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Mysticism and Magic in Sefirotic Trees

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From: hara 
Subject: Mysticism and Magic in Sefirotic Trees
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 23:54:24 GMT

50031008 viii om

shalom alechem, my kin.

#> ...Mystics are the Black Brethren, either in mode unaware 
#> or in operation mindful of their actions.

heh. (AmberBarbara):
# Back to the Science - all is relative, from the perspsective of the
# observer.

depends on the observer. some observers have orientational modes

of knowledge like "up/down/right/left" based on their structure,
many have developmental differentiations like "younger/older", 
plus any sort of qualitative discernment that is meaningful, etc.
these aren't cosmically relative except in the abstract.

even science is relative, as it develops knowledge within its
preferred system of reliability. because some wish to claim
their pre-eminence and orthodoxy, reliability, value on account
of facilitating material manipulation, etc., this is no reason
to think that any one system of knowledge is better in some
cosmic sense than another. enter: epistemology.

# I see the Magician versus Mystic dichotomy more like the Engineer
# versus the Scientist.  

that's odd. usually the Magician is seen as the proto-Scientist 
when examined from a pro-materialist-science perspective. see
sources like Thorndike, for example, who is arguably very hard
on magic, despite having provided some of the most important
academic material on it, like his multi-volume history of magic
that goes for 100s of $ at antiquarian shops -- reprints???;
I've assimilated his "History of Magic in the Development of
Thought in Europe" (or something like that) and wasn't impressed
with the placement he provided to magic as an occult science
as compared with a proto-scientific enterprise in the 
Renaissance, which is unfortunately typical. it was worth 
looking bu not from the persective of the practitioner).

# The Engineer/Magician is primarily concerned with applying 
# the knowlege for practical use and gain, while the 
# Scientist/Mystic is more concerned with learning the 
# underlying principles of Nature for their own sake and 
# the sake of pure learning.

heh, that's some specialized terminology. often the mystics
I've encountered (esp. those who identified with that term)
were less interested in Nature than in some kind of God. it
was true that sometimes these (God/Nature) overlapped, but
more often than not the God was more important, essential,
and primordial than the Nature, which the God is presumed 
to have made or at least to have become over time).

# Does not mean that all Mystics are selfish, especially 
# those who value union with God above all else.  


# Think even Crowley's work values union with God above 
# the applications...

neo-Christian with tendencies toward inversion. interpret
him in the context of Plymouth Brethren and he starts to
be easily comprehendable, especially with other factors.

# Refering to passages in Magick where [papaphrasing] Crowley, 
# the big book says the main point of ritual is Union with God

yes, Crowley's Magick is definitively mystical.

# Plus isn't the Fool located in path from Chokmah to Kether 

depends on the system, of course. since you mentioned Crowley,
yes, this is where he places his 0-FOOL-AIR card (Key Scale 11).

# while the Magician is located in path from Binah to Kether.  

again, this does conform with Crowley's symbolism and sefirotic
tree yes. the Golden Dawn likes that too as I recall (being the
backdrop for Crowley). but its alternatives (some never even 
developed interest in sefirotic use) would not agree (placing 
the Fool between XX and XXI for example; others keep FOOL-0
but assign it to Sol rather than Air).

# Looks like both are pretty advanced, yet slightly differing 
# paths...

depending on where one begins and to what one advances. the
assocation with Air (0) and Mercury (I) would seem to indicate
instability and catalyzing force (especially combined with
sefirotic cosmology wherein the cosmos is described as some
kind of emanation from 1 to 2 and thence to 3, turning a
veritable corner and becoming enmeshed or bounded (as 3).

# In addition one of my books says the Magician and linked 
# sephirot must keep on guard against the vice of avarice 
# while there are no vices to guard against with the Fool 
# and linked Sephirot.

that sounds very unbalanced, but people like to escalate
1 (Crown) and Key Scale 11 for some reason (probably some
kind of drive to achieve, progress, or be a part of Change,
that Creator-God thang).

# Kinda reminds me of Tom and Mika advising me to guard 
# against desiring / yearning for spiritual advancement 
# too much 

at varying levels of progress or studentship this is
indeed something of which to be careful. at very early
stages, however, such cautions can actually stifle one's
initiative and foundational movement toward momentum.

the warning against desire is popular amongst the more
ascetic paths that indulge in self-restraint, which may
easily be associated with the sefira 3 traditionally,
and especially as attributed the Planet Saturn, who
is regarded as a restrictive force in astrology.

# when I expressed that I was unhappy with my own level 
# of discipline becuase my practise is not as regular 
# as it could be.  

this could be a problem with too much desire, but it
also could be a problem with *insufficient* desire.
don't let naysayers disrupt what could be your only
chance at the Prize!  compare and contrast teachings!

# Within his/her discipline the Magician may hunger too 
# much for spiritual power...

in which case how will you be able to discern between
'too much hunger for spiritual power' and 'insufficient
dedication to obtaining proper power'? naysayers could
also incite to *greater* desire in opposition, so there 
is no real Answer that can be obtained here outside a
very particular context of Operation.

if the Aim is correct, NO desire for spiritual power is
"too much". beware of generalizations in the course of
your mysticism. what may apply to some on account of
their nearness to pitfalls may be a self-debilitation
when applied locally where no such pits are located. 

peace be with you blessed beast,


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