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Science and Magick

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Science and Magick (Was Re: Science is Magic...)
Date: 28 Feb 1996 13:41:45 -0800

49960228 (Jason Lambdin):
|The thing you call "outer space" and the thing some people call the 
|astral are indeed the SAME THING!  

Hmm, I've usually associated 'astral' with 'interior' or 'subjective'
experiences which have not been verified in the same way as, say,
the movement of a billiard-ball, or the changes in chemicothermal
conditions using scientific instruments.

Very rarely have I heard people identify 'astral' with 'outer space'
except perhaps in ancient texts about 'aether', which was supposed
resident between cosmological bodies.  I'm no historian.  Somebody
please correct me if necessary.

|...The ultimate reality of what space is is unknowable, as are all 
|things in a universe constructed of belief.

Right, so if we move from associating knowledge with belief to that
based on *experience*, perhaps this will shift the level of
consciousness generally of whatever system adopts this value-shift.

This is what modern Science should be doing: hiring professionals
of all disciplines to investigate them and report back to their
sociological or psychological laboratories, investigating human
experience as thoroughly and resourcefully as is done with *external* 
phenomena, such as subatomic physics or something like NASA.

|>magic: to cause an effect

|Actually, I think that's pretty good.  Everything does run on magic.

I think you may wish to insert some intentionality, some consciousness
into that definition.  At least a lot of people seem to presume that
magick and intentionality, volition, in short, will, is a necessary
component, and for some the only one (sometimes coincident with love).

|>Magic is a function OF causality, it's not causality itself.

This was my point.  I'd say 'directed causality'.  How about even
'consciously directed causality'?  You can still take this in many
different directions, like indirect symbolic manipulation of the
patterns and forces 'behind' the level of manifestation or as a
kind of D&D-like direct-effect such as a 'laying on hands'.

|...Everything does run on magic.

Oldstyle paradigms, man.  Universe-as-Machine.  Man-the-Driver.
Man-the-Tender.  Watch-the-big-Clock.  We didn't make the big
Clock, but we do notice it has some limitations as to its
ability to support us indefinitely, if not from over-population
then from supernovae far into humanoid futures, and, if current
ideas be believed, from a simpering heat-death clutching the
dying embers of the Fire of Eternity.

There are alternatives, you know. ;>
-------- advice is to get out of Buddhist studies before it becomes a career. 
Then you can join the ranks of irresponsible 'amatuer' practitioner 'scholars' 
like me.  Then Buddhism (or Bon) will never cease to be fun. :-)

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