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Acquisition Spells and Augury

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Acquisition Spells and Augury
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:25:48 GMT

50030217 VII Hail Satan! Happy Lunatix! (whatnext) writes to some magic and wiccan newsgroups:
> Its me whatnext. 

hi whatnext!!!

> Haven't I been posting good topic posts? 

I'm sorry I don't know.

> So don't I deserve a straight answer?

yes you deserve one.

> Have you run across ANY spells, demons, angels, gods, etc. 
> that can help one acquire mind altering drugs on any 
> astral/reality plane whatsoever? 

the only of which I'm aware is the physical plane/reality.
beyond that we're talking about something fictional, like
from "Snowcrash" (a fabulous transmission in which the 
drug takes cybereal dimensions) or its like (see the book).
in magical history there are countless spells and agents
who will work with you to acquire what you like depending
on your alliance with them and proper usage of method.

> Maybe a sigil or 

the construction of a sigil would be facilitated through
the terminological and other symbolic associations tied
into the sorcerous substances you are seeking.

this is truly limited only by your own artistic ability
and imagination in association with the developments 
of society that might facilitate your work.

> talisman or 

now you're talking about something more concrete and may
be able to fashion something not only symbolically
majestic but complex and powerful. a sigil or pattern is
ultimately a conceptual lattice given form by the mage
(who will be of variable skill in manipulating it), but
a talisman may be GIVEN AWAY, SOLD, OR OTHERWISE 
ACQUIRED by the mage. i.e. it may be gifte/traded/sold.

> fabled gnostic ring....

these are harder to come by. the fabled is usually either
snatched up and long missing (relics, for example, are
typically concealed in sacred structures), or it never
existed as such to begin with (e.g. the Shroud of Turin,
which, despite having been confirmed not possibly that
of the Christian Messiah, has become the focus of those
maintain it was the impression/image of the Headmaster
for the demolished Knights Templar (on Friday the 13th,
Jacques de Molay et al!). if they are *actual* magical
objects they will usually be integrated into dominating
societal traditions, destroyed by competitive cults, 
or lost to the ignorance of scholars/novices.
> buried deep in some mayan catacombs? Anything you got 
> I can use.

there's a vast difference between the kind of magical
object you last mentioned and the first two (which,
unless the fabrication of a master hirself, will only
prove as powerful as she who fashioned it). not only
that, being sure of its intended purpose become more
difficult when not acquired in response to a direct
request of the sort you've issued. 

effectively, in a usenet newsgroup (all other things
being equal and the posters knowing nothing about one
another), you are asking for assistance in a public
park, thereby enlisting all manner of response in
terms of skill and expertise in the construction of
that for which you seek.

> (please don't give me that stuff about how I'm 
> supposed to use my legwill to acquire money to walk 
> over to the drug dealer, etc.)

this would seem to indicate that you have a somewhat
unreasonable notion of what magic includes. if you're
looking for the mysterious appearance of gifts, then
your chances of success may decrease measurably, in
part due to the nature of the Art and in part because
you're severely limiting the vectors through which
volition might serve your interests. Crowley's work 
on magic touches on this somewhat (particularly in
his brief mentions of measuring success in "Moonchild"
and Part Three of "Book Four": 'Magick in Theory and
Practice' -- see text of the same name online or in print).

> Here is a divination on my question: queen c r, 9w r

presuming a powerful deck and/or a skilled tarot oracle:


consulting Crowley (because he was so interested in Sorcery):

		insincere person; cynic, intranquil with the
		motivation of disrupting or derailing
		communications; everything passing through
		the person signified "is refracted and
		distorted"; "her characteristics depend
		mostly upon the influences which affect her";
		the signified is buffetted about by forces
		not of her doing and making, possibly also
		inciting a desire to manipulate and attract
		the attention of others [quotes from book of thoth]

	9 WANDS REVERSED (star of Khaoz? ;>)

		'Strength'-inverted (weakness); 'Change is
		Stability'-inverted (change is disruption);
		weak change turned back upon itself; domain
		the number of dreams/intoxication (9)

this seems to indicate that whoever is signified by the Queen
(the poster?) is deceptive to get attention, ensorcelled by
addiction, and manipulative in communications. based on this
result I'd have to know more about the layout and if its
cards' position implied anything in relation to this query:
	> Have you run across ANY spells, demons, angels, 
	> gods, etc. that can help one acquire mind 
	> altering drugs on any astral/reality plane 
	> whatsoever? 

but combined with the rejection of physical involvement in
the results this may indicate poor motivation for the query.


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