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Spell For Spirit Assault

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From: (Lorax)
Subject: Spell For Spirit Assault (Was Re: Call for Help)
Date: 16 Jan 1996 09:54:24 -0800

49960116 newsgroup line adjusted for rationality/efficiency (Lord Asp) writes:

|A friend of mine is under assault by a spirit entity of unknown origin.
|It has been doing so for some time now and is now striking at him with
|physical ailments. i.e. pain. We need assistance in stopping it and/or
|determinig what it is....

Without greater context I imagine most will have difficulty coming to
serious recommendations on how to address.  You mention 'the craft'
in your posting and that you are serious etc., etc., so I'll presume
you to be of Wiccan or witchy ways, perhaps (since you included a few
Xtian-atheist newsgroups in your header) twinged with seasonings of
conventional religious tendencies.

Here is my recommendation:

Construct a room or area using the magical methods you prefer.  To
some Wiccans this would be a 'circle' or sphere of 'sacred space'.
Seal it with your favorite liturgy and tools.  If you do this outside
make sure you are near to a source of water (stream, lake, creek, well).  

Invoke into the designated 'healer' the powers and energies of some
god of healing like Asclepius or Medicine Woman or something.  Then
have a channel divine Thoth or some other wisdom-source and attempt,
while the healer infuses the victim (reducing the pain and interference), 
to determine the spirit's name and function.  Place the victim in a 
light trance to accomplish this and see if it will speak through hir.  
If not, trace the pain to its source a la some Mercedes Lackey book, 
following the 'feel' of the energy in an intuitive revelation.

If you can get at the name of the spirit, integrate this into a
protective talisman prepared as much in advance as possible and,
while in the same circle, invoke any tutelary gods or guardians
and their protective energies into said talisman.

Have the victim wear it for 6 moons or more and when she feels that
she is strong enough to resist the spirit (through absorption of
the talismanic energy), it has ceased its attacks, or the talisman
breaks or is lost, then bury the remains in a cemetery late at night
(preferrably on a dark moon and away from grave markers).  If it was
lost completely then bury a sigilized paper with the spirit's name
upon it instead.

If you do *any* of this, please post your results and review of the
working(s).  They will be of value to other students and will place
a much-needed emphasis on praxis within these forums.

Thank you for your time,

Lorax of the Evul Wikkunz
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