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Example: Holding Gods Hostage With Spells to Protect Your Dog

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Example: Holding Gods Hostage With Spells to Protect Your Dog
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 04:14:17 GMT

> Keywords: spells spirits gods protection coercion extortion black magic
>           sorcery humour
> Summary: An example of how to use magic -- that being a negotiation with
>          gods suggesting the negative repercussions of their continuing
>          to allow the declining health of your poodle.
> Url:
> From: jinkees23 
> Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 19:36:20 GMT
> 50020624 VII Junesday
>                 1) Obtain Dangerous Material
>                    in our case, a powerful book of spells
>                 2) Threaten Its Use/Release/Dispersion
>                    in our case, dissemination of the most caustic,
>                    extracted, to powerful media devices, unless 
>                    the health of my poodlay Rainbow improves
>                  A) Extract the Nastiest Spells and Forge the Link
>                     as a magical link, write this index on the
>                     infirm canine's medical records, bills, or
>                     prescriptions, as well as on subscription
>                     cards for major media publications and the
>                     religious cards (photos, etc.) of those you
>                     deem to have spiritual authority and power.
>                  B) Wait and Observe Rainbow's Health
>                     watch for tell-tale signs of improved health.
>                     consider whether her present condition is in
>                     some way related to the actions of the gods
>                     (say, if she is no longer on supportive meds
>                     like Prednazone).
>                 3) In the Case of Illness
>                    if she doesn't improve, distribute these
>                    spells to public forums (in your own words,
>                    so no copyright infringement may be claimed).
>                 4) In the Case of Canine Improvement
>                    if you're a Black Magician (tm) or are allied
>                    with any Bad Guys that do exist, then you may,
>                    of course, wish to distribute these spells to
>                    public forums anyway. }:> 
>      NOTE:
>            Such a coercive act of extortion against the gods 
>            would be roughly the opposite of mass-charitable 
>            work by large religious institutions, especially 
>            those who seek to serve and placate the potentially 
>            angry gods with magic spells *they* (the priests) 
>            may distribute to heal the People.
> thus ends our example. note the importance of direct connection
> to the interested parties, the numerous cosmological and metaphysical
> presuppositions necessary to energize or significate and seal the
> spell as it is created.  
> the Doggess yet lives. long lives the gods!
> flunkin'hed

I am so glad your poodlay Rainbow still lives! 

Your spell is unusual in that it is the opposite or inverse of an
ex-voto: Instead of promising the gods a gift (such as a candle, or a
feast, or a donation to the church) on the condition that the poodlay's
health improves, you promise to withhold evil spells if she recovers. 

It's not blackmail because, after all, in this case, the gods did not do
anything potentially incriminating that you might expose -- but it preys
upon their presumed preference for an orderly, kindly universe in which
death-spells and break-up spells are not dispersed willy-nilly to the
teens and sub-teens who would be most inclined to use them. 

I like the way you made the link, too. I imagine you writing down the
more dreadful spells on copies of Jehovah's Witnesses tracts, Saint
Francis holy cards, and Veterinarian bills. : )

Long live the poodlay of pleasure! 

cat yronwode

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