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Pomba Gira Court Case Spell.

To: alt.witchcraft
From: (Satchmo723)
Subject: Pomba Gira Court Case Spell.
Date: 24 Feb 1998 19:15:35 GMT

Pomba Gira Cigna High Conqering Spell.

	Go to a T crossroads.  Leave an ace & a seven of diamonds, (2 playing cards)
along with 3 red roses tied together with red & black ribbon, a small bottle of
anisette, (Or papercup, even a dram bottle will suffice if $ is tight.) and
three spoiled eggs.  
	Tell Pomba Gira Cigna what you need and why.  After pleading your case, (You
can do this silently, especially if you don't want anyone to stumble upon you
talking to yourself with all this stuff on the street corner--yes, the middle
of the night on a low traffic street is probably best.) promise to return to
the same T crossroads in 13 days with her final payment.  Then walk away
without looking back.  
	When you get home, Annoint a black 7 day candle with High John the conqerer
oil, Abre Camino oil, (Road opener) and snake oil.    Tie a red ribbon around
the glass container for the 7 day candle.  Briefly write the details of your
case/problem on a peice of parchment with dragon's blood ink, (pen & paper will
do in a pinch.) and fold it three times, taping it to the back of the candle
glass by crossing the tape over itself in a T formation or a lower case t
formation.  Light the candle.  
	Burn Dragon's blood incense 1x each morning and Amber incense 1x each night
for the 13 days of the spell.  On the night before your case/challenge mix a
half cup of florida water with a half a cup of rose water and stir in a tbsp of
almond oil, a tbsp of unbinding oil & a tbsp of hi Jon oil.  Pour this mixture
into a full bath of hot water & soak in the tub until you "prune up."
	Wear Congo oil on your chakras the day of your case/challenge.  
	On the 13th day of the spell return to the T crossroads with the empty glass
from your burnt out candle, two more playing cards, (Ace & 7 of diamonds
again.)  13 violets, (You may substitute another purple flower if you can't
find violets.)  (*Ordinarily it's roses or red flowers but the color of court
cases & hi jon work is nearly always purple.)  a chocolate bar & 3 filtered
cigarettes with a matchbook.  The matchbook should have 3 matches sticking up. 

	Thank her for her help and go home without looking back.
	You'll win your case.
	Any questions, drop a line.  Hope this is helpful.  I hope some of you will
put some of your spells up here and I can learn something from the way you all
do things.
	Walk in beauty,
	Lulu White, (Over at Mahogany Hall.)

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