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Infinite Power Spell

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From: tyaginator 
Subject: Infinite Power Spell
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 08:25:27 GMT

anonymized for posting to public bulletin boards:
> ...looking for a spell that will grant me infinite powers. 
> spiritual aswel as mental and fisical. please show me or 
> redirect me in the right way if u yourself can't help me.
> i am also looking for charmes and attributes of the sort, 
> that can help me. i would be indeaded to u.

infinity is a conceptual object. it does not exist otherwise.  

obtaining power in each medium or level may require different
methods, and they will require a dedicated study in order to
have a serious affect in the areas specified. generally learning 
to act within each mode of experience you are discussing will be 
necessary if you wish to develop the power you seek to obtain
by magic. thus you may be talking about a sizable time investment
to learn the basics of each of these realms. yet ordinary methods 
of obtaining the same is quite often recommended, sometimes as a 
*preliminary* to spellwork (i.e. use the magic as a supplement to 
your attempts).

spiritual power is seen by people in different ways. some have
this romantic notion that it implies an ability to control or
direct the machinations of the cosmos, but it need not, and the
most important meaning I know of for spirituality is qualitative
subjective experience. maximize this and you'll have spirituality
in my favoured sense. the means of accomplishing this latter is
quite dependent upon your initiative and circumstance, though in
general doing what gives consistent pleasure and sustainably yields 
its value in some present or proximate moment allows employment 
and minor inconveniences and expenditures. refinement of aesthetic
and sensual tastes and developing a compassionate relationship with
other living beings is a basic foundation for spiritual life as I
understand it. beyond this, it depends upon your ambition and will.
you may be destined to become the next Aeonic Prophet or Priestess.
you may be best off rejoicing for what little you have.

mental power can be sharpened, I find, and certain meditative
exercises and diets affect my mental clarity and reason. I very
much enjoy games and puzzles for developing mental acuity, and
spending time with people of compatible intelligence will often
afford growth and communication that improves one's character. 
never underestimate, however, the value of periods of silence
for incubation, ripening, and regrouping.

physical power; that's the toughest one, because you might be
talking about comic book or role-playing type of magic, with the
usual movie-effects results. in that case I'd have to disappoint
you and report that I've never seen instantaneous transmutation
outside professional prestidigitators and expert cab drivers. :>

all the same, refining the body ought include some physical
disciplines, probably dietary, probably muscular. it depends
on whether you have specific goals in mind for this power you
seem to want. does it matter if there are limited routes of
expression for all this power for which you are asking?

it is said that Alchemy enables the interested to delve into
the secret nature of the cosmos and become one with the divine.
at that unity, say these mystics, one's search for power is at
an end, having reached the satiety of divine delight. simultaneously
scientists have discovered the brainstate that can be identified
with at-one-ment with the universe. it's explained as a side-effect
of orientational lassitude through routinization of stimuli. 
repeated, coordinated or choreographed movement or sound is 
often an element of mystical disciplines (e.g. Sufi zhikr, Yogic 
mantra), and this disorientation appears to have pleasing qualities
to some individuals. I find that sitting meditation (e.g. zazen)
is valuable for my maturity and focus long-term.

my best sources indicate that ascent to power depends inherently
upon one's placement and hidden advantages. absent knowing your 
advantages (a kind of character-profile), no formula could be 
given excepting general magical assistance on the order of a
Black Arts Potion or self-empowerment and self-discipline 
exercises (what constitute a good number of intro texts).

instead, since your request is so genuinely-intended, I'd like
to refer you to the DMOZ Esoteric and Occult web links:

which is maintained by Narradas, the editor of the category above it.
there is currently no editor of the DMOZ Magick category, so any who
find interest in the subject and like web-networking here's your chance.

thanks for the question. may its spirit of inquiry inflame your magic!

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