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Fixing Money for Payment...

To: alt.lucky.w,alt.occult.methods,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: "Fixing" Money for Payment...
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 05:38:58 GMT

HoodWinkedBrand wrote:
> Hey all,
> Last week I visited this quaint old curio shop run by this sweet
> large Mexican woman.  As I was checking out I handed her a $20 and
> she waved her hands in the air as if motioning she wouldn't take it
> and said something in broken English to the effect of "All Wrong". 
> At first I thought she was trying to give me the items for free but
> then that hope was dashed as she quickly came around the counter 
> pointing at me seriously like she was going to show me how to do

> something and for me to pay close attention.  She took my $20 and
> folded it toward her a few times (I am assuming 3 times) then held 
> it to her forehead. She then held it to her heart and then held it
> to her mouth and whispered then bent toward me and said "Say Name"
> then she kissed the bill and handed it back to me.  She then went
> back behind the counter and waved in her hands in the air again, 
> this time for me to reinact what she had just shown me.  I was duly
> impressed and will definetly go back in the future (even though she
> completely forgot about giving me my change but who needs 7cents
> right!) So I was wondering if anybody else had ever seen this done, 
> or practices this?
> Jason

I have seen a very similar method used for fixing candles, again with
a Mexican-born practitioner.

An old man (about 75 or 80) who owns a botanica in the Central Valley
here in California, sold me a 7-day glass-encased candle and then
offered to show me the "best" way to light it. First he held the
candle up with his right hand, like an unlit torch, as he called aloud
the name of Jesus Christ. Then he put the candle to his forehead, as
he closed his eyes. Next he opened his eyes and clapped the candle to
his heart (with a strong, loud thump on the chest as he did so), after
which he brought it up to his mouth as he mumbled a brief
unintelligible prayer to it and kissed the picture of the saint on the
candle-label. He finished by pantomiming putting the candle down and
lighting it. He had me repeat the ceremony so that i would learn it,
and as i made the movements, he told me that no matter what saint was
on the candle, the first invocation was always to Jesus, because he
was the Lord. 

Thanks for telling me about your encounter, because up until now i
thought i had run into a unique practitioner, but since you live in
Oklahoma, now i think that this particular ceremony is more widespread
in Mexico than i had thought.

Sounds like you found a good place to hang out and learn things,

cat yronwode 

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