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Summoning Djinns

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From: haramullah 
Subject: Summoning Djinns (was spell of summon genie)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 07:22:11 GMT

50020321 VI! happy equinox

assalam alaykum, my kin!

"tomhu" :
>> do you know the spell or incantation of summon genie ?

outside of games, spells aren't usually spoken of in this
way ('the spell of "Summon Djinn"', rather than 'a spell to
summon a djinn'), but I think I know what you mean. 

I would approach the activity as any other summoning,
ritual of encounter, and communication with intelligence,
probably find out what they like to do or experience,
talk about, test out mechanism a couple of times, and
then attempt ritual contact. getting their names might
be helpful, if you want to summon them proper. I'll bet
there are long lists of djinn names in Arab/Muslim lore. 

preparing the area for a visiting guest is always valuable.
as is announcing to the intended communicant that one is
intending to arrange an exchange at a pre-arranged time 
(in this way the djinn won't be inconvenienced). if I had
some kind of conflict with them of course I would take what
precautions were necessary.


> What is a "Genie"?

I'll guess.

	the djinn are a race of beings, a singular of which
	is often called a djinni. this was transliterated
	into English at times as "genie", perhaps in sympathy
	to the familiar or augoeidic spirit, the genius, that
	might be summoned and consulted, some mystics convinced
	that particularly important and personal and possibly
	related entities like 'Holy Guardian Angels' might even
	be fused with the magician, or mysteriously intermingled.

	there are legends of magicians like Solomon capturing
	these predominantly Middle-Eastern entities in a famous
	Brass Vessel, and many of these stories are interpreted
	metaphorically and associated with psychospiritual
	practices whether modern or revivals it is sometimes
	arguable by reasonable people.

	there is supposed to be a social order to djinn. at
	times the djinn are said to have aristocrats and even
	priests and mullahs. tales of djinn enliven such
	classics as "A Thousand and One Nights", with Al 'Adin
	and the djinns of the Ring and the Lamp (they're all
	*over* the place!). they are reputed to have fabulous
	powers, sometimes able to grant (at times only a quite
	specific number of) wishes, and are often 'the slave'
	of the object in which they are magically trapped.
	there are several stories of djinns being set free,
	of double-crossing their 'masters', and achieving
	incredible feats of engineering and teleportation.

	particular djinns are supposedly quite theurgically
	well-placed and powerful. at times the djinns are
	given as the category of rival gods to the One or
	to Allah (a kind of comparable parallel to Christians
	who consider all other gods 'demons', I suppose).

	amongst Muslims, the djinns are sometimes given an 
	important part in the creation, at others they are
	merely witnesses to the drama of Allah and human,
	far greater in scope and importance than any djinn
	or djinn society.

peace be with you, 


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