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Magickal Childe demise

To: alt.magick
From: (lucifer Anonymous Remailer)
Subject: Magickal Childe demise
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 05:42:37 -0500

To those of you interested, the following may shed some light on the
demise of Magickal Childe.


  From: "Mr. Scratch" 
  Newsgroups: alt.religion.wicca,alt.pagan,alt.satanism
  Subject: ..Is good for MIB's gander! (was: kerry delf)
  Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 09:12:56 -0800

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, MANINBLACK wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Mr. Scratch wrote:

> Golly Craig, I feel sorry for you. Persecuted and overpowered by funk. 

Ah, outing me, eh?  One good turn deserves another, Andre.  And then some.

> > I was planning to just ignore you [ie. "someone hold me back"] and let you 
> >have your fun; but if you want to be cut in for a slice of my attentions, 
> >then I'm sure I can help you to a greater helping than you can swallow.
> 	What, you and Kerry Delf?  I dare you, pussey boy!

Very well then.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Ladies and Gents, meet Andre Schlessinger, who hitherto before now thought 
he was anonymous as "MAN IN BLACK".

Over the past months he has been hanging about alt.satanism, launching his
little slurs at me due to my Setianism, I have simply ignored him. It has
been my habit to delete such types from my inventory as soon as I
recognize them, but I will occasionally read them if their message follows
into a thread I am participating in. In spite of his continual (not to
mention unconvincing) claims to his importance, he has never shown himself
to rise above the level of the typical asshole-Satanist cockroach; which
is to say, he sputters out a few insults at anyone who hasn't been
suckered like he into buying a Church of Satan membership, posts a few
feeble, nasty one-liners (roughly on par with grade-school humor), throws
in a handful of "me too" posts for the benefit of his fellow sychophants,
and shouts "Hail Satan" a lot. 

For all that, he doesn't have much to show for himself on line.  I have
never heard him say anything of meaning of consequence, in all the time
he's been here.  What is more amusing, is that he hasn't much to show for
himself in real life either. 

You remember the "Magickal Childe" occult supply-house?  Of course you 
do.  It was an American pagan landmark for many years.  It used to be 
owned by one Herman Slater, who sadly passed away of AIDS a few years 
ago.  He willed his establishment to a number of his lovers, among them 
Andre Schlessinger.  Which explains fully as to why "Magickal Childe" is 
not around today!

You see, Andre and his friends spent the money on ... shall I say it, 
Andre?  Oh, why not.  They've already guessed by now, if they haven't 
already heard.  Folks, the "Magickal Childe" is no longer in business 
because Andre and Co. sniffed all their liquid assets up their nose.  
They sniffed the whole business into bankruptcy.  

Some "Satanist"; he was handed a thriving business on a silver platter on
the sound business principle that he gave good head.  Within a short time,
Andre's "Alien Elite" skills had brought the whole thing to ruin.  He
destroyed the life work of a man who entrusted it to him, he obliterated a
lucrative source of income, and he deprived the Pagan scene of a valuable
resource and establishment.  For what?  So he could "party" on drugs;  So
he could pander to some miserable weakness, and act like hot-shit for half
an hour while the things that were REALLY important went up in flames.  Is
Andre a Satanist?  If he is one, then he is a most idiotically
short-sighted one; for all intensive purposes; he has behaved like a child
who has stolen his mother's mortgage payment and blown it all on candy and

Of course, any of us who have had experience with white-drug junkies know
they are among the most pathetic assholes that ever walked the earth. 
They will lie and steal from just absolutely anyone, gradually losing all
that is important, all the while swaggering about as if everything is
hunky-dory and telling grandious tales about themselves, and as if the
world still spun for them alone.  Such is the case with Andre as well; he
likes to go on and on about what an important figure in the Satanic
community he is, largely based around his former position in regard to
"Magickal Childe", even while he has ruined that establishment as surely
as if he had taken a wrecking-ball to it.  Even before the exhausted
vessel finally sank to the bottom, there were a tremendous volume of
complaints from people who had ordered products from "MC", only to have
the shipment delayed for an extraordinarily long time, if it ever arrived
at all.  Ordering something from the "MC" was about as smart loaning money to a coke-junkie! Then there was the whole
Stewart and Janet Ferrar deal;  people who wrote the _Witches Bible_,
while Andre and company spent the proceeds on white drugs.  It's no
different that the coke-tweaker who rips off your television and VCR after
entrusting your house to him.

Some people who come to call themselves "Satanists" do so for the same
reason that others get hooked on white drugs; they essentially realize
they are pathetic, weak, unempowered people of no consequence.  These
riff-raff come to Satanism because it offers the /rhetoric/ that they are
otherwise; They get to feel as if they /belong/ to something -- a
non-existent "Infernal Empire", and as such, really make a difference
somehow. They can crow on about how "strong" and "elite" they are, and try
to convince themselves that the awful truth is not the truth at all.  What
they fail to consider is that the rest of the world couldn't give a pinch
of shit, and isn't buying.  Coke is much the same thing for the same
purposes; a big, chemical ego-trip, about as stable as a soap-bubble, and
twice as transparent.  Most people I have met who fell into these
categories are either in one or the other.  In Andre's case, he falls into
both, which speaks volumes as to what an insecure and truly small man he
really is. 

Leave it to Scratch to be the one to tell the abrasive truth; Andre, you
are a fuck-up, and everyone knows it.  Even your friends hate you (How do
you suppose I got this info?).  And your chattering on about your
"business"?  It is embarrassing because of your failure, both in the
business establishment, and in your personal life. You are an 

Predictably, Andre will raise a howl.  He will (as MIB) deny he is
actually Andre, or that his "MC" has failed, or that it failed because of
his drug habit. (In my experience, white-drug freaks /always/ have a story
on hand to shift the blame of their failure to something or someone --
anyone -- else but themselves.) There will be the usual groundless
denunciation that I am a "liar", and a series of flaccid, floundering
attacks will be sent off over my Setianism, in an attempt to change the
subject.  There will be lots of name-calling "Shitite, BullSetter", etc. 
It is of no matter to me.  It has been my habit to ignore
Schlessinger/MIB, precisely for the reason that he has never said or done
anything of consequence, and I have more important things to do, both in
real-life and on the internet.  As I have already demonstrated here, Andre
Schlessinger is /far/ from important to me, to this community, or even to

> Hail the Citizens of the Infernal Empire!
> Hail Satan!

Very convincing.

You should consider putting on a phony general's uniform to make the whole
weight of such blathering even more impressionable. 

Oh, and don't forget, Andre; you did specifically /ask/ for this.  
Consider the favor done.

Mr. Scratch

"The watchword of Satanism is Indulgence instead of "abstinence"...BUT it 
is /not/ "compulsion".
         (Anton LaVey, _The Satanic Bible, pg 86)

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