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On Becoming Elven

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From: (Robert Scott Martin)
Subject: Re: On Becoming Elven
Date: 11 Jan 2003 15:44:23 -0500

In article ,
elendraug   wrote:

I haven't thought about these things in half a decade. 

> (Robert Scott Martin -- some relative of Uncle Yow no doubt):

If we don't have a wacky Uncle Yow somewhere in the family tree, we invent 
one -- or become one, distributing lavish and inappropriate gifts among 
the niecephews.

Thus is the economy of Yow, or as they say: 
"How" Yow? Yow WOW.

>> out of that D&D ghetto. 
>it was only a ghetto when relegated to the restrictions of early books.
>"Advanced" was an improvement which inspired a good many alternative
>systems that featured magic more prominently.

That's a garden of branching paths. "Advanced" also led into the cold 
grids of "Second Edition," or the bureaucratization of wonder, and the 
elvin ambience either accepted commodification and undeath in the 
pigeonhole world thus formed (the "ghettoes") or simply moved on and 
away and remained not undead but alive.

Since my own experience of the elvin mode relies on cyclical approaches to 
time, I was one of those who moved on and away. And eventually arrived 
again back before "basic," in the world of three little books and nothing 
but sky all the way to the horizon. Only the land was richer this time 

>> I think few have seriously tried to think like an elf (or deva?) -- 
>thinking is only one facet or symptom of elven consciousness. the
>differential surrounding change and holistic systems analysis seems
>the major fae anthem, along with attention to and value of Nature.

Time perplexes me.

>this was the predominant introductory material offered in the
>Gardenerian coven with whom I studied (the Daoine Sidhe --
>pronounced 'Daynuh Shee' if I recall correctly). we were very
>intrigued to carry Iron down into the Faerie Lands and asked
>during our visit not to eat or drink anything. one of my kin
>and I who played along were amused to visit with those whom
>we considered our family and to be abiding human customs. :>

Exactly. If I had a fundamental criticism with where the spiritual
panrevival has gone, it is that it has worked the hell out of only one
side of the equation: the human approaches the divine, I approaches the
other. Not quite tourism, but not even anthropology either. Travel 
writing. Etiquette for the guests, never how to host a dinner mystery.

Those who did go into the business of "being" the elf rather than "seeing"  
the elf disappointed me because at the core the Kalifornica faerie
movement was all about sex, which always seemed somewhat sidelong the
point. And the Changeling (:The Dreaming) affair turned out a curiously
stillborn experiment, talk about your moonchildren.

Some are always rising and others are always falling back to humanity. To 
nurture the matter in both states, solid and gaseous, may achieve a more 
interesting wedding or welding; focusing on only one partner leads to 
construing the situation as a simple bride exchange. Or exchange of 
hostages for that matter:

>I don't think I understand Peter well enough. I never got the

>sense of a 'race' with him, so much as a Special Individual,
>like Mighty Mouse or Superman.

Before Disney rubbed him smooth, Peter Pan was an interesting lens through
which that mawkish deacon Barrie managed to convey a startling sense of
what the world is like on the other side of the Great Divorce or the
nursery window. We don't meet the elves but through El"rond". Touched
hybrids like these, betwixt and betweens are a menstruum, an alchemical
rebis or pons [bridge] for that matter. They are also a key factor in that
other thread going on in alt.magick about dragons and the thirst for
shamans, for interlocutors, membranes on which the symbols of the Other
can be projected.

A wall through which the separated lovers cannot touch but speak. Try to 
remember the kind of September. 

And as a boy during the last of these cusps but one -- around the time we
met, oddly enough-- I became entranced by the idea of TIGHTROPE WALKING.
It is that way too, with Peter Pan.

>the Underworld elfs seem a wee bit different than the Prehistoric
>Thusgone-Ones described by Tolkien and others. I've thoroughly
>enjoyed comparing JRR's Protos with the Norse Valar and Maiar, 
>as well as attempting to ferret out some complete notion of the 
>Order of Istari, of whom Olorin (vulgar name 'Gandalf the 
>' seems to be the most renowned, reasonably).

Wizards like elfes come in many colors. It is a delight to see you. 

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