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Magick and the Ordinary World

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Magick and the Ordinary World (was Re: magick workings: greed... need?)
Date: 14 Mar 1997 10:44:06 -0800

49970314 AA1  Hail Satan!
# ...are you responding to a post in alt.magick on gaining wealth through 
# magick by saying in effect GET A JOB?!

there are a variety of approaches to magick, inclusive of fusing or
integrating 'mundane' activities as part of or an expression of the
magical act.  some equate 'intentional act' *with* magick, so that
the relation 'gain wealth' with 'get a job' is rather direct.  

the real question which should be asked is 'how can I go about getting
financial income with the *least* amount of effort?'  and, more
importantly for this newsgroup, 'how can I do this or improve my
chances through the use of spells?'  I would suggest that expert
magical work involves asking where the need for $ comes from, how
important that $ really is, and what else can be done to alleviate
the problem internally while simultaneously working on external matters.

# Other than healing I wonder if there are any more practical 
# applications of magick than to attract love and money.  

there are some other main ones which come to mind: 

assault/antagonism/revenge, procuring food or any other life-necessity,
procuring non-essentials (Crowley uses 'getting a magical book' as an
example within _Moonchild_), gaining exposure to occulted information,
achieving a different relationship with all/many of people (not just
getting sex, but possibly enhancing emotional closeness, or finding a
friend or teacher with certain characteristics, moving further *apart*, 
etc.), orienting to one's circumstances so as to perceive the proper
course of action (e.g. in divinations/oracles), communicating with the
dead (especially in resolving old relationships, sending the departed
further along toward their Perfect End, but also for the purposes of
wise reflection or some other quality to which the dead are privvy).

# Am I wrong?  

only slightly.  there are POPULAR applications of magick, and these can 
be describe as:


the most controversial is of course the RED and BLACK above, and I
have collected the various spells I've seen in Usenet for years now,
available at the following URL:

there are REFs (RED-> FUKSPLS; BLACK-> OWSPLS) which contain these
collections.  I haven't bothered with the blessing/wealth spells
since they can be found in most file caches or pop-magick/witch books.

# What's going on here?!

depends on what you mean.  I presume you mean 'why is the person
responding to them with strictly worldly advice when this is a
forum ostensibly dedicated to *MAGICK*?!'  

a very important query if so.  I responded slight above as regards 
the various perspectives on magick within the occult field, yet
there are other reasons that people take this tack within the
alt.magick.* constellation.  

in some measure it may be used to cover over the speaker's ignorance 
about the realm magical to point back to the earthly world for the 
entirety of power.  it may be that the speaker has learned a very 
limited method of engaging magical acts, and seeks to promote this bias.  

more often than not it is just some ignorant smart-ass who has nothing 
to add to the forum except her morality and cynicism.  this is 
exemplified by those who respond to queries about spells to get laid 
or to get revenge with "that is not ethical" rather than actually 
contributing a spell in response.

if you mean 'why am I the only one who is pointing this out?' then I'd
suggest it is in some measure because newbies don't know any better,
those with some knowledge and experience either don't care to respond
or don't want to make the time, and there is so much noise within
the alt.magick.* constellation that seldom are real issues addressed
with any candor or completeness.  there are regulars such as myself
who will prove to be exceptions.  you just have to target us and watch
for our posts.  some newsreaders offer this type of 'selection' and
'kill' to allow a fine-tuning of participation.

# I haven't seen anything posted here about this subject until now and 
# I was afraid to post about it and I guees I should have been!  

fear at posting is overcome with experience.  it is only a step into
the public forum with your ego and a challenge to suspend your knowledge
and deal with all manner of response.  over time you get any number of
different kinds of responses and begin to see these less as reflective
of your person and more as an indicator of the mesh amongst the players.

it is just like game-playing.  at first we are hesitant to make moves
because we may 'fail' and 'lose'.  playing enough we begin to see that
failure and loss are PART OF THE GAME ITSELF.

# Can anyone tell me how I can use a Ouija board to get lottery numbers?

there are usually instructions with the set.  you place your hands on
the planchette, probably best if you light some incense and/or a candle
beforehand and settle yourself in an uninterrupted space, open yourself
to the spirits, and ask them to advise you regarding the selection of a
lottery #.  copy the numbers you get in response or have a friend who
is watchful copy them down for you quietly.

of course this may turn out to be as effective as dialing a random
number on the telephone and asking someone to give numbers.  why would
the spirits have more insight into the future than anyone else?  some
suggest that the dead have some connection to the Realm Eternal, though
I have not seen evidence for this.  experiment with your spirits, ask
them questions to which you know the answers and see what responses you 
receive, screening the applicants to your work before relying on them.
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