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Stupid Magic vs. Social Phantasms

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Stupid Magic vs. Social Phantasms 
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 20:10:52 GMT

50021026 VII om

from private email:
> ...learning white and black magic, mostly black though. 

the ways of power have their prices. these are not always
either social or penalties per se.

> ...i was on your website... and i went to the black magic 
> section and clicked on the hurtful spells. It said in order 
> to use a death or hurt spell you must be willing to die or 
> be hurt. 

these are spells. not all magic deals with spells. what any
web page might have said (there are hundreds of web pages at 
Lucky Mojo, many of the spell pages edited by sri catyananda,
a variety of prerequisites described by contributors/editors).

it is not my opinion that using antagonistic magic requires
being willing to die or be hurt. this is a fallacy and there
are no arguments of which I am aware, outside questionable
religious traditions, in which this perforce must be true.

> ...i have heard from my uncle and grandma and a few other 
> people i know, that if you use a spell to hurt someone or 
> to kill someone, some day that spell will come back to you. 
> Is this true? 

this is a FAQ! I'll address it as such and include it in 
the next revision of nagasiva's alt.magick FAQ at

	Q: Does bad magic rebound and hurt the caster?

	while fumbled magical spells, constructed or composed
	in a manner conducive to misdirecting magical energies
	and accidentally putting oneself in harm's way are
	certainly possible, the moral cosmic principle which
	is presupposed by the typical religious and parental
	authority describing retributive results from aggression
	is without basis in any metaphysical sense of which I
	am aware.

	the student of non-dualism and the mysteries of the 
	East will quickly recognize that the polar character of 
	positive and negative action bequeaths no particular
	authority to those obsessed with either pole. in fact,
	negativity is quite important to discipline and 
	preparations for ritual ('got to break some eggs to make
	an omelette', etc.). 

	the heavy emphasis on banishing in the ceremonial magic 
	community (a distinctly negative magical rite) and on 
	asceticism amongst mystics point to the benefits of
	the negative spiritual pole. stupidity aside, the natural
	rhythms and currents include destruction as well as
	construction, and the skilled adept will master each.
> If i use a spell to hurt someone, will it someday come back 
> and hurt me? What about a death spell?....

my impression is that the singular death spell will not become
autonomous in some peculiar fashion and return to haunt you.
I know of no observable cosmic principles which condition the
mage toward either supportive or destructive aims. all those
influences I have heretofore seen are social and conceptual,
designed to fence in the power of the potential renegade or
solitary with their own phantasms and what passes for ethics.

these phantasms are created by those desperate to control the
activities of others, sometimes out of quite compassionate
response to horrible tragedies and results they ascribe to 
a magical spell or ritual without empirical reliability. 

these ideological restraints are are essentially social 
enslavement mechanisms (using the old Bogey or Titan-god), 
and can be found at the heart of many occult secret societies 
(beware of hamstringing oaths required by these social groups 
-- know what you are signing up for, as the value of 
organizations in the attainment of power is over-rated and 
their requirements are typically far worse for the career of 
the mage than any results obtained as a solitary working spells 
in experiment and practical effect or the concentration upon
the mysteries directly without intercessors on our behalf).

foolishly wasting one's energies on obsessing negativity 
will lead the mage into a quagmire of personal confusion 
and a lonely tower of occult hubris. being equipped to 
prune does not mean the garden can endure endless pruning.
it merely indicates a juvenile relation to the art and an
imbalance when it comes to destruction.


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