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Fireballs and Lightning Bolts

To: alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.magick,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan.magick,,
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Fireballs and Lightning Bolts (was pyromancy & electromancy)
Date: 16 Jun 1998 15:53:52 -0700

49980616 aa3 Hail Satan! (Ben Smith):
>can someone please tell me the how to cast and throw fireballs and
>lightning bolts. I have been researching this and so far have come up
>with nothing. If you know please tell me
>P.S. None of that DragonLance stuff either

I swear that I didn't find these in DragonLance.  both of these 
spells appear to be classed in 'Elemental' and/or 'Missile' 
categories, are typically cast out of the palm of the hand and
reach a designated range.  some grimoires ascribe the lightning
to the element of Air while others associate it with Light or
Electricity in classes of their own.  none of the texts that I
have describe any verbal or somatic portions to the spells,
presumably leaving that to the mage or figuring that you will
have acquired this more secretive information from an authority
such as your master/instructor/guide.  in both cases the spells
are described as powerful, require experience in order to cast,
and are accompanied by hefty cautions lest the mage damage hir
compatriots in the heat or shock of the moment rather than
merely affecting hir adversaries.  practicing in very open areas
would appear to be an important prerequisite to actual battle-use.



3rd Level Spell; Evocation; range 10 yards + 10 yards/level; 
 the spellbook doesn't specify the verbal or somatic components; 
 requires a tiny ball of bat guano and sulphur; instantaneous
 duration; takes about 6 seconds to cast; affects an area of 20 
 foot radius from blast; save cuts dam in 1/2

(from the mage named Gygax)

requires 5 Force 8 units, 3 Prime units (under the name 'Ball of
 Abysmal Flame'); victims suffer four Health Levels; seems pretty
 powerful -- "even victims who survive will suffer third-degree
 burns"; kinetic energy manipulation to cause a huge temp increase;
(from the mage named Weick)

Essence Spells: Fire Law: Level 8; a 1' ball of flame shot from
 the caster's palm, 100' range affecting a 10' radius blast area

(from the mages Charlton, Fenlon and Amthor)

requires the ability to cast the spells Create Fire and Shape Fire;
 the mage can put 1-3 energy points into the spell, increasing the
 effect of it upon the target; making a staff or rod that will
 store and fire the spell requires the implantin of a ruby worth
 at least $400 and costs 800 pts to create

(from the mage Jackson)


3rd Level; Evocation; range 40 yards + 10 yards/level; the 
 spellbook doesn't specify the verbal or somatic components; 
 requires a bit of fur and an amber, crystal or glass rod;
 instantaneous duration; takes about 6 seconds to cast; 
 affects either a forked bolt 10 feet wide and 40 feet long 
 or a single bolt 5 feet wide and 80 feet long; caution, can 
 rebound; save cuts dam in 1/2

(from the mage named Gygax)

requires 3 Force units, 2 Prime unites (under the name 'Pulse of
 Electro-Stream'); victims suffer two Health Levels *per success
 of the effect*; well-grounded targets may reduce damage; a bit
 more variability for this spell than the fireball.

(from the mage named Weick)

Essence Spells: Light Law: Level 2; a bolt of intense, charged
 light is shot from the palm of the caster to a range of 100'

(from the mages Charlton, Fenlon and Amthor)

the mage needs to know at least six other Air-based spells;
 can have unpredictable effects, taking conductivity and material
 types into account; can be used to short out electronic equipment;
 accurate at longer ranges than a Fireball; 1-3 pts put into the
 spell for 1d-1 dam; takes 1-3 seconds to cast as the charge builds;
 lightning rods/staves take 800 pts to create, $1200 value platinum
 adornments to effect the creation of the item; the bolt is fired
 from either end
(from the mage Jackson)

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