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Infinite Power Spell

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: (Andralphus)
Subject: Re: Infinite Power Spell
Date: 4 Jun 2002 07:14:50 -0700

> anonymized for posting to public bulletin boards:
> > ...looking for a spell that will grant me infinite powers. 
> > spiritual aswel as mental and fisical. please show me or 
> > redirect me in the right way if u yourself can't help me.
> >
> > i am also looking for charmes and attributes of the sort, 
> > that can help me. i would be indeaded to u.

This is a repost.  I do not necessarily recommend the practices
therein; it would probably be enough to add a single drop of blood to
a well of conventional ink.

But you did ask.

****Begin Repost*******

~From: The Pan of OC (
~Subject: So you want power? 
~Newsgroups: alt.magick
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~Date: 1998/03/27 

All this talk about fireballs and lighting bolts got me thinking about
power, what it is, and how to accumulate it. 

Following is one of the most efficient methods of increasing personal
power I know of. The ritual format is intended for the Black Myst
amoung us but those who have their own ritual formats that have proven
effective should re-formulate this to fit their own style.

What you will need:

A fresh sheet of parchment paper
A very sharp knife
A brand new fountain pen and ink well
A White Candle
A thurible

Alter set up:


  Parchment Paper with pen on top

  Ink well  Knife 


Exorcise all of the items listed above by your normal methods. Do this
ahead of time so that you need nothing but the items themselves on
alter during the actual operation (you don't want your alter cluttered
up with salt or incense or anything else, just what's listed and

This ritual must be performed in the most solomn and grave manner you
can conjour. Do any routine purifications, ritual baths etc. that you
require to make this the single most important thing you have ever
in your life. If you routinely cast a circle or perform banishings in
your rituals then do them as you normally do but with your utmost
attention and sacred attitude. If you normally invoke deity in your
rituals then do so just before begining the next section.

The Ritual of Power

Light the candle

Establish a rhythmic breathing pattern while focusing on the candle
without blinking. Relax completely. Continue rhythmic breathing

Take the knife in your right hand 

Hold your left hand over the ink well and cut it

Allow enough blood to drip into the inkwell to write the following
(one to two tablespoons ought to be enough) if you run out while
simply add more blood to the inkwell.

Take the pen and dip it into the ink well, dip as often as necessary
complete the following oath (use your best penmenship):

I do by this act swear a solomn oath that shall bind me as long as I
draw breath. 

I shall not lie.

If ever I break this oath may my all my magickal powers be rendered
and void and may all my future efforts to raise magickal power be for
naught and amount to nothing so long as I shall live.

With all my heart and soul this I here pledge is my most solomn will.

So it is written

So must it be

[Your signature here]

Once the oath is written, speak it aloud with an imperious tone.

Gaze at the parchent until the writting is well dried

Fold the parchment to a size that will fit into your thurible

Burn it

Say the following as it burns:

This is my will, let all creatures of the universe, great and small,
know that this is my will.

Repeat this phrase until the parchment is rendered completely to ash.
Relight the prachment if necessary; it must be burned completely.

Once the parchment is burned, perform your usual ritual closings and

Collect the ahses into a paper bag; sprinkle them into a natural
of running water as soon as possible.

Allow the candle to burn out on its own. 

Take the knife, pen, and ink well and place them together somewhere in
your home (not on your alter) as a reminder of your oath. Never use
again for any purpose. 

And that's it! Your personal power will grow with each day that passes
that you do not lie. Remember that you always have the option of
but you no longer have the option to lie, not even 'white lies.' The
criteria is easy: if there is the slightest question in your mind that
something might be a lie, then it is a lie and you must not speak it,
choose silence instead.

I invite any and all commentary to this ritual. Thoughts on its
usefulness and efficacy (or thier converse) are most welcome.


****End Repost****

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