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anti-OCD/love lessening spell wanted

To: alt.lucky.w
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: anti-OCD/love lessening spell wanted
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 08:49:32 GMT

lostboy wrote:
> I don't want to fall out of love, or make him fall in love, or change 
> his sexual orientation (that's SOOOO Eighties!).
> But goddamit I'm sick of thinking about him! If only he weren't such a 
> good kisser...if only his Venus conjunct Mars wasn't RIGHT ON MY 
> ASCENDANT...if only our Moons weren't SQUARE! AAAAGH! And my Jupiter 
> is square his Saturn. ICK! And neither of us puts a single durn planet 
> in the other's seventh house....
> Any spell that will ease my mind would be much appreciated.
> FB

Oh, dear. Is this someone i know? That Venus-Mars conjunct your
Ascendent is a sad case of lost potential -- but the Moons square and
your Jupiter square his Saturn -- you know, it's just... well, like you
said: ICK. So, anyway, i see your point: you want to enjoy him for who
he is, not hate him for who he is not -- but at the same time you want
to stop obssesing on him. That's a very mature idea, and a little subtle
for the common run of "love-lessening" spells. In fact, i think what you
really are asking for is a mind-strengthening (anti-OCD) spell for
yourself which, if it works, will obviate your need for a love-lessening

I would recommend you begin by bathing in 9-Herb Spiritual bath or its
mineral crystal equivalent, King Solomon Wisdom Bath. Then get a white
image candle of a man and name it for him, putting his name-paper under
an overturned cream-saucer under the candle. Dress the candle with King
Solomon Wisdom Oil and Van Van oil mixed, and burn it in sections,
watching  every day as the candle decreases. (Seven sections hsould be
enough.) As the candle burns, burn King Solomon Wisdom Incense and/or
Van Van Incense too, or 9 Herb mixture on charcoal. Be extra attentive
when the candle burns past important points on the body and say goodbye
to those parts. When the candle is reduced to a spent puddle of wax, let
it cool, then wrap the wax, incense ashes, and his name-paper in a piece
of good cloth (something meaningful to you in terms of colour or design)
and bury the packet at the far end of your own back yard where it will
be near you but symbolically "behind" you. 

If this spell does not give you the relief you wish, then the next
strongest would be a "Cut and Clear" spell. And if THAT doesn't work, go
for a "Black Walnut" Spell. 

You can find the latter two spells at my web site by going to the Lucky
Mojo Spells Archive
and using the search engine there with the keywords i gave in quotation
marks above. 

Thanks so much for Greta Garbo -- she is fabulous both in her own right
(being Greta Garbo) and as an example of the clean artistry of brilliant
production work. She now stands on my oak file cupboard beneath the
National Recovery Act sign, near the plaster statue of Marie Laveau.
Sorry i have been a lousy correspondent. What can i say?  iva says,
"hello." The Camellias are in bloom and the Banksia Rose is just
starting to open. The new Ford Escort MOJO CAR project is going well,
and looks better than anything we attempted on the Nissan Sentra.
Althaea came back safely from her months in Africa and is back in
school. We have a new cat, a stray young orange tabby male who wandered
in uninvited -- Red Little. Don is doing very well these days. And
wonder of wonders, Barry and i are friends again. 
cat yronwode 

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