick it to them
with the dentist-tools and hold garlic under their noses.
I prefer to invite and not do anything offensive toward them.

>> You say you can't meditate and you are looking for the easiest way
>> to summon the spirit, but I think you may be missing the point.

if the point is summoning some kind of spiritual assistance (say,
in order to protect you from some other one or to improve your
overall situation), then the point might be to do it with the least 
effort so as to cause the least attention from those who might 
otherwise dislike the effort (parental or constraining agents).
>> Is it a good idea to summon a potentially malefic spirit which you
>> can't perceive?

presumably they will either be perceived in some way or one will
not have an encounter. how they may be perceived usually occupies
a great deal of the traditional magician's operation and instruction
to the spirit. that they will appear in a guise handsome or 
beautiful or in some way other than horrific and gruesome, for
example, is often specified in techniques in Solomonic grimoires
as may be found in "Pacts With the Devil".
>> Also, I don't know whether this is Nagasiva's misunderstanding our
>> your own oversight, but if you don't know the difference between
>> Lucifuge and Lucifer, you might want to do a little homework before
>> you go much further.

queer thing about that ritual, I gather they intended that the names
'Lucifuge' and 'Lucifer' are in some measure identical (because all
through the rite it has 'Lucifer', only the name of the chapter
being 'Lucifuge', but the text of the book itself ALSO contains the 
following as part of the:



	He then touches his heart and says: *Lucifer* (or, if you
	are a follower of Crowley: *Aiwass*) or if you are Christian
	say IHShVH ben Joseph.


	page 146.

in which case, the invocation of Lucifuge would become the
invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel. this is something I
have done many many times, but only once or twice integrating
any kind of goetic flavour (calling Kali for periods in 
chant and song within a demonic sigil out of doors).

catherine yronwode :
>...It seems quite foolish to summon a demon one can't 

ah but if it is the Holy Guardian Angel, it might not be
foolish, at least according to the authors of the book.

>...who tell me, a complete stranger and not the
>author of the book, that they can't meditate. chant, et al, and ask me
>"why didn't it work?" The questions vary, but failure to meditate when
>instructed is perhaps the most common lapse, and failure to perform
>the entire ritual is the second most common.

going by Betty Crocker *except* for a few ingredients and 
stages of preparation, perhaps. ;>

>...ham-stringing oneself at the outset by not giving the 
>experiment a fair trial is a notorious failing of newbies. . 

slightly on tangent to that, if it happens enough (i.e. actually
doing something) it might become a pattern, even a rite. whether
it is helpful, ceremonialism may be at least a type of meditation
of an active sort -- something comparable to martial arts or the
fine art of cultural ceremonies (tea, sword, etc.). making them
up oneself can become a meditation too (thereby creating a
'tradition' of one's own if one is too indisciplined to follow
the recipes of others). perhaps recipe-style-magic is not best
suited for certain types of individuals (xaos mayjuz?) or those
who are not at a proper stage of development (learning to do 
at ALL; moving beyond inertia and exercizing ritual movement,
which is often too ripe to be criticized, new shoots to nurture).

>I sometimes wonder if they would write to complete strangers about
>their experiences with baseball in the same senseless way....

I doubt it. it seems that magic is often practiced alone, and
spellcrafting not so much a league activity as a personal art
which may or may not produce desired results. it may be closer
to wine-making or business (in that there is an identifiable
product involved which can be predicted amongst the skilled).

blessed beast!

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