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Magic and Magick: Superset and Subset Respectively

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick,alt.thelema
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Magic and Magick: Superset and Subset Respectively
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 04:05:32 GMT

50021110 VII

>> Orig-To: from nagasiva:
>> where the aim of the magic (or Magick) is made plain, then actions
>> taken to attain them can be recorded and referenced later. this is
>> one of the values of a Magical Record. if one indicates that one
>> is attempting with the aid of magic to achieve notoriety, for
>> example, or draw public attention to oneself and one's activities,
>> then attempts to do this and succeeds, we might think the magic is
>> good for this effect at least and that the magician is a limited
>> success. if the workings were for money and personal effects and
>> all that was achieved was notoriety, then we can chalk that result
>> up to the magician and not the magic unless the style of magic
>> itself was deemed the mode by which such notoriety was gained
>> and this was consistent in a multitude of magicians.
>> ideally the magician will attend to the success or failure of
>> hir works, with honesty in report and thoroughness of enthusiasm.
>> there is typically too much attention to be gained to rely on
>> rascals to report the result their exploits with believability.

"Roxy" :
> What about unexpected results? If the intent is seemingly specific
> but the results manifest themselves in a way not anticipated.

unexpected results require an even greater ascertainment of 
the reliability of the source. it could be a fluke, for example.
as Crowley wrote in "Moonchild", the point is not to be able to
summon a fluke with one's magic to become a master, able to run
the table at each congregation (to proffer his pool-shark example). 
expectation, intention, is what sets the magic apart from the mere 

> ie.. the workings are for money and the next day you discover
> a way to save $300.  

granted the generality of the workings, there appears to be some
kind of correlation. consistency in result will confirm this.

> Did you "get" $300 or do those results not count because the 
> money did not come in the form of cash as expected?  

no, but a single incident does not constitute a demonstration of
magical acumen, and reports from rascals about their skill and
power in response to such single incidents ought be considered 

> I am never sure if I am bending the results to fit the intent.  

the more specific the results intended, the more sure one may
be that the magic was the deciding factor, especially as it 
becomes repeatable.

> One wouldn't normally try and force where the results come 
> from ie.. "win the lottery".. .but without being that specific 
> it is difficult to gauge the results.

in the obtaining of funds, one may well be quite specific in
one's spellcrafting, from describing the AMOUNT of money to
detailing from whom it will be obtained (as with some kind of
compelling spell, for example).

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