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Magical Practice as an Excuse for Inaction

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From: lorax666 
Subject: Re: Magical Practice as an Excuse for Inaction
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 23:18:48 GMT

50030420 VII om peace hi Tom!

"Tom"  asks Parse Tree:
> also say that people "must use mundane approaches
> eventually".  Why is that?...

the support for this assertion is that the extension into 
mundane approach allows the results to become grounded and 
manifest as a result of previous rites. seeing signs of
immanence, turning thence to the symbolic realm is foolish.

> Resumes work sometimes, but do you believe that rituals never 
> do? Is that why rituals are an excuse for inaction but sending 
> out resumes is not?

the issue seems always to have been hesitation, procrastination,
and the putting off of accepting mundane developments by 
retreating to unnecessary ritual and symbolic activities 
(this seems to presume an absolute perspective in order to 
have ascertained the circumstances).
> There is no mention in the thread title of magick being a 
> "non-act"....

excuse for inaction. the proposed hypothesis was awkwardly
advanced. its substance lies in the special circumstance of
Balances Having Been Tipped (by mundane or magical means).
within this circumstance hesitation and avoiding mundane
approaches is better called a 'lack of follow-through'.

> ...Caliban is quite explicit in explaining that a necessary 
> part of the magick is mundane effort, which is certainly not 
> a "non-act"....

the notion is that of seed-planting and harvesting. having
planted seeds (magical rites), abstention from harvest
(sufficiently engaging the mundane world as to take 
advantage of said seeding) is a lack of follow-through, 
a type of refraining from activity (completion, in this
perspective of Caliban's hypothesis).

> ...Caliban's claim that the act of doing a ritual is only an
> excuse for inaction....

generalized, it is silly as you criticize here. in particular,
as I have recast it, the selection of assessments is more
comprehensible and related to proper timing to practitioners.

>> must use mundane approaches eventually.
> ...Is your answer no, mundane approaches are not always a 
> must or is your answer yes, mundane approaches must always
> be used?

the difference between probability-shifting and luck-driving?
with the former one might take advantage of temporarily
leverage probability fields. with the latter, the field is
firmly entrenched into one's aura, giving one 'Good Luck'.

> ...what is the basis in fact for the claim that magical 
> practice is just an excuse for inaction on a mundane level?  

inasmuch as the magic has brought the mundane realm to the
stage of fruition and the mage refrains from plucking the
fruit of the spell by acting in the mundane realm, instead
avoiding the grounding of the spell by repeating symbolic
acts. is this an excuse for inaction? only if it needs some
kind of excuse. perhaps this type of inaction is necessary
for a complete future outcome that mundane involvement now
would fumble. without an absolute perspective we cannot
really assess the conclusion of the criticism.

> If the results of magical practice cannot be tested, 

undemonstrated. certainly there are means of testing that
are used all the time. particularly: augury. divination
of a variety of types often prefaces and tests magical art.

> how does Caliban know that mundane approaches must be 
> used to achieve results?

the only way his expression makes consistent sense is if
the premise (from an absolute perspective) is that only
mundane action will achieve results at the time of the
period in question, and that at *that* point in time the
application of (possibly by this time *additional*) spell
work or ritual activity will merely waste an opportunity.

blessed be!


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