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Spell For Reading Another's Thoughts

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From: blackman99 
Subject: Spell For Reading Another's Thoughts
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:58:51 GMT

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# Is there a ritual or spell that is [helpful for] reading 
# [another's] thoughts?

usually this is the focus of psychics. fictional spells,
or those used in role-playing often include this, so as
with fireballs, it might be analyzed, possibly duplicated
if such things are possible (self-convincing siddhis).

rituals: the closest thing I can come up with for humans
	 that would qualify is the seance, which reads 
	 *dead* people's thoughts and feelings, ghosts,
	 ostensibly, possibly with possession.

of course if you're talking about the thoughts and feelings
of all MANNER of beings, then there are some which are 
supposed to yield experiences of the thoughts and 
feelings of spirits, gods, demons, elementals, etc.

spells: there are spells for discerning emotions like love. 
	one of the oldest I know is using a flower picking 
	petals and saying 'She loves me, she loves me not, 
	she loves me, ...' until the petals are gone, 

but this one always seemed like bad odds. divination of
any type can do this as well or better, and their results
are more manipulable, subject to interpretation and
therefore to interpreter-bias.

auguries intending the prediction of people's actions or
attempts to *control* the expression of people (and in that
manner be able to predict what their going to say) are 
pretty common. humans, gods, etc.

'mind-reading' is a trick done by stage magicians, usually
with preparation, deceptive assistants, and info-gatherers.

'telepathy' is an undemonstrated psychic power tested by
people like Rhine and parapsychologists for years, often
with special cards. they may have claimed some success
rate, but I'm aware of nobody who can read minds without
some form of deception.

# I'm not asking anyone to give it out. I just simply 
# would like to know if its in existance. And please 
# don't be posting answers in relation to reading body 
# language and/or facial expressions to figure out what
# that person is thinking. 
# Those type of answers are irrelevant.

observation of the physical body would be the first level
of interested prediction. knowing their genetic background
and their sociocultural position would be another. coming
to understand their long-term motivations and psychology
would all qualify for ordinary or 'mundane' techniques.

in short, it depends on what species of being the individual
is. if human, it thence depends whether they hold a specific 
thought in mind that is being sought (as the decision on an 
important matter which one might use a spell, device, 
or rite to divine).

if you want, additionally, to cease bothering to try to
read someone's mind and instead attempt to *determine*
or compel what they will think, then there are spells
for this, inclusive of overall conditioning spells for
'intriquility', 'peacefulness' and 'compelling 
fulfilment of obligations'.


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