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Catherine Yronwode

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Catherine Yronwode
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 18:10:00 GMT

extreme wrote:
> ">
> > Can I buy all the items needed for a spell listed on your site?
> >  Do they come in kits?
> >
> I suddenly found the link to this :-)

As you found out, we do sell spell kits. 

To answer your other questions:

> do you offer a spell service, by that I mean do you 
> (or others) cast them on your behalf?

We do not do this, because we spend all our time growing and
harvesting herbs and making up the oils, incenses, and other
magical goods we sell to people who use them in spell
casting. We do set lights for people and that service is
free. Just send your photo with your name written on the
back and your request, and we will place it on one of our
altars and burn candles for you. We have been doing this for
years, with no charge at all. 

> Can I buy all the items needed for a spell listed on 
> your site? Do they come in kits?

 Yes and yes. See

> You say you offer telephone (email support?) with a 
> confidential case worker - where is this on your website? 
> I can't locate it.

We don't advertise that service -- folks in the magic
community just kinda know about us and how we operate.
Everyone who telephones to place an order is told to "just
call us if you need any help with the instructions or need
to be talked through any part of the work." We send free
flyers with spells on them to our customers. Our herbs are
packed with spells and instructions right on the package. We
do not answer questions by email, but i teach a
correspondence course in rootwork that is distributed via

> Casting spells of my own scares me to the bone - payback, 
> backlash, etc.

Then either you should NOT be doing the work, or you should
become familiar with it in easy stages until you are
comfortable with it. 

The worst thing folks do is wait until they face a life
crisis and THEN decide that they must attempt spell casting

To avoid this, start with simple "household helper" spells
and build up your knowledge and your skills, so that if you
ever face a big challenge, you can act with surety and

Let me make an analogy:

Surfing is fun, but it can be dangerous. In order to learn
to surf, it is important that you learn how to swim. If your
folks had a backyard kiddie pool, maybe you had a taste for
water and they signed you up for lessons at the local
municipal pool. After mastering basic swimming skills, then
you start surfing by attempting to paddle the board in
shallow water. Pretty soon you make your first short ride
with gentle surf on a clean beach on a warm day. Only after
a some successful practice are you able to handle extreme
waves. By that time you may be ready for extreme
temperatures and the towering waves that accompany winter
storms, and if so, you will invest in a wet suit. 

The man surfing the extreme crashing waves in a wet suit is
the same person as the little boy paddling around in the
backyard kiddie pool. He set his mind on a goal and he
followed his path to reach that goal. 

It's the same with practical magic. Start by learning how to
formulate your request (a petition or prayer) and how to
spiritually clean your house and spiritually cleanse
yourself. After you are comfortable with these practices,
then try something a little more influential -- a love spell
or a money spell. In time, you may find that you have a true
gift for the work and will use it for many purposes. 

As you study and practice, keep in mind that being a
successful spell-caster does not mean that you will succeed
every time. Every surfer gets dumped by a wave now and then. 

Also keep in mind that you are in charge of your own magical
practice. You do not need to ever cast a spell about which
you have doubts or fears. Pick and choose your spells the
way a surfer picks and chooses which waves to ride and
always keep your mind on your goal. 

Good luck.
cat yronwode 

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