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Pagan Magickal Booklist

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Subject: Pagan Magickal Booklist 

               I. Tarot:
                    A. The Tarot - Paul Foster Case  (f)
                    B. The Qabalistic Tarot - Robert Wang (a,f)
                    C. The Book of Tokens - Paul Case (f)
                    D. TheBook  ofThoth - Crowley(a,f)

               II. The Qabalah:
                    A. The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune (f)
                    B. The Kabbalah Unveiled - MacGregor Mathers (f)
                    C. The Sepher Yetzirah - W. Wynn Westcott (f)
                    D. A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism - Gareth
Knight (a,f)
                    E. The Ladder of Lights - William Grey (f?)

               III. Magick in general:
                    A. The Tree of Life - Israel Regardie (a,f)
                    B. Magick in Theory and Practice - Aleister Crowley (a
                    C. The Golden Dawn; The Complete Golden Dawn System of
 Magic- Israel Regardie (c)
                    D. Magick without Tears - Crowley (c)

               IV. Meditation
                    A. The Training of the Mind - Alan Bennett (a)
                    B. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism - Chogyam Tru
                    C. Book 4 - Crowley (a)
                    D. The Experience of Insight - Goldstein (d)

               V. Crowley
                    A. The Holy Books of Thelema (a)
                    B. The Vision and the Voice (a)
                    C. The Eye in the Triangle - Israel Regardie (c)
                    D. The Equinox, esp The Temple of Solomon the King (a)
                    E. The Book of Lies (a)

               VI. Paganism, historical
                    A. The Golden Bough - Frazer
                    B. The Mystery Religions - S. Angus (b)
                    C. Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism - F. Cumont (b
                    D. The God of the Witches - Margaret Murray
                    E. The Golden Ass - Apuleius, transl. Robert Graves

               VII. Paganism, modern
                    A. Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler
                    B. The Meaning of Witchcraft - Gerald Gardner (g)

               VIII. Eastern Mysticism
                    A. Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines - Evans-Wentz
                    B. Shakti and Shakta - Arthur Avalon (a)
                    C. The Serpent Power - Arthur Avalon (a)
                    D. The Tibetan Book of the Dead - Evans-Wentz

               IX. Egyptian religion (all b)
                    A. The Gods of the Egyptians - E.A. Budge
                    B. The Egyptian Book of the Dead - Budge
                    C. Egyptian Magic - Budge
                    D. The Leyden Papyrus - Budge


               X. Miscellaneous
                    A. The Chaldean Oracles - Westcott (f,e)
                    B. The Life of Apollonius of Tyana - Philostratus
                    C. Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson (c)
                    D. Cosmic Trigger - Robert Anton Wilson (c)


               (a) Samuel Weiser, Inc
                   Box 612
                   York Beach, Maine 03910

                    -EXCELLENT source  for books of all sorts, all high qu
          Especially  good source for   books   by  Crowley   &   on  cere
          magick. Highly recommended.

               (b) Dover Publications
                   31 East 2nd St.
                   Mineola, NY 11501

                    -reprints manyold books,most notably Budge'sclassic eg

               (c) Falcon Press
                   3660 N. 3rd St
                   Phoenix, AZ 85012

                    -small press specializing in Crowley, Israel  Regardie
,& the
          Golden Dawn.  Also  carries  Robert   Anton  Wilson's  latest
          such as PROMETHEUS  RISING,  THE  NEW  INQUISITION,  and the rep
          classic COSMIC TRIGGER.

               (d) Shambalah Publications
                   314 Dartmouth St.
                   Boston, MA 02116

                    -mainly Eastern  religion & Buddhist, but  also some w
          magick, and recently lots   of high-quality  New Age   works. Re
          reprinted the classic series HERMETICA by Sir Walter Scott.

               (e) Heptangle Books
                   Box 283
                   Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

                    -small  specialty  printing house   issuing one   volu
me per
          year,  beautifully    typeset.     Issued    the   classic    EN
          INVOKATION  by Geoffrey James, which was still in print in April

               (f) The Best of Cards Catalog
                   Division of US Games Systems
                   38 East 32nd St
                   NY, NY 10016

                    -sells every Tarot  pack   in  existence,  &   also  h
as   a
          surprisingly extensive booklist   of occult   books. Good  sourc
e  for
          Eliphas Levi & tarot material &  carries  many  of  the  books
          by  the  above publisher. Catalog is $2. Delivery  is the fastes
t I've
          ever seen.


               (g) Magickal Childe
                   35 West 19th St.
                   NY,NY 10011

                    -excellent  listing;   carries   Gardner's books &  as
          paraphanalia  such as Abramelin  oil. Carries many   more  books
          listed  in  their catalog; reportedly   if you call them they  c
an get
          ANY  occult book, if it's  available anywhere. No,  I don't have
          phone #.

               (h) Llewellyn Publications
                   P.O. Box 64383-873
                   St. Paul, MN 55164-0383

                    -not so good a  source these  days,but  carries reprin
ts  of
          many of Israel  Regardie's  classics.  Their  catalog  resembles
          National Enquirer;   caveat   emptor.   Interesting   to  read
          entertainment purposes, occasionally one will find a good book t

               (i) Circle
                   P.O. Box 219
                   Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

                    -apagan organizationpublishinga newsletter& sellssome
          most notably Circle Guide to Pagan & Wiccan Resources, for conta

               (j) Dharma Publishing
                   2425 Hillside Ave
                   Berkeley CA 94704

                    -sellsbooks onBuddhism, posters of Tibetan Thanka pain
          much more hardcore Buddhist than Shambalah.

                    These opinions  are my own, & where I recall purchasin
          books in the past. They may no longer be available.

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