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Magick Code

From: (Tyagi Nagasiva)
Subject: Magick/
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 12:37:19 -0800 (PST)

The Magic Code v0.92
by Shawn C. Knight /

Recent Changes
Reformatted the document, cleaned up some wordings, and changed "y" to "Y"
for Yoga.=20

There are several ways of describing finer nuances in the Code system. The
following are lifted from the Geek Code, illustrated using a fictional
category X:

Indicates you fluctuate between X+++ and X+.

Indicates that you are X+ but aspire to X+++.

Indicates your X rating is too variable to really be categorized.

Indicates you get money because of your usage of or involvement with X.=20

M - Magical Orientation
In the Geek Code, a person's Code starts with the letter "G" for Geek,
followed by some letters which broadly describe what field of Geek s/he is.
The Magic Code is similar, except of course we use the letter M.
Choose the letter or letters following the M which most suit you. For
example, I am a Chaos mage with some fairly strong Thelemic leanings, so I
would begin my Code with: MCH/TH. A Neopagan who thought Qabalah was really
useful would write MPA/QU. And so on. (Don't put down everything you do in
this, because that's what the other categories are for!)
=B7 MAL Alchemy
=B7 MAS Astrology
=B7 MCH Chaos magic
=B7 MDE Demonology/Goetia
=B7 MEN Enochian
=B7 MGD Golden Dawn
=B7 MHE Hermeticism
=B7 MHY Hypnotism/fascinations
=B7 MMU Music/Pythagoreanism
=B7 MNE Necromancy
=B7 MPA (Neo-)Paganism (non-Wiccan)
=B7 MQB Qabalah (without Hermeticism)
=B7 MRU Runes/Asatru
=B7 MSH Shamanism
=B7 MSX Sex magic/Tantra
=B7 MTA Tarot pathworker/meditation
=B7 MTH Thelema (Crowleyan)
=B7 MVO Voodoo/voudoun/Santeria
=B7 MWI Wicca
=B7 MYO Yoga
=B7 MO Other=20

S - Secret Orders

A "Secret Order", for our purposes, is one which requires secrecy about
anything except membership of other people. (An Order which forbids you to
reveal that So-and-So other than yourself is a member, isn't being unduly

You get an additional plus rating if any Order you are part of disapproves
of your membership in any other Order you are part of. You get two extra
pluses if any Order you are part of (but not being removed from) disapproves
of your membership in itself.

I'm in the XI=B0 O.T.O., am a 33=B0 Freemason, and my last name is=

My Order forbids me to reveal my own membership in it.

My Order forbids me to reveal its initiation rituals in any detail.

My Order forbids me to reveal its passwords or grips.

I am not a member of a Secret Order. I'm not really concerned with them.

I would never join an Order that swears me to secrecy.

I would join an Order that had such a vow, and ignore the secrecy clauses
according to my own discretion.

I would join such an Order just to reveal its secrets.

If the Masons find me, my legs are gonna be miles from my head within=

I can neither confirm nor deny any vows of secrecy which I may have made.=20

W - White and Black Magic

To even think an evil thought is an act of black magic so heinous that your
very soul risks being annihilated by the Great White Brotherhood.

If any of my magic ever came close to harming the least hair of another
sentient being I'd have to atone until the next millenium.

Do what you will, only an it harm none.

The Great White Brotherhood is about helping each person find their own
path, and not being intolerant.

I do not care about white and black magic concerns. I don't bother others
when they don't bother me.

Evil? Evil can be a beautiful thing.

Evil? I pride myself on being evil.

The Great White Brotherhood, if it exists, is for pansies who can't even be
bothered to kill to entertain themselves.

I seek to increase division throughout the universe and general establish
myself as master of reality.

Choronzon, Mara, and Satan are just euphemisms for my name.=20

N - Netmage Quotient
Provided by chiaroscuro=20

I am Joshua Geller.

I turn on my computer by electrokinesis, create sigils with 3d rendering
software, write Unix system daemons using the Key of Solomon, and have
uploaded most of my consciousness to the net.

I have created portions of the alt.magick.* hierarchy, work with net.aether
in preference to the regular, boring kind, and have extensively developed my
esoteric understanding through the constant memetic testing (cleverly
disguised as flamewars) on the net.

I'm on the THELEMA, TIAMAT and ARCANA lists, am a prominent regular on
alt.magick, have killfiled the subject line "love spells", and regularly use
the Internet as a magickal focus, medium, or metaphor.

I've checked out alt.magick a few times and have Divination Web's address
stashed somewhere.

I do not see computer technology as particularly relevant to magick.

I posted to alt.magick asking if anyone had any love spells, but all I got
was a brownie recipe.

I posted to alt.magic asking if anyone had any love spells, and 200 people
mailed my sysadmin asking him to get rid of my account!

Computers and magick don't mix. I can't bring my will into focus within ten
meters of one of the things.

Computers are not only inimical to magick, but are technocratic evil
incarnate and should be reduced to smoldering scrap.

My last name is Butler and I'm organizing a jihad.

Huh? A network is something I catch fish with.

I am an artificial intelligence; eat my dust, meat-brain.=20

P - Pantheon

Mages use/worship/desecrate a variety of pantheons. Here you should describe
which pantheon you use most often (with two letters) and how many
gods/saints/other entities you give a serious amount of devotion to (with
plus signs).
=B7 PAM Aztec/Maya
=B7 PCE Celtic
=B7 PCM Cthulhu
=B7 PEG Egyptian
=B7 PGR Greco-Roman
=B7 PHI Hindu
=B7 PJA Japanese
=B7 PNO Norse pantheon
=B7 PNG Neil Gaiman's Endless
=B7 PPA Pantheism
=B7 PPO Polynesian
=B7 PSB Sumerian/Babylonian
=B7 PWM Western Monotheism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
=B7 PZO Zoroastrian
=B7 PXX Atheism
=B7 POT Other pantheon
=B7 PEC Eclectic pantheon=20

The number of pluses indicates number of deities worshipped.

I worship no entities. (Note that this is different from atheism. PXX would
mean you believe in no gods. PZO, for example, would mean you believe in
Ahura-Mazda, but do not really worship him.)

I worship one entity. (A devout Muslim would be PWM+)

I worship a handful of entities (2-8). (Worshipping Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu,
their wives, and the composite would be PHI++)

I worship a small pantheon (9-15). (Practicing adorations to the complete
family of Osiris and Isis would be PEG+++)

I worship a large pantheon (more than 15). (Being a Roman Catholic and
meticulously observing every saint's feast day would be PWM++++)=20

D - Discipline
Many magical traditions advocate strong self-discipline. No one (well,
almost no one) ever fulfills such disciplines perfectly, but calculate your
D rating based upon your typical performance and the guidelines below.

Note: Only count things below which are undertaken because of your spiritual
beliefs and practices. Do not count dietary restrictions due to doctor's
orders. Do not count vegetarianism if it is because you don't like the taste
of meat or you have a personal moral objection to the killing/raising of
Example D rating formats would be: "D" (none of these disciplines), "Ds++/d"
(may not have sex and must keep kosher), etc.=20

Ds - Sexual Disciplines=20

May not have sex under certain conditions (e.g. Crowley's definition of

May not have sex except to procreate or for explicit rituals.

May not have sex at all or must have sex with strangers as part of religious

Dd - Dietary Discipline=20
May not eat certain specific types of food (meat is too general) (e.g.
keeping kosher or halal, eating sattvic foods, etc.).=20

Must keep very strict diet (e.g. no meat at all, no drinks other than water)
or must fast at regular intervals (at least one day or night per week).

Must keep very strict diet and fast at regular intervals. (Being a devout
Muslim, with halal and Ramadhan, would count.)=20

Dr - Ritual Discipline=20

Must perform some small ritual not more than four times daily (e.g. praying
before bed/at rise, saying rosary, Liber Resh, etc.) and/or before meals
(e.g. Grace, Will). ay

Must set aside one full day per week, or one hour per day, for spiritual
practices (which you try to do same day every week or same hour every day).

Must set aside two days per week (the same two every week), or three hours
per day (the same three every day), for spiritual practices.

Must avoid all contact with other people for at least 3 weeks per year, with
the exception of others in group operating under similar restrictions (OTO
high-degree magical retreats, monastery time, etc.)=20

A - Alchemy

I have produced the Stone of the Wise.

I've actually begun experimenting with alchemical processes myself.

I've extensively studied Splendor Solis and the like, and I can describe
most of the processes.

I've read a fair amount of alchemical literature and I don't think it's just
about turning lead into gold.

I know it involves metals and the elixir of life and something called a
philosopher's stone, but that's it.

Obviously it derives from embellished legends of hedge-wizards making fool's

Alchemy is the primary reason that magic has a reputation for being=

a - Astrology

I can do transits fairly quickly (doing many of the calculations in my head)
and once I've seen someone's birth chart I can usually tell how good today
will be for them.

I can plot a star chart given an ephemeris, time and place of birth, etc.
and can produce a half-decent interpretation.

I know my sun, moon, and ascendant signs, and know roughly the virtues of
the planets.

There may be some validity to non-newspaper astrology, but I've not
investigated it.

Astrology's so-called successes are nothing but a set of lucky hits, and
neglecting the greater proportion of misses.

Astrology? Jeanne Dixon, right? I prefer to read it in the paper - it's
cheaper there.

I never miss the real astrology columns - you know, in Teen and Mademoiselle
and so forth.=20

C - Chaos
Provided by chiaroscuro=20

I am Robert Anton Wilson, Kerry Thornley, Peter Carroll, Austin Osman Spare,
Benoit Mandelbrot, or Mitchell Feigenbaum, reincarnated if appropriate.

I base much of my magick on fractal geometry, dynamical systems analysis,
phase space modelling and complexity theory. My favorite number is 4.669.

I base much of my magick on Liber Null and Psychonaut, with a bit of Liber
Kaos when I'm feeling adventurous. My favorite number is 93.

I base much of my magick on the Principia Discordia. My favorite number is=

I base much of my magick on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. My
favorite number is 42.

Yeah. Chaos. So what?

Chaos is really just another kind of order. Or at least, I think it said
something like that in a Fruitopia commercial.

Chaotes are a bit scary. I like a degree of stability in my life.

I can't deal with this chaos thing. If there's anything that drives me, it's
the need to feel secure.

The sole purpose of existence is to subjugate chaos, beating it into
rational, predictable, static order at all costs.

My friends call me Greyface.

As I am the Logos, I can't really comment - wouldn't want to give away the

G - Goetia

Solomon was a wimp when it came to the spirit world.

I use nothing but Goetia for even the simplest of tasks. Demons live in my

I've bound several servitors and kings with Pacts, and I've got nothing to
fear from demons.

I find the Goetia to be an extremely useful means of getting results.

As an experiment, I've evoked a demon once or twice. Nothing big.

I'm vaguely aware of the art of conjuring/evoking demons, but I've never
bothered with it.

Demonology worries me. Goetic magicians must be either very careful, or=

My deity forbids me to ever even speak a demon's name, much less employ one.

I've been on the Tom Ankerberg show exposing Goetists.

In a previous incarnation I was a judge in Salem, Mass.

I am of demonic descent myself and choose not to comment further.=20

Q - Qabalah, Kaballah, Cabala
The correct spelling of this has been much debated. One correspondent
expressed the belief that Qabalah was the Hermetic way, Kabballah the Jewish
way, and Cabala the Christian way. Whatever. I intend no disrespect, but
there really isn't consistency on this subject.

In recognition of the problem, however, I have added letters to the 'Q'. If
you include the Qabalah (or whatever!) in your Magic Code, please use the
letter 'Q' first to provide consistency (K and C are more likely to be taken
by other ratings than Q.) So for example, as an enthusiast of Qabalah from a
Hermetic perspective, my Qabalah rating would be: QH+++.
=B7 QH Hermetic Qabalah
=B7 QJ Jewish Qabalah
=B7 QO Other Qabalah=20

5 pluses is Geburah, and Q is Qoph, that's 100 - you figure it out.

Now how did you say your name was spelled?

I've got much of 777 memorized and I use it all the time.

I can rattle off the 10 sephiroth and their colors, and maybe remember the
Tarot attribution.

The Hebrews and Greeks were probably onto something. Interesting study.

I am aware, sort of, of the qabalah, but I don't really use it.

It's just numbers and letters. You can get anything out of it.

It's just numbers and letters. You can get nothing out of it.

Cabala is a big waste of time by some stuffy old Hebrew nuts.

My God teaches that arithmetic is the work of Satan.

Cabal? Isn't that a video game?=20

666 - Aleister Crowley

Same as 4 pluses (below) except I was actually enlightened.

I got addicted to heroin, refused to wear underwear, sacrificed 150 baby
boys in one year, exorcised 3 Catholic priests, and tried to take over the
O.T.O. just so I could be like The Master Therion.

In a previous life I was one of his students.

I can quote large chunks of his works at the drop of a robe.

I own 3 or 4 of his books. I swear by his system of magicK.

I've read The Book of the Law.

I've heard of him, read a pamphlet or two. No big whoop.

I don't see what all the hype's about. He didn't say much of value.

I read all about him in Fundamentalist Weekly.

Christ's Kingdom isn't so great; considering the Antichrist has already come
and gone in the form of Crowley, this must be it ...

Prince of Dallas from Vampire: Jyhad (by Wizards of the Coast, Inc) ?

As a Secret Chief who once hired Crowley, I choose not to comment.=20

Y - Yoga

In a previous incarnation, I taught Patanjali everything he knew.

I spend more time in samadhi than in the shower (and yet my personal hygiene
is excellent).

I have managed to hit dhyana on occasion and feel like I'm making progress.

I have no problem holding asana for 30 minutes and I do pranayama=

I picked an asana in which I can sit for 20 minutes tops.

Yoga might well have value, but I don't really use it.

It seems rather silly and useless to me.

I'm sure that it leads to atrophy and is otherwise bad for you.

Yoga? Didn't John Byner do that on Bizarre?

Yoga? Didn't he steal picnic baskets from Mr. Ranger?=20


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