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Practical Magic: Hermetic Rites and Witchy Spells

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Practical Magic: Hermetic Rites and Witchy Spells
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 22:00:23 GMT

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hi there. :>

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#   I've been reading caballa, about the Golden Dawn, Regardie ,
# Blavatsky, Ophiel and several such theoretical magickal books. 

primarily Hermetic mysticism, employing magic to mystical ends.

# My question is: Where is the practical stuff?

that totally depends on what you think of as practical. 

# ( Ophiel was the most practical so far)
# But suppose you study the caballa, ....then what do you
# do with that knowlege? 

part of the problem I'm having addressing your question is
that I'm not sure what you're intending to achieve. someone
with an interest in mysticism with which cabalistic or
qabalistic are usually associated might be doing rituals
of spiritual maturation, discipline, and advancement, for
example, and these are usually covered either in specialized
documents or as part of initiation in orders with this in
mind. those who have interest in the everyday use of magic
for assistance in "helping themselves" would employ these
cabalistic resonances/systems in very different ways.

# Don't you need some spells 

it is seldom I notice that those who speak about Cabala
or Qabalah in public have spells in mind, though there is 
a veritable mountain of them from which to choose were
one so inclined. the free-form nature of magical spells
and the variety of aims toward which they might be
employed have occasionally given me incentive to more
clearly demonstrate how "Low Magic" technology might be
utilized for "High Magic" aims (and vice-versa, as the
OSOGD has adequately demonstrated, in simultaneous work).

# or some system to create what you want, 

again, this is an interesting question. I didn't look at
subsequent discussion yet and I will be intrigued to see
how folks respond who are serious about the topic. :>

creating new systems is usually what advanced or solitary
practitioners engage. it requires some good bit of
familiarity with the *methods* of comparable systems,
and an interest in not duplicating the problems and
weaknesses of the past, to a certain extent. learning
from those with whom one's principles and proclivities
are most alike to oneself can sometimes be the most
helpful trajectory in absorbing the rudiments 
necessary to continue on and create one's own system.
at others divergence from one's background is handy.

the term 'system' itself is somewhat vague, used not
only for symbolic association schemes but also for 
practical methodologies, or styles of cosmology.

# or am I missing something?

you might be missing the varying types of magic and
their differing methodologies. it can be difficult to
see these if practitioners or analysts describe the
whole field from biased perspectives. 

# Where are the formulae to get what you are after?

'the formulae' come in a variety of forms and are
very likely different from traditional to tradition.
what one is after will in some good measure determine
the formulae necessary for the operation, the work.

# What good is all that theoretical knowlege? 

it is at least convincing if not suffusing of the
magician in a certain ideology and symbolism. that
it may be false, purely symbol without referent, may
be part of the magical spell regarded as a rite or
discipline with certain technique (and magicians do
not always know *how* what we're doing works).

# What does one do with knowlege of the caballa in 
# a practical sense?

I've outlined some of what is possible above.

# And what's wrong with just doing a little witchcraft?

different strokes of the wand or cauldron, for different
folks, of course. avoiding bias enables education, I find.
pitting bias against bias can sometimes be instructive.

# Less theory.

intellectuals sometimes want more complex mechanisms
to effect the changes we seek to create in the cosmos.
witchcraft per se is not always all that different from
the cabalistic methods employed by ceremonial magicians.
the 'two systems' per se aren't at all completely separate
and the intersections and influences are very entertaining.

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