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Repercussions of Providing Spells

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From: olavknBRØGLEBRØGLEBRØ (Nygaard)
Subject: Re: Repercussions of Providing Spells (was Spell Kits)
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 06:29:12 GMT

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 22:43:15 GMT, nagasiva 

>please take ethics considerations to alt.magick.ethics. this is
>intended to be a fork from a discussion on technical and
>ontological repercussions of providing spells to others. thanks.
>50010731 VI! om Hail Satan!
> (Nygaard):
>>A problem about using spell kits is that the one using it might not
>>know exactly what he or she is doing. 
>indeed! what might be the repercussion of someone who does not know
>what they are doing (i.e. they are new to the Art) using a spell?

I doubt there's someone/something sitting around waiting for the
inept, ignorant or overconfident to make a mistake, and then punish
them. I would be in serious trouble if this was the case...

>>...this might not be quite safe?
>what evidence do you have that it is anything but a failure to
>produce what they desire?

The main danger I can see is getting the wrong result - or getting
what you _really_ want. Or getting exactly the opposite. Or getting
what some invoked entity decides you really need. And so on. Think
about the old story of the ifrit who grants wishes, but always seems
to misinterpret a little bit.

Having spent the spring and summer studying the local folk magic, and
trying things out, I can provide examples of several interesting

The most unpleasant being an attempt at hugvandring (transl.
mind-wandering?) resulting in a vague memory of running around the
house screaming hysterically accompanied by an impression of falling
into, or being chased by something indescribable, and being unable to
sleep for the three following nights. I still have no idea what went

>>Example: The demon binding spell from another post at this group is
>>uneasily close to an old time Asatro ancestor ritual. What if you,
>>using this spell doesn't get some demon to kick about, but the spirit
>>of someone's great grandmother? An aspect of a native american totem?
>>A landvette? We are talking serious bad luck here.
>so it sounds like it might achieve a result similar to but not the
>same as intended. any evidence that this has actually occurred? we
>wouldn't want to just run in fear of 'bad things that might happen'.

Mainly, I am asking more experienced practitioners if this is a
possibility. From where I stand, it doesn't seem unlikely.

If I bought this as a spellkit, and went to the local burial mounds -
they qualify as a graveyard, after all - and performed this spell, I
am fairly sure that I would not get a christian type "demon". A very
similar ritual has likely been used before, to keep the ancestors in
their graves. I really do not want to wake up some 1000 year old king
and start kicking him about. One of the main points of the åsatro as a
religion is to keep peace with our ancestors. To insult one of them
like that would not help. I would no longer have peace with my

I could, of course, give it a try and see what happens... :)

To run in fear of "bad things" is just pointless cowardice. The
purpose of examining possible hazards should be to identify ways to
eliminate them, not waving a stern finger and shouting nono.

Magick really isn't very difficult. The hard part is getting it to do
the things you want it to.


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