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Queries Answered

To: alt.lucky.w
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Queries Answered
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:41:49 -0800

I am posting these queries to alt.lucky.w with the querent's name
removed and my replies attached. I get a lot of these questions by
e-mail, and i figure that posting the replies will cut down on my e-mail
time because eventually the entire world will come to know this stuff

question re :

> racoon penis -- usage?

For love and sex -- mostly used by men to win the affection of a woman,
promote erection, also for gambling luck. Women sometimes put one under
the bed to make the man more viral or last longer. See the Lucky W
Amulet Archive page:

> rattlesnake rattle -- usage?

Two distinct ideas of usage here -- first the "don't tread on me" idea
of personal bravery and courage, carried by people who want to be strong
and bold in social situations (when they feel they have been too meek);
also, by extension, it thereby increases luck. The second use is based
on the sound the rattle makes, the idea of the serpent as "the devil,"
and the old belief that the fiddle is "devil's music" -- Appalachian
fiddle players put a rattlesnake rattle in their fiddles when entering
contets so as to win (implicitely with "the devil's" help). By
extrension, other musicians use the rattle to make their instruments
(e.g. guitar and mandolin) "sound better". I sell most of my rattlesnake
rattles to bluegrass musicians. For further details see

> Guatemalan incense -- usage/associations -- i am interested in buying 
> but want info before adding it to order

This is incense for San Simon, who is actually the Mayan god Ma'am,
a.k.a. Maximon (pronounced Mah-shi-mon, a conflation of Ma'am and Simon)
The image on the package is of Maximon in his 19th century guise as a
peasant man sitting outdoors in a chair at a crossroads wwith various
emblems of his office. He is an opener of the way who brings wealth, the
seasonal rains, good harvests, sex, fertility, gambling luck, and all
good things. Offerings to him include alcohol, tobacco, and kumquats (or
orange-coloured fruit). As an opener of the way and crossroads spirit
he  is remarkably similar to the Yoruba orisha Eleggua, the Fon loa
Legba, and the Kikongo nkuyu mbumba nzila. See the Lucky W web pages on
Maximon for complete imagery and further details. You can just type in
the word "Maximon" at the Lucky W search engine at  

> materials for STRONG money work-- to make and keep or at least 
> recycle evenly

There are two formulas for this: Money Drawing (to bring it in) and
Money Stay With Me (to keep it and build up a bank account). They are
available as oil, incense, powder, and bath crystals. Also Steady Work
products are popular for those who are on a strong career path,
especially Steady Work Incense, whioch is burned on a regular basis.
Some of the herbal ingredients in these formulas can be bought
speratately -- such as Irish Moss (steady income), Gravel Root (steady
work), Alfalfa (an end to poverty), Allspice berries (money drawing),
Cinnamon chips (money drawing), etc. for use in mojo bags or to burn as
incense. Consult the Lucky Mojo Complete Herb list for more information
on the uses of these herbs. It is at

catherine yronwode

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