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BHeidrick: Occult Rumors

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Subject: BHeidrick: Occult Rumors (was Re: lovedays death)
Date: 3 May 1997 03:22:36 -0700

[from Bill Heidrick ]


Mogg Morgan  wrote:

>I have it that loveday died of ulcerating enteritis not
>typhus - 

I probably got typhus and typhoid mixed, but ulcerating enteritis is 
reasonable in the situtation -- like getting side-tracked on a primary 
symptom or condition from the underlying illness.

>feral cat's blood would be a convenient source for this,

Or bad food and any number of things, especially fecal contaminated water.

Here's Jane Wolf's eye-witness account and defense:

    "A villifying report of what took place at the time of the death of 
Raoul Loveday, at the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, having come to my 
attention, leads me to write a brief account of that unhappy event, as I 
was not only there during Raoul's brief sojourn at the Abbey, but I took 
care of him on his deathbed.
     "He arrived in Cefalu from London late in November, or early 
December, 1922, pale and aenemic, and had just recovered from a rather 
severe septic throat.
     "The weather at the time was sunshiny and warm.  Raoul basked in 
this sunshine, spent much time out of doors, and soon showed signs of 
     "By January he was taking long walks, and one one of these 
occasions, being thirsty, drank water from a small stream which was 
'polutted', and was therefore taboo.  No one round about touched this 
water, and Raoul had been cautioned about it, but forgot it, no doubt, at 
the time of his thirst.
     "A diarrhea set in, which after 10 or 12 days, became suddenly acute 
on the day of his death, causing a sloughing off of the mucous membrances 
of the intestines.
     "During this period he had been under medical care, but without avail.
     "That ceremonies of a sensational or ridiculous character were 
performed during the passing, is a part of the desire of some people to 
defile whatever they touch.
     "As a matter of fact, no ceremonies of any nature took place during 
his illness, or at the time of his death. 
                      (signed) Jane Wolfe

It would appear that the cat-blood story originated with Raoul's wife, 
probably in her book "Tiger Woman".  Even though Jane does not mention 
the "cat-sacrifice" question at all, she clearly attributes the infection 
to polluted water.  She does deny that ritual was performed during 
Raoul's illness and at time of death.  This omits daily ritual, perhaps 
by oversight, especially the variation on Liber Resh, Will and 
banishments routine at the Abbey.  Other accounts of the events around 
that time indicate that Raoul's wife was in an extreme state of anger and 
tended to disrupt normal life at the Abbey, perhaps to an extent that 
even routine daily ritual was not done.  The goat story may have 
originated in D.Wheatlie's fiction.  Colin Wilson is notorious for making 
these things up or jumping on the most negative rumors.  Simonds tended 
to include sensationalism and rumor in his account.  Francis King 
specialized in copying material from books and including wild tales from 
interviews conducted immediately prior to his most recent book.  King, in 
particular, contradicts himself in successive books as his interview 
sources replace one another.  An example of King's unreliability is the 
allegation in one of his books that W.T.Smith performed cunnilingus 
during the Gnostic Mass at Agape Lodge.  H.P.Smith, his wife later and 
the Treasurer of Agape Lodge at the time, denies this vehemently.  In my 
experience, a Gnostic Mass set of the type seen in photographs of the old 
Agape Masses makes this form of oral sex impossible so long as the script 
of the Mass is followed -- the priest would break his neck getting down 
there while the priestess is seated in the prescribed manner.  Instances 
of use of cunnilingus during irregular and unofficial performances of the 
Gnostic Mass, in my experience, have always involved a departure from the 
script -- usually with the celebrants behind the curtain, but in any 
event not in the prescribed position.

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick
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