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Whitch Bottle Spell

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.religion.wicca,alt.traditional.witchcraft,alt.witchcraft
From: (lorax666 III') 
Subject: Whitch Bottle Spell (Recommended for Universal Medicine)
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 03:01:54 GMT

50030301 vii is this ravening? 

>> does one find a bottle of something they need 
>> on the ground when there is no shop around to find one.   

constrain a djinn and have it place the bottle in your path. 
use the djinn's name and forbid it from doing anything but 
your will as you have directed. face it down with the Qur'an.

hmm, maybe you wanted a spell.

spells for liquid-summoning? perhaps it could have
something to do with focussed Evil Eye protection, 
manifesting the liquid according the need of the witch. 
it could even include the use of a wand (as a dowsing rod?).

spells for finding item you particularly need? 

if a thief stole it, there are some wild spells to get the
stolen goods returned. you might turn this toward your spell
interest, by going, for example, to Albertus Magnus and to
John Hohman (apparently well-loved by witches) in order to
obtain this peculiar spell (my confounding of them):

	Go to a nursery and purchase a baby tree.

		Some people say Juniper, or maybe if 
		you're a Pagan and have something 
		against the Kristos, you could try a 
		fig. I think it oughta be one that is 
		near and dear to YOU. One you love.

	Tie a rope around the top of the tree and plant
	the tree somewhere it can get lots of sun and water.

	As you plant the tree in the ground, pull it
	over to a 90 degree position, placing a large
	stone on the rope, securing it with the stone. 

	Say the following:


		In the devil's name, place before me the
		bottle of [name of liquid] as I desire it, 
		and let none come between us till I find it.
		Failing to find it along my path,
		I will consign this pitiable arboreal
		to everlasting torment, growing at a most
		horrible and terrible angle, and sealed 
		as it is with this Stone of Truth and 
		this Malefactor's Skull.

	Having secured the tree *as described*, the witch
	thereafter departs the scene to hir destination.

try it bunches of times if you like. remember I made it.
I recommend you bargain for a bottle of Universal Medicine.
especially potent if the bottle was stolen from you.

>> Just wondering seeing as how you are all witches.  
>> cause if you are you would know these answers.

wow, so this is like a test for witches, and everybody
who fails isn't one? that's a pretty powerful test.
some might call it doctrine, or dogma, or something.

so do I pass? am I a witch now?

> Well, this one is easy. if it is something I truly need, 
> it will materialize. Happens all the time. 

if you do nothing to make it so, it is not magic. 
lots of folx like to call what you're describing synchronicity.

I don't know the answer to your other questions, other than 
ordinary perceptual manipulations, as were previously described 
by others. blessed be!

lorax666 of the Evul Wikkunz, Majestic Priest of Kaos Kuvin III'
 ps if you don't find the bottle of liquid on your way,
    consider it a failed spell, then release the tree and
    return your Malefactor Skull to your Witch Box/Chest/etc.

    in this way forests will be regrown and the skulls of
    Malefactors will become treasured as magical objects.



			  fluff bunny, fluff bunny, Paw Paw Paw!


"Well I drove down to Big D.C.
 And I walked into Room 1003
 And there they were
 The Big Boys.
 And they were talking
 Big B
 Little O
 Little M
 Silent B
 They were saying:
 Let's teach those robots how to play hardball.

 What's that big noise from the sky?
 Sounds like thunder
 Sounds like the Fourth of July --
 Nope...Wrong again.
 You know? It's just those angels walking
 They're clomping around again
 Wearing those big clumsy shoes
 We got for them.
 Well deep
 In the heart
 Of darkest America
 Home of the Brave
 Well HA
 You've already paid
 For this
 Listen to my heart
"Sharkey's Night",
 on Home Of The Brave", 1982
  by Laurie Anderson
  @Difficult Music BMI
 (c) 1986 Warner Brothers Records

	Drugaya muzyka -- Laurie ANDERSON - lyrics                     

 did we already pay for this? :>
 were the angels, WB, or those shoes responsible?

 I'll bet it had something to do with copyrights.

 (c) 2003 0301 vii nagasiva yronwode. 
 all rights reserved. it's all mine, baybee. ;>

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