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Invisibility in the Golden Dawn

To: alt.magick
From: (Sar Draconis)
Subject: Invisibility in the Golden Dawn
Date: 16 Jul 2002 21:27:00 -0700

Inveterate readers of the Golden Dawn literature will be familiar with
a ritual, the intent of which is to create a "shroud of invisibility",
and manifesting the phenomena of invisibility.  I refer to interested
reader to the publications of Regardie and others.

An example of this type of phenomenology is set forth in the book
"Parallel Paths to the Unseen Worlds", published by Builders of the
Adytum, (1967), by Felix J. Frazer.  Feliz J. Frazer was a past Grand
Imperator of Builders of the Adytum.  His book discusses the
experimentation of a practitioner of GD rites who manifested the
phenomena of invisibility, and photographed himself in the process of
blinking out!!!

One of the photographic reproductions facing page 360 of the book show
the man in whispy outline, with opaque objects behind clearly showing
through.  A trick of photography from 1967?

The individual in question, Von Salay, was a professional photographer
in the LA area long known to Felix Frazer.

On page 359 of his book, Frazer writes:

In his later studies, Von Salay became interested in certain mystic
exercises supposed to produce invisibility of the aspirant.  Since he
did these exercises in seclusion, he did not know whether or not he
was getting results, so he set his camera and stood in front of it at
a proper focal distance.  He then placed a high wattage light bulb on
a stand directly behind him.  Thus his position was in the middle
between the camera and the bulb.  Proceeding then with his mental
exercise and arriving at a point where he felt he might be getting the
disappearing result for which he was working, he shot a picture of
himself by means of a remote control cord and button which he was
holding in his hand.

The picture he got, reproduced here, clearly shows Von Salay
approaching invisibility with the light bulb and supporting stand
showing through him.  Remember, he was standing in front of the bulb. 
Thus the camera could not have seen the bulb except as it looked
through him!

These pictures and an explanatory article of mine appeared in a recent
issue of our periodical, the ADYTUM NEWS NOTES, which  reaches many
parts of the world, and aroused great interest.  Thus I heard from
Alastair O. Wallace, who is the spiritual head of the large New
Zealand branch of B.O.T.A.  He told me that one of our students there,
a man of high spiritual character, had taken several spirit
photographs, and among them was one of a Catholic priest disappearing
before the altar during a wedding ceremony.  Thus I wrote to Brother
William Ball asking to borrow the negative and requesting a letter of
transmittal which would give the complete circumstances surrounding
the taking of this picture.  I shortly received two negatives and the
letter, which I now quote:

The occasion of this phenomenon was during the wedding ceremony of my
brother in 1935.  The priest officiating was a man of high spiritual
attainment, and I really mean that!

If you understand the ceremony of the Roman Catholic mass, you will
know that the priest is moving about constantly; and as we did not
have the ultrarapid plates in those days, I had to wait until he had
taken the Host (or Communion) before I could make a time exposure. 
This period when the priest is offering up his thanksgiving, is the
most sacred part of the whole mass, and also the only time he is
perfectly still.

Having been brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, and also having
assisted as an altar boy over a number of years  .  . . in fact my
parents had hopes that I would become a priest and had me educated in
a seminary . . . I knew that this was the best period for an exposure.
 The result, as you see, is on the negate.  (Picture 1).

There is a sequel to this episode, as you will observe on the second
negative (Picture 2): another wedding, same church, same position
almost, but a different priest.  The reason for the second photo was
that another young couple were so intrigued by the photographic result
of my brother's wedding that they arranged to have their wedding in
the same church, on the same day and hours, but one year later.  In
the meantime the original priest had been transferred to another
parish, and his successor was of a vastly different character.  He
could not ascend above Malkuth (the physical or earth plane), but a
good man in his own way.  We were quite good friends until he passed
on.  To him I was always "the Pagan."

Have taken many spirit photographs over the years but have never
bothered to cultivate the gift . . ."

In picture 1, if an explanation is needed, we see the priest standing
before the altar with the cross on the front of the altar and the
altar itself plainly showing through him.  If you look carefully, you
will see the top section of the cross on his surplice, which is
plainly seen in Picture 2, taken a year later with another priest

The research I have done on this picture and those connected with it
prove, in my opinion, its authenticity beyond a doubt.  Thus I am
happy to present it to you as still further evidence of the existence
of what I like to call the unseen worlds.

Unquote from Felix Frazer "Parallel Paths to Unseen Worlds".


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