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Summoning Sprits

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Subject: Summoning Sprits
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 04:56:58 GMT

50030207 VII Hail Satan!

from private email:
> ...I realy need help from a greater power whether it be Satan,
> Angels,Gods etc. 

I'll presume this at the outset.

> So what I did was baught a book called 'pacts with the devil' 

"Pacts With the Devil: a Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy, & Liberation",
 by S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt, New Falcon, 1993. 

I am fairly familiar with this book. I just looked it over again
just now and noticed the Pact Example in the Appendices. it is
a worthwhile example which I'd like to present here in full:

	I __ {name} on this {day} of {month} in the year {year}
	formally ally myself with the spirit {Name} and his
	servants for our mutual benefit in order that I may
	achieve the following goals: {Note: the goals are the
	most important part of the pact and should be well
	thought out. The goals can be highly personal as
	no one need ever see this document.}

	In return for the above benefits I will deliver to the
	spirits the following offerings and services: (Note:
	list all the offerings previously determined by
	divination or intuition. Be very specific and do not
	promise something that you do not intend to give.)

	I charge the spirit that by agreeing to this document
	he binds himself and makes himself subject to
	punishment if he should disregard his part of this
	agreement or bring harm to me or mine. {Note: the pact
	can [be; sic] dissolved upon completion of the
	agreement or if the operator is honestly dissatisfied
	with the demon.}

	{Signed in your own blood.}

	{On the side opposite your signature, draw the sigil
	 or picture of the demon.}

	{Note: sterile lancets are easily available in most
	 drug stores.}
	"Pacts With the Devil: a Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy, 
	 & Liberation", by S. Jason Black and Christopher S. 
	 Hyatt, New Falcon, 1993; p 247, Appendix III; authors'
	 notes {in curly brackets}, 333 notes [in square].

interestingly, my own pact had a left-over cosmic diagram on
its reverse, integrating Beast/Babalon-Hadit/Nuit symbolism,
along with some other oracular expressions received in trance.
I considered it worthy of pact-making (being semi-random) and
didn't think of it *as* the demon (Satan) at that time.
> and in it was a ritual to summon Lucifer. 

apparently chapter 13:

	The Ritual Of Lucifuge: Being The Art Of Demonic
	Pacts, Based In Part Upon The Grand Grimoire,
	Including The Sexual Sacrifice. 

page 143.

> So I did the chant but he did not come up. (I did not do the chant) 

it's a ritual. it isn't just a "chant", whatever you may
mean by this, but a complete ceremonial, with preparatory
cleansing, suggestions on timing, specifications on augury
for suitable compensation for alliance, proper magical
tools for the construction of the pact, a Banishing Ritual
of the Pentagram, several possible conjurations, and a
discharge (followed by another LBRP and feast).
> Also I had a thought about summoning Angels. So I baught 
> 'summoning sprits' by Konstantinos. but it was long 
> complicated and I can't meditate. 

I know little of Konstantinos or his books and don't think 
I've looked at this one closely before, though I've heard
of the author once or twice.

> I need to just force myself and try and do the ritual 

I would not presume to tell you what you need to do, but
the source to which you were referring included a complete
ritual and recommended all its component parts in order to
have the capacity to achieve success. if you omit what they
suggest as foundation for their pact-making and then don't
get the results you're looking for, it's anyone's guess why
the results weren't satisfactory. not having done this rite,
I can't guarantee its efficacy (and not considering any
being named 'Lucifer' a demon, I am not likely to ;>), but
its components are conventional for Thelemic mages (or at
least those of Golden Dawn standards, complete with LBuRP).

> [if] I don't have the [motivation] to try and do a ritual 
> what can I do [?]  is there a way of summoning Satan or 
> angels simply [by] a chant[?]

my impression is that in part it depends upon the method
and in part the willpower of the magician. when I called
forth 'the biggest demon that would come' I had very 
little result first, and it wasn't within any sort of
formal ceremony (though I was within my sealed ritual
chamber at the time). 

subsequently Kali contacted me and I began to understand
Her relation to Satan and demons generally (the wild).

therefore, I recommend to you that you consider more
carefully what you actually believe exists, why you are
attempting to gain its assistance, and whether you think
you have the ability to hold your own should you be
courageous) foolhardy enough to summon something 
which may be antagonistic to your will and whole.

such a vocal invocation *is* possible, by my understanding,
to the magician sufficiently trained in the methods and
desirous of the interaction. whether any particular agent
is likely to respond to you, form an alliance which is 
actually helpful to you overall, or depart when you've had
enough are considerations all interested in the practice
ought to consider carefully before embarking on such a course.

blessed beast!

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