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Spell Kits

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Spell Kits
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 15:29:12 -0700 wrote:
> I have a question.  Anyone out there ever try to use Spell Kits and 
> got the results they needed?   

Yes, i have... and also, i have not. I have bought and collected spell
kits for many years. Most are pretty good as far as the spells go, but
some are not very good when it comes to economic value --= you could buy
the ingredients more cheaply one and a time. Still, the convenience of
having everything in one place before you start is pretty important,
especially if you live far away from a source for occult spiritual

> Anyone have a preference in where to get spell kits?
> I saw this site called WWW.SPELLMAKER.COM that has spell kits.
> But now I got here and there is WWW.LUCKYMOJO.COM spell kits.
> Which one is better?  I need an opinion that is not biased at all
> please.
Well, obviously i do think well of my own products, those sold by the
Lucky Mojo Curio Co., but let me try to address this question as
impartially as i can. 

First, you do not need a spell kit to perform a spell. However, you will
sometimes save money on ingredients if you buy that way, and you may get
a free spell instruction that you could not find in one of your books or
on the net. 

For instance, When i bundle ingredients together in a spell kit, i
discount the total price $2.00 and supply a complete set of instructions
for free. For this reason a kit may be a good way to go if you are new
to spell-casting or if you want to save a few dollars. 

As for effectiveness, i think that if the spell itself is within your
favoured traditon you will do better with it thatn if it is entirely
foreign to what you are used to. (By "tradition," i mean such forms of
magical workings as hoodoo, Wicca, Feri, stregheria, brujeria, etc.)

To give an example of how this can affect the outcome of your
spell-work, i can speak from my own experience. I personally have had
almost no luck performing New Age crystals-and-light-visualization type
spells, but that's because i am a rootworker and prefer to work with
botanical, mineral, and animal objects, and with bodily fluids and
"concerns" such as hair or nail parings. Others tell me that they get
their best results when they do NOT use traditional folk-magic charms
(especially those made with animal parts or human bodily fluids) because
they have been trained in light-work.  

So, first, you need to know what STYLE of spell kit you are buying.
(mine are hoodoo). Then look at the ingedients -- they will give you
some idea of the kind of work that is going to be performed and the
value of what you are paying for. If a kit contains bath crystals --
you'll bathe beforehand. If it contains floor wash, the spell may
conclude with a ritual cleansing. If it contains candles and incense,
well, then it is a candle spell. 

You were specifically asking about a love spell, so here is an example
of how to judge what's in a kit:

At, there is a listing for the Make You Love Me  spell
kit from

   Samantha's Original MAKE YOU LOVE ME love spell kit: 
   Get love! (Item# SK1)

That's all you are told about it, and the price is $24.95. There is no
list of ingredients, so you essentially have to trust this person to
give you 25 bucks' worth of ingredients and a well-written spell. You
also have to trust them to delover a spell in the "cajun Voodoo"
tradition they claim to practice -- i say "trust" them, because without
a list of ingredients, you don't know whether this is an authentic
Lousiana-style folk-magic spell or one that they made up with some New
Age stylings and polished rocks.  

By contrast, here is the listing for the Love Me spell kit from my
online catalogue at


Our most popular spell kit to arouse love and passion in someone of the
opposite sex. 
      1 Red "Bride and Groom" candle ($3.50 value) 
      Love Me Bath Crystals ($2.00 value) 
      Love Me Incense ($2.00 value) 
      Love Me Oil ($4.00 value) 
      Love Me Sachet Powder ($2.00 value) 
      John the Conqueror Root Curio ($3.50 value) 
      Matched pair of small Lodestones ($3.50 value) 
      Packet of Magnetic Sand ($2.00 value) 
      Packet of Mixed Love Flowers and Herbs ($2.00 value) 
      Queen Elizabeth Root Curio ($2.00 value) 
      Red Flannel Bag with metal Heart charm ($1.50 value) 
      Complete instructions for use 
$28.00 value for only $26.00 
Read about and view Love Me Spiritual Supplies at 


>From this list of ingredients, you can pretty tell what kind of work the
spell will involve and also what tradition it comes from. You will bathe
in the bath crystals, then perform both a candle spell (with the
bride-and-groom candle and the incense) and a lodestone love-drawing
ritual (with the lodestones and magnetic sand and sachet powders), and
as these acts are being performed, you will also have the ingredients
ready to "charge" and prepare your own love-drawing mojo bag filled with
two famous love-drawing roots, plus herbs. All of these forms of working
-- especially the use of lodestones, roots, and a mojo bag -- are in the
African-American hoodoo tradition, so what you are getting is a
hoodoo-style spell. 

Now, in addition to the specific instructions included in each spell kit
package, i also provide background material on the traditions
surrounding the activities undertaken during the working of a spell or
"job." This is kept online in a portion of my web site called the Lucky
W Ameulet Archive, and it is accessible to everyone, whether they buy
from me or not. 

If you are unfamilar with love-drawing spells, candle-magic, lodestone
love-drawing rites, spiritual bathing, use of incense, use of sachet
powders, how mojo hands are made, rootwork, and so forth, you can read
more about these matters -- BEFORE YOU BUY A KIT -- at my free,
non-commercial, illustrated Lucky W Amulet Archive web pages. Out of the
hundreds of such pages i have written and placed online, here are a few
that relate to the specific Love Me spell kit above: 

love-drawing spells:
baths and floor washes:
candle magic:
sachet powders:
magnetic sand:
mojo hands: 
John the Conqueror root: 

Also, since this matter involves love, and therefore sexuality, you
might also want to peruse another free site i have written, the
non-commercial, illustrated Sacred Sex web site.

Karezza and Sacred Sex

My goal is not simply to sell people spell kits, it is to educate them
about spell-craft in the folk-magic tradition, with particular reference
to African-American hoodoo rootwork and the indigenous love-magic of
cultures in Asia, Central America, and South America. 

Good luck to you in your study of magic -- and in your love-spell quest!

cat yronwode 

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