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release me spell

To: alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: release me spell
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 19:45:00 GMT

Jennifer Pooley wrote:
> For some twelve months or so now I have found myself drawn to someone 
> who I hardly know.  It has gotten to the stage when I can't remove 
> thoughts of them from my head and find them unbelievebly ttractive .  
> It's like their a magnet to me or something but at the same time it 
> feels so unnatural and all happening against my will.  I have been 
> looking through this newsgoup for a while now and have an interest in 
> some of the topics raised and am very intuitive.  I know this person 
> is very knowledgable in witchcraft and am sure that they have done 
> something to me.  Could this be true or ?( I hope so because I'm nuts 
> otherwise) and if so what can I do . It feels so strong.

People cast love spells all the time. Generally speaking, we in the
occult-oriented newsgroups pass along magical iformation to those
seeking love, telling them how to enchant the object of their
affections. Very rarely do we get letters from those such as you, who
are pretty sure that love-spells have been cast that are causing them to
be attracted or drawn to inappropriate or unwanted spell-casters. 

I don't usually read Jo's messages about spell-work or reply to them
directly (we had personal problems between us which have been resolved,
but lingering bad feelings remain) -- but in this case i would like to
comment on something she wrote to you, which you quoted in your reply to
her. She wrote: 

> > If you are aware enough to realize that they may have some power 
> > over you, then they do not. 

This is probably true some of the time, but not always. That is, often,
becoming aware of how you are being used will "wake you up" somehow and
break the tie that binds -- but thought and insight alone cannot always
effect a cure. 

For instance, leaving magic out of it entirely, a person with OCD can
realize full well that his or her thinking is messed up around a certain
person or issue -- and still remain powerless to combat the intriusive
unwanted thoughts. Likewise, magic is traditionally used to keep people
in thrall, to keep them on a slow drift downward, to bring lingering
sorrow -- and in many cases the victims are fully aware of the
condition, just as they would be of a medical condition, but they cannot
"cure" it by thought alone, even as they could not cure a medical
condition by thought alone.  

So although what Jo said is correct some of the time, it may not be
correct for you. Note, too, that Jo is implying here that love-magic
itself is weak and that any person who is aware of its workings need not
be affected by it. This is HER opinion, and is essentially a materialist
one. No prblem with it -- but it is not a universal elief among

Again, Jo wrote: 

> > If you are attracted to them, go for it! Myself... I think you are 
> > simply making excuses to not act on your desire for
> > this person out of a fear of some sort. 

Here it sounds like Jo is trying to read you as a person "fearful of a
relationship" and is urging you to get involved with the person whom you
believe is ensorcelling you. First she denies the power of his
love-magic to perpetuate obsessive thoughts in you and now she declares
that your obsessive thoughts are a form of disguised fear of a
relationship with the man. She thus seems to equate magic with
subjective states on the part of the victim (as many materialists do).  

> > You say over a period of twelve months and you still hardly know 
> > them? What's up with that? If they did a spell it wasn't a very 
> > good one or was a "procrastination" spell of some sort.
Jo has a EXTREMELY good point here. It is not usually in a
spell-caster's best interests to draw your love-interest and then not
complete the deal. 

Because this portion of what you wrote is unusual, it does raise more
questions: i would ask what your love-life has been like previous to
this, whether you are given to intrusive thinking around other issues or
topics, and -- most of all -- what the person whom you suspect of
casting the spell is like. Does he have another lover? Do you believe
that he is interested in you but is an ineffective spell-caster -- or
that he somehow wishes to embarrass and humiliate you by causing you to
long for him in vain? In other words, what might his motives and
effectiveness level be in this, in your opinion? 

All that being said, i can assure you that there are indeed MANY
traditional spells used to take off such a love-bewitching, to reverse
it, or to release the victim. See my web page on Uncrossing for
starters. Links from there will take you to many other spell-pages
dealing with such matters. The URL is 

Good luck! 
cat yronwode 

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