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Ordinary Objects as Magical Tools

Subject Covert Magical Tools

50020914 VII om

a 'fairly new caster' wanted something:
> ...that i can use in place of a blessing oil or holy oil,
> i am 16 and still live with my parents and they don't approve of spells 
> and that such so i am wondering if i can use something else that they 
> wouldn't get [suspicious] if they found. 

first and foremost, your own bodily juices. these can easily be 
explained away as a mess spilt or some accident leading to their 

secondly, should you be capable of involving scents (aftershave, 
colognes, and 'magical waters' of other types), then you've an 
avenue to address both your inquiries:

	* olive oil you've blessed

	* Florida Water

	* Kananga Water

	* Holy Water (you've blessed or obtained elsewhere)

	* Hoyt's Cologne

third, if it is strictly a matter of secrecy within a condition
of practice (i.e. one's parents or some other authority oppresses
us and we are incapable of moving beyond its control), then you
may find valuable in a 'kitchen witch' mentality, something that
I have enjoyed no account of its simplicity and conservation (two
principles imperative to a service to Satan as I understand it).

kitchen witches utilize everyday household objects as magical 
tools. one of the great things about this approach is that it is
not the special, set-aside tool of gems and jewels and colourful
symbolic associations which distinguish it, but how *useful and
elegant* are its qualities and design. now the key to undercover
witchery utilizing this method is to find out the magical import
of the goods THAT ARE ALREADY AROUND THE HOUSE. this will make it
even *easier* to do spells without anyone thinking there's more
than some school cooking (or chemistry!) project in the works. ;>

but honestly it depends upon your religious bent too. if *I* were 
to make such an oil or water (I've settled for many bottles in 
one place rather than an exact formula each time), I would include
Rose because the goddess I worship has let me know in no uncertain
terms that She desires it, loves it, and encourages it. 

so you may wish to begin to ascertain what you think is doing the 
blessing of the fluid in question such that it might be obtained
easily and without undue attention to its procurement. 

if it is a particular deity, that deity (or its clergy or other 
licensed representatives) would probably know best what it would 
take to obtain a blessing, and if this is incompatible with your
parents' lifestyle and likely to get you into trouble, consider
the source and whether it is valuable to follow that advice.

if it is you who bestows the blessing, a kind of battery of magical
or religious power for later usage, then learning the dynamics of
such a battery would be in order. considered this way, any extra
magical charges or run-off applicable to blessing could be directed 
at the reservoir in order to concentrate the power and make it 
available for later workings in abundance. all manner of celebratory
and uplifting rituals could be constructed to charge this years 
supply of Holy Water. 

along those lines, despite at times living in houses with a good 
number of magic-friendly folks, I've enjoyed using WHITE WAX on 
WHITE WALLS to draw my sigils consecrating and sealing my ritual 
chamber for workings, exercises, and sorcerous journies.
if it is some natural association (e.g. the water from a sacred
spring, tears from a pregnant maid, oil from a particular tree or
herb, alcohol in which some herbal or mineral has long endured 
contact, etc.), then the correct formula to effect the change will
be important and information sources will become valuable, in order
to obtain the proper substance from the proper locale in its purity.

good luck. only you will be able to discern what is likely to evade
your parents' attention. I recommend bringing nothing new into the
house and instead developing your tools from within that situation
as you come to comprehension of how they can each be beneficial (as
directing, containing, transforming, etc. agents).

consider the associations *you have* with the items, regardless of 
what they are or what form they may have (symbolic to one or another
religio-magical tradition, for example). for example, I've a vase 
from my grandmother which I use as the Tomb of Disposal, to which I
banish wild-safe items for later dispersal in a circle about the 
home (redirected as guardian energies and a celebration of the 
identity of in the Circle's Center and Circumference). many of my 
magical tools have been gifts from my grandmother, like Kali's altar.


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Subject: Ordinary Objects as Magical Tools 
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50020922 VII Equinox Lunatix!! om kali om!

principles of magic exemplified

I wrote:
>...for example, I've a vase 
>from my grandmother which I use as the Tomb of Disposal, to which I
>banish wild-safe items for later dispersal in a circle about the 
>home (redirected as guardian energies and a celebration of the 
>identity of in the Circle's Center and Circumference). 

Personification of Magical Tools :: Naming 

compare any number of other magical objects featured in history 
(typically surrounding the mechanations of power and social change,
as well as religious and independent spiritual objects of power), 
and in fiction (from 'Mr. Pointy' to magical books of prophetic
power in popular media like Buffy the Vampire Slayer! to Dr. Strange
and his Orb of Agamotto and Book of the Vishanti). they are often
objects consecrated in special places, at particular times, sacred
to those who know, profane to most of exclusive membership.

more specifically, this vase, which I am naming during Lunatix Fall 
Equinox, an ordinary object, serves as containing and regenerating 
device for banished adversaries (like in comic books! they live to
clutter once more, outside the castle and museum), assisting symbolic 
and Satan-serving (eco-friendly) goals. 

Association, Arrangement and Focus

its relation to my grandmother and similar appearance to the planet 
earth (located centrally within a cube created by a table also from 
my grandmother, the whole being Kali's altar) are intensifiers to 
any ritual involving them.
om namah smashanakali!

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