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Occult Charge and the Oh So Moral

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick,alt.divination,alt.tarot
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Occult Charge and the Oh So Moral
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 13:24:32 GMT

50040525 vii 5-25!!

"Asiya"  wrote in message
#># I am now offering Tarot readings via email. To kick it off, 
#># there is a one week promotion (from May 20 - May 27): order 
#># one reading and get a second reading for free. Go to
#># for details.

thanks Asiya, for making your services available, and for
making this known to those who might be interested. it
takes some courage and will to put yourself out there
like that, I think, and face biased criticism.

"k.d.cowan" :
#> I have never charged for an online reading.  
#> I would never pay for one either.

it is interesting what people associate with and feel
inclined to want to disassociate from occult services.

"Asiya" :
# Why would you never pay for one?

presumably because it is a "spiritual" thing and money and
spirituality don't mix. occultism is undermined by a batch
of "oh so moral" things, some of which prevent obtaining
remuneration for one's time and energies, and some of which
prevent practice at all (because it "might" be dangerous,
might bounce back, might upset the gods, won't work, etc., 

#> I have met people that later became "clients" (so to speak) 
#> and we met up in real-world places and while I still don't 
#> charge them, I ask them to make a donation if they feel the 
#> reading was worth something - so far this has worked out 
#> better than having a set rate, though I know many do
#> insist upon that as well.
# Donations probably do work out better for in-person readings. 
# Due to the nature of the internet, if no set amount was asked 
# for, I don't think people would feel compelled to give more 
# than the set rate (or sometimes any amount at all).

reasonable. it would also be reasonable to me to charge any 
amount you feel that your time is worth. if you're a good
reader, maybe your time is worth more money. the oh so moral
occultists will of course refrain and then tell the rest of
us how we should not be charging for magic, divination, or
anything which they wish to hijack into their morality and
judge those who cover expenses and/or provide as a service
or product. this moralism is primarily due to cultural 
snobbery and some attempted leverage to be better than us.

#> Good luck with your site (your "sight"? ;-) - I hope you 
#> find some silver this way.

is this intended to be sarcasm? usually criticism for charge
accompanied by the attestation "I never charge" is not also
accompanied by the well-wishing on making money. so many have
the mistaken impression that occultism cannot and should not
be used for profit that this stark materialist benefaction
is somewhat surprising or intended sarcastically. for some
reason (symbolic, care to hazard a guess?) "filthy lucre"
and the activities of occultists are proclaimed incompatible.

# Thanks! I'm certainly not expecting to "get rich" this way, 

yes, usually it requires high-power sales machines, fake-o
phone-solicitation shark-readings, and any number of other
fraudulent deceptions which give occultism a bad name and
give the oh so moral something to compare with ordinary 
witches and sorcerers who have an interest in making a 
legitimate, honest business out of their services or 
products connected with religion, or magic and divination.

the reality of the situation is that fraud is fraud and
services and products for a fair price are just that. 
the two don't really coincide.

# just looking, at the minimum, to cover the expenses of 
# running my website.

there is no sin in occultism. religion projects it for 
its puritanical and moralistic assault on individualism.
when it cannot disable the supports for practice and 
promotion of occultism (divination, magic) through 
setting about it initiations, codicils of moral 
qualification, and fear-based briars of backlash and
special expertise, it thereafter sets about undermining
it by describing its sources as weak or nonextant, 
its methods as demonic or strewn with ill-intentions.


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