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Reverse Mirror Spell???

To: alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.magick,alt.lucky.w,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Reverse Mirror Spell???
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 17:14:13 GMT

Giant 500 Foot Quaker wrote:
> I am exploring writing a "Reverse mirror spell for a bottle, or jar
> that I have in my possession."
> In other words, this spell is based upon the idea of the old Witches
> Bottles, where you gather some of your personal contact items, and
> place these in the bottle, along with broken glass, nails, and
> razor blades.
> In this case, I would gather contact items from the enemy, or
> troublemaker, and place these in the bottle, and again fill the
> bottle with sharp objects, and then create a mirror around the
> bottle.
> Question: Who has some good ideas for creating a mirrored bottle?
> I have considered painting the bottle silver, or drawing a counter
> clockwise circle over the bottle, while saying the spell.
> Comments, and ideas invited.

You propose an interesting combination of traditions:

1) The Witch Bottle to Trap Witches

The witch bottle or Witch Ball is a European (especially British)
apotropaic charm used to trap the minds or intentions witches among the
"pretties" in the bottle so that they cannot do any evil. Simple ones
are made in in the form of bottles filled with shiny and sparkly items,
but some glass-blowers make fancy ornament-like witch balls for sale at
fairs. As a peventive of witchcraft, the witch bottle or ball is similar
in intent to protective charms that involve placing a broom, spilled
mustard seeds, or a seive at the bedroom door to guard against being
hag-ridden at night. All of these charms involve making a witch count --
the broom straws, spilled mustard seeds, or the intersticies in the
seive -- and are based on the same principle.   

The witch bottle  or ball is usually hung in plain sight -- in a window
to protect a house from a witch or in a fruit tree to protect the fruit
from thievery by witches. 

2) The Bottle Spell to Harm an Enemy

The bottle spell is an African-American charm to harm an enemy or
enemies. It contains a combination of their personal bodily concerns
(hair, urine, menstrual blood, foot print dirt, etc.) with sharp objects
(coffin nails, pins, needles) to cause them pain. If a couple's break-up
is intended, the hair of a black dog and the hair of a black cat is also
included so they will "fight like cats and dogs."  

The bottle spell is usually buried in the pathway or under the door step
of the enemy where it will be walked over and thus activated. 

3) The Reversing Mirror Spell Against Witchcraft

The reversing mirror spell is a mirror-lined box that contains a
doll-baby or image of the witch and causes her curses to be reflected
back to her. It appears in both European-American and African-American
folk-magic. In the African-American tradition, the death of the witch is
often sought, as well as an end to her bad work. To accomplish this, the
reversing mirror box is commonly made up in the form of a miniature
coffin and buried in a graveyard. Another variant involves making it up
in a small pasteboard jewelry box, sealing it thoroughly with wax, then
poking a tiny hole into the box and throwing it into running water, such
as an estuary or river, where it will gradually sink, causing lingering
illness and death to the witch.  

cat yronwode 

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