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Make-Over Spells

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w,alt.magick,alt.witchcraft
From: lorax666 
Subject: Make-Over Spells (was Gay-No-More Spell?)
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 06:50:29 GMT

> hello is there a spell for someone to stop being gay?

nature, nurture, or magic? :> I know of no spell already
written for this purpose, though I imagine one would be
fairly easy to construct.

the question of whether there *are* spells for changing
what may be innate or hard-wired facets of our character
or bodies is probably one of the more confusing and 
difficult aspects of magical work to understand. it is
akin to asking if there is a recipe for Icelandic lasagne
or something equally unusual. one can *always* make up
a recipe if one has the interest, and in the same way
one can always come up with a spell for any purpose.

the more important question to ask is whether spells

can have long-term affects of the type you are describing.
weight-reduction spells, for example, or, 'glamour' spells
such as are portrayed in the film "The Craft" will *not*
work as *depicted* in the films (immediate, external change
that everyone can see and accompanied by sparkles and
amazement). however, magic *may* be able to provide fuel
to actions taken by the recipient or target of the spell
to achieve the exact conditions desired. that is, they can
become SUPPLEMENTAL for incentive and followthrough, quite
possibly adding to one's ordinary results.

for objectives like dieting or changing one's appearance,
this may be a valuable supplement to obtain, especially
for one used to magical methods. fortitude in adhering
to one's diet and exercise, for example, may be essential.
it is fairly commonly suggested that a great deal of what
constitutes charm and beauty, grace and handsomeness is
a result of confidence, self-assuredness, and carriage.
therefore some kind of spell which assists with these
may supply the perfect complement to adjustments one may
seek to make to change one's appearance and behaviours
to a new repertoire.

but how far can spells take us? if they are an ADJUNCT
in many cases to ordinary activities, then can we really
say that a spell will 'change my sex' if I desire it?
sex is such a personal and quite possibly in-dwelling
aspect of human behaviour that to have any chance of
achieving the kind of thing you are asking would require
taking serious steps in other areas of life, not just
relying on the spell to carry it through. 

if you have friends, family, or acquaintances, for example,
who adamantly identify you with your sexual preferences
or identity, then part of taking control of that and making
the changes you desire may include changing your social
ties, your 'favourite haunts', and may require a complete
revision of your social circles. this is as true for those
who want to change their eating and exercising habits as
it is for those who wish to affect other lifestyle changes
with deep roots. how we surround ourselves, what we do to
intentionally condition ourselves, matters greatly to our
overall composition and composure. 

give it time and I'm sure there will be written spells for
all manner of personal transitions. I was part of a ritual,
both in construction and participation, for example, with
one of my kindred who decided to change from male to
female, and sought to consecrate this action within a
ceremonial and initiatory spell. I think it is safe to say
that we were all quite satisfied with the result, and the
spell supported the decision and added energy to continue
and complete the transitional process.

where matters of sexual preference are concerned, we are
talking about some ability to affect deep drives of DESIRE.
asking about a spell to change desires indicates a conflict
on your part (or whoever may wish to use such a spell). so
part of the challenge you're up against is that you don't
indicate to me you have a clear resolve behind your intent,
and are looking for an easy way out of what may be a very
difficult situation. this more than a great many other 
factors will undermine any spell that you find which has
as its goal that which you seek.
if you don't find a spell like what you want right away,
and I haven't seen many of them so it wouldn't surprise
me, then consider doing a bit of research as to the exact
science or art of spellcrafting and CREATING YOUR OWN.
not only will this be an education (perhaps more than you
truly want), but it will attune whatever spell you do
create to your particular character and situation --
something that picking up some spell online will rarely,
if ever, allow.

for discussion of spellcrafting, and spell archives, you
can consult the forums:

and	news:alt.occult.methods

to which this is being cross-posted and rebroadcast.
there are also probably many Yahoo email groups at that will afford conversation on
the subject. don't be surprised if you receive a number
of attempts to persuade you NOT to cast a spell of this 
sort, in part because there is a heavy emphasis on 
accepting yourself as you are in the witchy and 
spellcrafting community (something especially valuable 
to women due to the forces both religious and mercantile 
vying for attention and an affect on women's self-images),
and in part because there is a contingent who believes
that spells for anything other than mystical or religious
purposes (rather than vanity or enrichment or vengeance)
is somehow morally reprehensible.

casting lines before a pearl,

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