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My Spells Never Work


From: (Ren)
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Subject: My Spells Never Work
Date: 13 May 1995 21:12:48 GMT

> Do spells ever work for you??
> My spells never worked before and I was wondering if I 
> did anything wrong.

Please write out a spell that you have performed and let us critique it.

The Feel of Magick
Play a song that gives you the chills, or rouses your emotions. Remember 
what that feels like. Focus on your hair and how it sticks up with those 
chills. Focus on the butterflies in your stomach. During the spell, 
invoke these memories that give you the chills. Channel that feeling into 
your work.

The Tools of Magick
Use lots of visual symbols to contact your subconscious to communicate 
what you want to do during the spell. Visualize successful results from 
the spell. Make sure you understand every aspect of the symbolism of each 
tool. Don't be afraid to use traditional names and symbols to aid your 
spell as long as you understand what they can do for you and what is 
required from you in return.

After the spell, write down what you did and then forget the spell until 
it becomes reality. Write down the results and fine tune so that next 
time, you get exactly what you want. Never tell anyone your spell. This 
is because the positive or negative responses will affect the spell in 

It's ok to tell us this spell because it didn't work. 

First, start with what you currently believe about how the world
works (include religeous beliefs you hold) and then determine

(A) are you comfortable with each belief and 

(2) does it contradict any other beliefs that you have.

Once you have sorted out your belief system (and this is mainly a
function of getting rid of those beliefs that you were told to
believe (by culture, parents, church, etc) but that do not make
sense to you), then you can begin to fill in the missing holes.

Next step, figure out what you want to accomplish, for yourself in
personal growth terms, in the long run. Realize the shorter term goals
(including learning magic) will need to fit into this path.

Next, continue learning. :-) (Coranth Gryphon)


The use of rituals, or other external focus, is tradition dependant.
The essential work is done with the mind and will. The external tools
(components, ceremonies, words/symbols) give us a useful framework to
attach our intent to, and provide a set of anchors to trigger the proper
mental/emotional state to do the work.

The advantage of any tradition (as opposed to "do it yourself")
is that our culture has pre-conditioned us to accept certain
associations, and that we can offset our self-doubt by saying
"well, they did it and it worked, so if I do it, it should work".

On the other hand, I have found the simplest tools to be the just as
effective for me. A single word, gesture, or deep breath can be as
functional a trigger as an hour long ritual. The task is to train your
subconscious (and inner self) to respond to this action in the appropriate
manner. This is a matter of repitition to get the associations ingrained.
Which is in effect, creating a tradition of your own :-)


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