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Summoning Spirits

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Subject: Summoning Spirits (was evoking spirits)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:49:37 GMT

50000327 IVom Hail Satan!

>> Can anyone help me by telling me how to evoke spirits and demons?

sri catyananda::
>Free spells for summoning demons at
>Free list of demons to summon at
>Free empowerment spells and rituals performed at a crossroads at

decent demonological references at Lucky Mojo, but this one, which
has recently become part of the alt.magick FAQ REFs may prove to be
much more useful, as it contains helpful tips as well as a list of
demons, some of their descriptions, and their reputed powers:

another file you might find valuable is:

which has some explanatory discussion about the invoking of beelzeboul.

hmm, I'm inspired to write an essay of the moment....

Summoning Spirits


in general, demons are merely spirits which are perceived as having
an antagonistic relationship with the magician. reputations of
particular demons are sometimes skewed by the religious whose
interests may be vested in portraying any particular spirit as of
malevolent or obstreporous in character.

evocation is typically defined as calling on a spirit to enter
into a magical containment area, often with the intention of
having them manifest some kind of physical form or apparition.
usually there are specific magical diagrams drawn on the ground
or, in some cases, even in the air, which are supposed to have
specific magical effects on the area surrounding the magician,
the sigils, or a target of this effect. sometimes magical tools
or "weapons" will be constructed, stolen, purchased, or procured
through a traditional or symbolic means and used within the
ceremony of evocation. sometimes these weapons or tools will be
given magical names, develop personalities, or generally assist
the magician in the ceremonial event.

again, some great extent of the particulars here depends upon
one's relation to the spirit being called. if one is an enemy
of the spirit, then guardian spirits, gods, and allies of other
sorts are sometimes enlisted (e.g. through enscription of
their names and/or sigils surrounding one). if the spirit is
friendly to the mage, then some kind of reception may be
arranged, perhaps with eventual INvocation should preliminary
acquaintance lead to a pact or agreement of coincident motives.


there are many prescriptions for the development of magical
ability and the construction or obtaining of magical tools
for the summoning of spirits. there are even entire systems
of magic dedicated to such exploits (e.g. Enochian, Goetic, 

often the initial disciplines recommended for ceremonial mages
are MYSTICAL in character. meditation, visualization, chanting,
studies of classic works from the tradition of one's choosing,
strengthening of will-power and communications abilities, and
the development of some tentative presumptions on the nature of
the cosmos and how one ought best interact with its participants
are examples of such disciplines.

at some point rudimentary magical activities are also studied,
and experiments with divinatory devices such as astrology,
tarot, mirror-gazing, crystal-skrying, runes, i ching,
geomancy, or a general familiarity with signs and symbols is
valuable to undertake. not only does this strengthen one's
connection with *activity* in nonphysical realms, it also
assists the development of scrutiny, careful observation,
insight, the symbolic patterns and conceptual commonalities
of the occult history of your heritage or tradition if any, 
and a personal system of symbolic significance (however 
complex) through which the denizens of the spiritual world 
(gods, spirits, demons, djinn, elementals, etc.) may approach 
you (either through the influence on the physical world or in 
a direct communication of imagery to the mind of the mage).

the thorough magician will develop and empower or discover
the power of hir magical tools. these may be ritual wands, 
amulets, necklaces, spheres, statues, books, boxes, or almost
any other kind of device which is able to be put to use
in symbolic or physical action. some traditions of magic
provide names to these magical 'weapons' (they are called
weapons amongst the most insecure ceremonialists who tend
to think of everything in terms of armed struggle -- it
fits with the modern video-arcade mentality, it seems),
and some magicians engage interactions with the ritual
tools themselves as a part of the ritual.

discovery of one's tutelary divinity or divinities (in
some tradition called the Holy Guardian Angel) may also
be a valuable precursor to any kind of serious or
dangerous magical activity. the fostering of any kind
of magical allies, servitors, imps, or totemic mascots
of the World Between may be of extreme value later on.


eventually you or your sources of authority may deem it
advisable to contact spirits whose unfamiliarity will
inspire you to choose evocation as a method of summoning
rather than the invocation (this latter is usually 
reserved for those intimate spirits or divinities with 
whose energy you are quite comfortable and welcoming). at 
this point it would probably be best to start with a spirit
somewhat neutral unless you are a participant in the Satanist
tradition of conjuring up the biggest, most powerful and dark
spirit imaginable and seeing what happens (I can recommend
this as a phenomenal experience, but I'm a thrill-seeker).

if you are prone to feeling a need of defense in the presence
of spirits, then your appearance and mode of behaviour, how
you have prepared your consciousness, the time and place of
your contact, the manner in which you summon them, and of
course the way in which you address them once they HAVE
arrived will necessarily vary. the most insecure will be
decked out in their most precious robes, covered in symbols
of protection (such as the names and identifying sigils,
colours, numbers, etc., of their tutelary spirits and gods).

the ritual area may also be so carefully prepared, either
as a battle-ground in which one prepares for a hostile
adversary (like in traditional Solomonic Goetic evocations),
or as a sumptuous reception area for a visiting dignitary
from another dimension of the spiritual world.

traditionally, knowledge about that being one is intending
to summon is thought to provide a buffer of defense against
any antagonism they may bring to bear. especially their
name and/or weaknesses (if any) will be of significant
use within a magical confrontation. knowing the name of an
adversary as a form of defensive potency is popular in many
magical traditions. it is presumed to afford a certain 
amount of influence upon the being whose name is known,
sometimes so much so that the proper vocal vibration of
a name can instil caution or fear in open adversaries.

having some sort of plan in mind for the ritual is always
of benefit, and a good number of magical instructors may
recommend from the beginning constructing some sort of a
diary or journal for the purposes of reflection and the
recording of the detailed results for future reference
and posterity. these "magical records" or "books of shadows"
have a rather more exalted status within the ceremonial
community (by virtue of their association with scientific
logs) than is probably deserved.

some find it valuable to include more than just themselves
and the summoned spirit in the ritual enterprise. whether
functioning as a scryer into the spiritual world (especially
if the magician themself is not prone to such skill) or
as a ritual associate and assistant in case of problems,
sometimes a great number of others are present during the
summoning of particularly honoured or feared spirits.

Further Information

there are traditional sources of information concerning
demonology and spirit summoning, though many of these
have been created from a standpoint of the most
conservative and fearful magician. interpreted by the
experienced mage, almost any grimoire can be turned
toward the use of those with incentive. as an example,
I would offer my own variations on goetic summonings
constructed from the orientation of a Satanist (that is,
in alliance with these supposed "demons" described
within a book called "The Lesser Key of Solomon"). this
may be found in the following files:

as well as a compilation of herbal lore relevant to
Black Arts spells, which includes the summoning of
spirits, as well as meetings with the Devil, and
other peculiar or infernal alliances:

general information, of variable quality of course, 
may be found through the following URLs and forums:


as human beings change their relationship with the
spirit world the ritual technology will of necessity
change accordingly. the nature and organization (if
any, I have reason to suspect that the rigidification
of the infernal armies is quite overstated) of the
the spirit world will more than likely also be
explored and described in greater detail and from a
host of different perspectives. those who explore the
spirit world and wish to report back publically to this
forum, sharing their brief summary of the technique 
and results, will be welcomed.

blessed beast!

Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia (
-- ; ; 
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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