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Mercurial Conscious Commandment

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From: Edmond Wollmann 
Subject: Mercurial Conscious Commandment
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 22:09:10 -0700

A thorough understanding of the inherently subjective nature of
knowledge, especially psychological knowledge, is a prerequisite and
basic acknowledgement for the analytical discernment of any psyche.
Secondly, without a thorough and holistic awareness of the entire self
we must necessarily function from a value judgement perspective, simply
because we are not completely aware of the parameters of our own psyche. 
The word judgement will be defined as; the forming of an estimate,
opinion, notion, or conclusion as from circumstances presented to the
mind. But there are many levels of mind; Conscious, subconscious,
unconscious, preconscious, collective unconscious and finally higher
conscious mind. It is the conscious mind that is the interface in
physical reality for the other "levels" of mind. The greater its
awareness, acquiescence, and participation with these other levels, the
greater the individual's capability for logic and analytical
Analytical discernment is the ability to separate, discriminate and
discern the projection of one's own beliefs and parameters of thought,
from the accurate observation of a belief system or parameter of thought
of an observed psyche. This, in part, occurs from the freeing of the
individual from the collective opinion that is achieved through a
recognition of the identity's own individuality independent of
convention (Uranus). We come to recognitions of our definitions with the
assistance of subjects such as astrology. But it begins with critical
thinking and logic. 

 Mercury's sign, position and aspects tell us much about the identity's
type of interface. It is the lens through which the levels of mind are
focused and refocused. It is the direct line to the actions of the
physical self and will (Mars) and its redefinition of belief parameters.
Hence, it is the key to reality creation redirection through conscious
commandment, meaning; I understand it, know it, and will it to be so.    

 First we must clarify some of the elements of logic, critical thinking
and fallacious reasoning. Logic is the science of sound reasoning, and
"logic provides a fundamental defense against the prejudiced and
uncivilized attitudes that threaten the foundations of our democratic
society." For our purposes, an objective approach to analyzing our
belief structures leads us to a more comprehensive understanding of our
reality experience, because it is "believing is seeing", not "seeing is
believing" from the self-empowered and awareness oriented realization.
And that we are the reality that it seems we exist within.

 It is logical to infer that if we create our reality by our definitions
held by the psyche, that our psyche must extend to encompass the
Universe! (the extent of our reality). Because the constellations are
just names for the area of space, extending to infinity around the
Earth, that reflect the definitions held at any given moment. When
planets in transit trigger astrological configurations in the horoscope,
it is these definitions that are being triggered. Belief being seen!

 A fallacy is a defect in an argument. A false premise for an argument,
is a defect. Physical reality existing outside of us is a false premise.
And defective arguments must follow. If the power is outside of us, we
cannot own it or control it. If the constellations and planetary
configurations affect us, it implies we cannot control them, therefore
we are destined or fated to some degree to be such and such. Many
counselors of astrology say in their zeal to prove their craft "this is
happening because Saturn is transiting" here or there. This removes
power from the individual and places it with Saturn! 

 A prediction of future probabilities is a sensing of the momentum of
the current definitions and their probable outcome should the energy not
   The horoscope allows us the ability through its mirror reflectivity
to see those other levels of psychic momentum (that we might not be
fully aware of) and their probable outcome, so that if we do not prefer
those definitions we can redefine them! Therefore, to say that
difficulties are arising because Saturn is in such and such a position
is a fallacious and defective premise for the idea of counsel and
service. It is the individual's definitions that are being manifested in
experience and externalized reality, which is the self! Definitions
cause them, redefinition changes them.

 Redefinition starts then, by owning reality, recognizing psychic
definitions (which astrology has no equal in providing the service of),
and redefining and acting on them through conscious commandment. Each
part of this process is either enhanced or made difficult by the
position of natal Mercury, which we are born with as the effect of our
belief in conscious command and discernment, defined in previous
Everything we have and are is the result of effort. It always works this
way, it never doesn't work, there are no exceptions. We always create
our reality 100% even if we are using 90% to create the illusion that we
have only the other 10%. The study of astrology allows us to view the
dynamics of how and why we are creating the reality we are experiencing.
Knowing is not the same as controlling. We must act on that knowledge
with the conviction revealed through willpower. Whatever ideas you
trust, act as the catalyst of reality creation, and brings the universe
into movement. 
If you trust what you don't prefer, the Universe will bring you a
multitude of opportunities to do things you don't prefer.

 The symbol of Mercury represents the reception (crescent) of spirit
(circle) through matter (cross). Mercury is the antenna that receives
sense impressions and ideas. We see the world through our Mercury. As
the natural ruler of Gemini and Virgo it reconciles the apparent duality
of polarity in physical reality, hence its dual rulership. The Sun (or
any other star) is the point in space/time where spirit is transformed
and shines through into the third dimension of physicality. Mercury is
the observer of the dimension. It observes facts, information, logic,
and other parameters of this reality.

 Since Mercury is the lens of conscious perception, it functions best in
signs that deal with specificity, duality, and focus. It does not
function well in signs that deal with breadth of vision, ego focus, or
emotional subjectivity. These issues detract from critical assessment.
The clearer the lens, the less distorted the picture.

 In its exaltation in the Air element Aquarius and its ruler Gemini, the
diversity and duality of idea interaction takes on the qualities of a
remote control with the ability to jump from idea to idea, subject to
subject, channel to channel with no special bias to any of them, and a
simple and clear perception of all of them. A good analogy is the
computer chip, swift and flawless diversion of information. The use of
that information is determined by the rest of the configuration (chart).

 In its ruler in the Earth element Virgo, the duality and interaction of
ideas is applied to physical and pragmatic concerns. The discriminatory
functions enhance frugality, efficiency, and economy. Gemini is the
facile driver of the car, Virgo streamlines the assembly line that
builds it.  
 Planets in developmental tension with Mercury (square or opposition, or
in a lesser way semisquares and sesquiquadrates) distort the lens with
the issues and archetype of the planet involved. This condition reflects
bias. A heavily negatively aspected Mercury indicates that the issues of
the personality's conflicts are determining and coloring the analytical
and observational process. Positive aspects (sextile and trine)
indicates that the mental functions have incorporated and integrated the
positive functions of the planet involved into physical focus. That
archetype is understood well.

 When Mercury is retrograde the communication and thought processes are
in a state of reassessment because of insecurity. 

Sun-a conjunction is the only major aspect and reflects a strong
preoccupation with the sign concept. If a superior conjunction, a
confidence with the sign focus. If inferior (rx) insecurity. When
Mercury is ahead of the Sun there is more eagerness and swiftness,
behind, slower and more deliberate. With the Moon-beliefs of image
fulfillment and emotional security,  Venus-social worth and acceptance,
Mars-ego importance and self assertion, Jupiter-beliefs about abundance
and the ability to expand, Saturn-beliefs about limitation and
powerlessness, Uranus-individuality and creative interaction,
Neptune-identity dissolution, idealism, and God, Pluto-perspective,
personal significance, and transformation.
 Mercury's sign and aspects in the natal chart reflects the type and
quality of psychological approach to thinking and conscious commandment
the individual needs. The astrologer must be at or above the vibrational
level of awareness of the client in order to be of service in increasing
awareness through consultation. No one can interpret or advise a life or
level at which they themselves have not functioned. One man's ceiling is
another man's floor.
 The following is a brief key of the psychological needs of Mercury
through the signs referencing Noel Tyl's keys from "The Principles and
Practice of Astrology";

In Aries-Unless there are stabilizing configurations, the need to be ego
important and first stimulates temperament, impulse and anxiousness.
With them there can be brilliant exploration. Your fears about being
last or ignored, accentuates impulsiveness and the quest, which may
blind you to the truth. 

Taurus-Values and issues of self efficacy interfere with Mercurial
flexibility. The individual needs to think in structured terms. If less
insecurity is shown through the rest of the horoscope a remarkable value
structure may be built. Your strong fear of losing functional control
may actually create that scenario because a fear is a belief.

Gemini-A communication antenna. Sensitive and articulate with
information. When negatively aspected. nervousness, scattered thinking,
and rationalization. You fear a lack of appreciation for your
intelligence, and if your not focused, you won't be.

Cancer-You need to think in romantic or intuitive terms. Whether this
intuition is accurate or not depends on the stability of the rest of the
identity. This stability would be reflected in an ability to critically
assess yourself and others without a fear of ridicule. Your fear is that
an advantage can be had through appeals to the emotions.

Leo-Mercury in Leo can be warm, magnanimous, and heartfelt- but it can
also be loud. You can see large points of view as long as they don't
contain a critical assessment of yourself which you don't like. This
position is not especially objective. The ego needs to be removed from
logic. Observation suffers. Your fear of being ignored tends to detract
from humility. He who thinks he knows, doesn't, he who knows he doesn't,
does. The chart determines much.

Virgo-Your sense impressions are rarely taken at face value. You realize
the possibility of inaccuracy. This aids in analytical discernment
because you don't just see something, you categorize it, which allows
you an efficient method of thinking. Just make sure that this is not the
end of the significance, because through too much categorization you can
remove the spirit of living. You fear losing control and may become
judgmental because of it.

Libra-You need to think in pleasing or perhaps artistic terms. If this
is not taken to extremes it can be a plus in balancing alternatives and
ideas. Try not to make seeing all sides to be an end in itself. You must
then act on the information. Your fear of not being socially appreciated
is the reason for your difficulty in taking a stand.

Scorpio-The need for emotional significance in your thoughts about
things, may color your thinking to such a degree that objective analysis
may not be possible. If you cultivate the objectivity, the depth of your
thinking may allow for profundity. Secretiveness is the effect of a fear
of being taken for granted emotionally.

Sagittarius-Your opinions and ideas are broad and swift, and grand. The
greatest plan in the world will go nowhere without pilot programs to
find functional flaws. This is why Sagittarius is a difficult placement
for Mercury. Your fear is that your intellect will be ignored or
minimized and you try to be all-encompassing in your presentation. If
you know it is a good idea, it'll fly with its own wings, you don't have
to make sure by giving it some.

Capricorn-You have a practical reaction to information and sense
impressions. This is excellent for practical and material matters, but
it may bog down philosophical or more diverse subjects. This stems from
the fear of losing strategic control of communication issues. If you can
add imagination to your acute sense perceptions, your mind will know no

Aquarius-The need to think in individualistic terms adds much to
innovation and diversity which is a necessary element of thinking of
things in any reality. But when the facts present themselves you could
learn from the above sign Capricorn, that your individual spin on it
does not necessarily make it so. Your fear of being pigeonholed is the
reason you may reject cold hard facts. On the other hand, are there
really any? You may be the one to change them.

Pisces-Unless there are mitigating aspects or you train your mind in a
more objective fashion (taking lessons from Mercury in Gemini or Virgo),
there is a strong tendency to feel your way through thinking. This
doesn't mean that your always wrong, but there is nothing wrong with
knowing the reasons for things. You fear that cold hard logic takes
advantage of sympathetic souls and you won't be the perpetrator of that.
But if someone is kept from the truth it may be far more dangerous and
cruel than momentary intellectual readjustment. A word to the wise is

               In Analysis
 In the horoscope of Carl Sagan (Nov 9, 1934 5:05p EST 40n38, 073w56) we
see a low count in the Air element (a low threshold of belief in idea
interaction). The reigning need of the identity is to have the ideas and
intellectual opinions acknowledged with the Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury
is in Scorpio. The thinking needs are for emotional impact. The
retrograde state implies an insecurity with the thinking. Its
conjunction to Jupiter indicates that the expansion of emotional
significance is the driving force in the thought processes.
Overcompensation may be overconfidence. There would be fixity and
stubbornness (Taurus ascendant, Scorpio emphasis). It is not immediately
apparent but the opposition to Uranus in twelve gives us the final clue
that there is little objectivity and a lot of personal bias in the
thought processes. Uranus reflects  unconscious forgotten knowledge and
wisdom. Its opposition to Mercury is reflective of the need to wake up
this knowledge, and implies rigidity in perspective (sixth and twelfth
houses) and is part of the reason for incarnation (twelfth). Mercury
opposed Uranus reflects a "know-it-all" attitude. Mercury's
dispositorship of the Neptune/Mars (twelfth ruler) conjunction reflects
a self- intoxication with his own ideas, not unlike Charles Manson born
3 days later! He, of course has channeled this energy more
constructively, but still the drive to alter and affect perspective is
evident. The difference between them is only the sense of power.
Powerless attitudes breed a lack of integrity. It would behoove him to
study astrology rather than denounce it. His denunciation without
investigation and study proves the subjectivity just outlined. He should
know, absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence! The Sun rules
four and squares Saturn to ten. There is tremendous ambition to
establish (fourth) analytical (six) status (ten) with others thinking
(Saturn rules nine).   

 In the horoscope of Steven Spielberg (Dec 18, 1946, 6:16p EST, 39n06,
084w31)we also have strong needs for emotional significance (Moon,
Jupiter, and Venus in Scorpio, and square Pluto). It is directed to
creative extension (5th). Mercury in Sagittarius tends to blurring, but
here we have a double applying trine to Saturn in two and Saturn
disposes of Mars exalted in six in Capricorn. There is comfort in
execution of his work (six) to social issues (Mars rules eleven).  There
is a strong need to prove worth (Sun/Moon blend, Saturn/Pluto in two).
Here the Uranus opposing the Sun is meant to wake up self worth (two)
and innovative mental approaches (Close Encounters,  Jurassic Park etc.)
and issues. This independent perspective has served him well. There is
the need to merge the real and ideal (Saturn sextile Neptune) and
supports the collective consciousness in this perspective alteration in
his private search for the reassessment of values (Saturn/Pluto conjunct
and retrograde in two) through drama (Leo) and film (sextile Neptune in
four ruling ten).
 We see the world through Mercury, it rules the sense of sight. It is
the eyes of the spirit in the physical world. It is reflective of the
personified idea of the logos through the individual. The Universe is
the manifestation of all the different ways that God has of thinking
itself into existence in its search. We are those ideas, and a part of
that search. Time and space is the sequential experience of ideas that
actually exist all-at-once, therefore thinking is not only the best way
to travel, it is the only way. Because nothing is really "going"
anywhere. But we determine the quality of our vehicle's trip and
sightseeing on that journey through conscious commandment, and chose the
reality we believe in, when we trust it. Just because we will it to be
"And here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world. Planet Earth
is blue and there's nothing I can do." David Bowie  "Major Tom"
Edmond H. Wollmann P.M.A.F.A.                       
 1997 Altair Publications

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