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Masturbation and Magical Practice

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Subject: Masturbation and Magical Practice
Date: 23 Jul 1999 23:14:27 -0700

49990604 IIIom 

a correspondent wrote:
# How does masturbation influence your Magickal image and 

it is unclear to me what you mean here by 'Magickal image' and
thus I almost bypassed this query.

# how does it alter your relationship with others and 
# especially yourself?

I will respond with respect to Thelema, magick and my ritual
life, in which I have often featured masturbation as an

It has been one of my dearest wishes that the human race be
free from sexual hangups, accepting of public sexual behavior
which is not coercive or injurious to its participants. to
this end I have occasionally sought to inspire group
masturbatory rites amongst my cohorts. this has come together
once, maybe twice in my life, and I was glad for its actuality.
however, I don't think we spoke of it as a group very often,
and it seems to me that part of the value of such experiences
would have been reflection on these rites and divulgence about
our feelings (elation, fear, repulsion, judgement, etc.) during
them. mostly my reflection included an intimate or who who was
involved, and while this is beneficial it didn't continue the
group energy into a resolution more powerful than a congregation
of individual climaxes.

in my personal rituals I have integrated masturbation as a very
important but not absolutely necessary aspect of the raising
of energy and conversation with my goddess. it seems to me that
this has made it more easy for me to consider and discuss
sexuality as an element or the entirety of spiritual disciplines,
has separated me in many ways from the conservative who are
loathe to accept such revealing and personal behaviors in rites
of a 'spiritual' nature, and has kept me in touch with a feral
and lascivious part of myself that I benefit from nurturing,
especially as I tend toward the intellectual and reserved in my
daily life.
in general I would class masturbation as a psychospiritual
activity on par with sitting meditation as regards the depth
of its integrative and beneficial effects. good sex with a 
dedicated partner is possibly more transformative (since my
mind has a physical companion in the witness of the mystery 
of lust and no doubt of their reality typically enters as
may with my goddess), and masturbation as a part of this
partnered sex is an important emphasis which integrates
relaxation in the rise and fall of ecstatic energy (a 
clearer reflection in the mirror of panting witness).

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